Final 3 take their places

7 into 3 wont go and as such difficult decisions had to be made. The final team selection for the new Teamdobbs line up had to be made and after a members meeting to discuss the 7 candidates put forward the following decision was made.

The new Teamdobbs line up at Grosvenor on 14th June 2008 for the team event will be as follows:

Teamdobb DC
Gyposdog MC
Karen33000 aka Teamdobbs on Betfair JL
Beastie AS
Snooker Boy Harris DH
Matto No Fold MF
Jimmy Chipmunk DS
Mr Entertainment CF
The Card Guard Kid SW

Lets hope the new line up can go one step further than last years 2nd place and take down the game. Team will be meeting up at usual venue in Jesmond at 5.00 to discuss tactics and strategy but mainly to spin that wheel and take down plenty 1/2 price or free rounds drinks!

New members also can now post onto this blog and their access codes to gain entry will be sent to them by e mail. Look out for maybe introductions and new content from the new members.

The format of the competition as I understand it at the moment is £30 entry plus registration fee with 9 teams of 9 players.
Last 2 standing from each table move to last 2 tables wherby its straight knockout with final 10 taking their seats at the final table. Points apply to last 18 players and the team with the most points take down the top prize with runners up also receiving cash. I think an individual winners prize will also be on offer.