Sunday Bloody Sunday

Christening of baby Sam (daughters boyfriends sisters boy)went off well, the only trouble was the reception after did as well and maybe one beer too many took me to Grosvenor for Champions Tournament not quite in the right frame of mind!
Good turn out of 50 runners and around the 2nd level damage was done when 2 hands of mine both caught flush draws at the flop and then straight draws at the turn and I never really recovered from that.
Moved tables to a more lively one getting sat next to Mrs Entertainment Dawn with Mr Entertainment Craig just around the corner. No excuses but had stonking headache and push on Craigs blind 1/2 my stack with AJ to which after long thoughts and banter he folds AQ (omg Craig) Couple of hands later I push with 55 and JJ is next to me with KK next to him lololol. Board gives me chance and turn gives me up & down straight draw but Ace on river and Kings hold.Paid into the £200 opener for GUKPT and looks like day 1B for main event.

Getting home I decide to stick to previous 2 nights and play the 3K guaranteed Deep Stack which ends up with a few hundred runners bearing in mind Ive got the added bonus of if I reach final table ( 3rd in row ) I get entry into special bonus 10 seater for a very nice prize fund. Things start well when early doors my raise with QQ finds a caller and the board of AQ3 is tasty. My bet is called and I push on the turn and bingo its a call and he shows the monsta of A4. Thanks very much.
Not alot after that but grind it down to the last 2 tables and double up when pushing with straight n flush draw that hits. Back in it now but hit dead patch again when down to 10BB and 17 left gets folded round to me on sb with JJ. BB had been always aggresive and always raised any limp or weak bet so I decide to put em all in. Instant call showing A8 and yip you guessed it the river ACE came sailing in.
So close yet so far away.

Micro cash and lose 3 buy ins to combination of lose play and very very poor calls by opponents in key hands, maybe due to the image I had created. Oh well cant win everytime. Lets see what tomorrow brings!