Month ends as it started

Glad to see the back of May and roll on June with lots of live action in store and hopefully a new run of cards that hold up.
Blackpool Team Event, Grosvenor Team Event, Vegas WSOP then Virgin festival at Nottingham brings a brilliant month of Poker for me, lets hope I can get a result somewhere along the line.

May has ended on low with bubble finish at Grosvenor Head Hunter after making good call on BB with AQ to a K7 stealer only for K to flop. Then home to 2 buy in dumps when KK is hit by flopped set of 9 and JJ into QQ on rag flop.
Not to worry can only get better I hope.

Funny situation in that game at Grosvenor. I was dealing and mid way through was 2 way pot on a A25 rainbow flop. Turn brought 10 and river the 3. 1st guy bets 1/2 pot and other guy single raises back to which he calls. Showdown and its Q4 to K4 for split pot but!!!! guy with K4 trys to claim pot saying;
"MY KICKER IS BIGGER THAN HIS! and he was deadly serious.

Was funny explaining to guy we hadnt invented 6 card Texas Holdem yet! and he eventually understood.

Mays figures as follows;

Live Games (which included 3 events at GUKPT)= £686 LOSS

Online (3rd place in 3k gtd saved me ) = £117 PROFIT + CPC Final Seat $275

1st losing month in last 6


Pud's Poker said...

LMAO at him thinking his kicker came into play! New tourney donks make me LOL!

Ukgatsby said...

Blog of the month
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