Poker Gods out to lunch!

Totally different turn out to Day1A and the place is buzzing with a totally different atmosphere when I take my seat at table 8 seat 6. The table that started was:
Table Eight.........
Seat One - Paul Hambleton
Seat Two - Cheryl Routledge
Seat Three - Michaela Johnson
Seat Four - Sami Yusuf
Seat Five - Sunny Chattha
Seat Six - Laurence Houghton
Seat Seven - "Teamdobb"
Seat Eight - Chris Bruce
Seat Nine - Ali Mallu
Seat Ten - G Purwell

Players 45689 10 seemed very well known by many and 1st 3 hands were raised by seat 10 taking down 3 of those pots. Early casualty when BB Cheryl calls a 350 raise and on a 542 flop with raise then re raise all in its 55 Cheryl to AA seat 10 and out he went. Who will fill this seat? lol soon find out when John "Skalie" Kalmar 5th in last years WSOP main event sits down opposite.
Certainly an action table with plenty meaty pots happening with to be honest poor hands and alot of bluffing and check raising going on but when shown down Im surprised at what they are holding.
Holding KcQc and an Ac10c flop costs me 1000 looking for the glory that never came then a damage hand and the Queens that seem to haunt me alot.
Im BB with Q6 and amazed its folded round to sb who limps in so we see flop of Q7Q and ck to me so I make token 100 bet which is called. Turn is 10 and guy bets 250 which I happily call putting him on that 10 with him having me hopefully on the 7. River brings 3 which he bets 2000. Bearing in mind this guy had been very aggresive previous and took down some pots with 2nd n 3rd pairs with overs on board I read the bet as a bluff to take down the pot and after dwelling a while I make the call and he turns QdKd.
Get through level 3 taking odd small pot when the KQ guy to my right gets busted set over set to Kalmar 33 v 99 on A93 flop and local lad Davey Knight gets seated next to me. Im totally settled now and over my stack damage and having Davey to my right makes me even more comfortable as we get on quite well. He took down monsta pot on a A109 flop with 10 10 and seat 5 totally bluffed off his chips leaving himself with only 1700 chips left from a previous very healthy looking stack.
2 hands later he pushes all in on my BB with 3 limpers before him and after thought I decide I want to race him so push with small pocket pair which does the job getting rid of the rest and he shows KQ. safe flop safe turn bang Q on river!
Now Im megga low with just less than 2k then pick up QcQs next lap on my BB with Kalmar rasing ahead of me showing down AdQd. My QQ holds then amazingly next lap and last hand before dinner break I look down at same QcQs in sb to one limper and I make it 1200 to play but BB immediately comes over top pushing all in for 8k and its showdown me and him. Crazy buts it identical hands from previous when he shows down AdQd. Its looking good but bang out comes that Ace at the river and my GUKPT main event debut is over far too soon and Im left totally gutted to be honest whilst eating my dinner with others obviously trying to put brave face on.
Lessons learnt no doubt but its a fine line at times and not a nice game when things dont go for you.
Decide to play the £100 side event and from a 60 max entry plus 20 odd alternates get really lively table. Table included a few regular locals plus Jonathan Butters & the guy that won the London leg of the GUKPT main event. Get down to last 20 odd but go low in chips calling a 3 X BB raise with suited AQ and flopping Ace which I check raise him all in and hes got AK. Build my small stack up when mid pair pushes hold twice and another double up Im back in it. Pick up Q10 in BB to 4 limp pot and flop comes Q 10 9. I push and Butters with big stack long study says to me "this could be the sickest call" but makes it. Shows down J7 and turn brings 9 with river the 8 and his straight.

Beam me up Scotty please.

Once again can I thank all those that took shares in me, it was genuinely appreciated but just gutted abit I didnt give you all a longer run for ya money.

Another good mate Kev "Azimut" Moore battled long hard without ever getting stacked eventually going out late evening with all in call with zillions of outs that never came. At least he had the benefit of being sat next to event character Paul "Giddy Up sausage" who entertained the crowd with his loud antics.

Think Ill just help S2C with the live update stuff at Newcastle Poker Forum for which hes been doing a megga job on for the last 2 days and with quite a few locals still left in today and tomorrow could be a couple of very interesting days.
Special mention to Pete Smithson, a good friend of mine whos up staying with me during this and still going well in the main event. Would totally make my week for him to cash and the thought of him making final table would be awesome! Good luck Pete and take it down for party time!!!!!


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all good experience m8