Canny Couple of Days

It was off to Grosvenor Thursday night and a meet up with Karlos and my good m8 Azimut who I hadnt seen since last November. Night got of to bad start when for wotever reason a mad late rush saw 20 odd runners increase to nearly 80 in the last few minutes before shuffle up n deal time and a strange re draw and re seat by the cardroom staff. Would of preferred my 1st drawn seat but to be honest I fancied the cash game and so did Azi n Karlos.
Was doing very nicely as it happens until I decide to try and bluff what seemed a very nervous player off a pot. I had flat called on button with 3s4s and the nervous BB made it another 300 to play which I duly obliged. Flop came AK rag 2 diamonds and he bets 600 which I make it 1800. I mis read him as I was convinced he didnt have the Ace and more likely KQ or mid pair.He thought for ages then calls and when the 4d hits I push all in to represent the flush. He took an age and another player was talking to him all the time giving me no worries of a call but eventually in went all his chips and he shows AQ and takes down the pot.Crippled and just before the break I then push all in 1st hand after break losing KQ to 55 and with 2500 left next hand same and my 88 holds against Ace rag. Eventually the same 55 pushes from early pos and I say "mid pair again" calling him with KhQh only for BB to ponder a while mmmm 2 all ins and eventually put chips in as well. 1st guy shows 55 again, I show KQ saying "the king hits this time" and pondering BB turns over ACE ACE lololol.
Just squeeze into cash game after spin of coin for last seat with the 55 guy and get placed seated next to Azi.
Game was very loose and plenty chance to make but nothing meaty happening with me. Eventually my BB of 9c6c sees a flop of Jc6d4c and my bet is raised so I decide fk it gamble time for me and push all my stack to his smaller and he shows 44.
I hit my club on turn and take down decent pot. That was it really, grinding after that and eventually leave £120 profit for the night including tournie buy in.

Friday night after grafting all day in garden trying to get decking rails finished I enter satellite for the last Virgin WSOP final and take it down so another cheap entry at 1st attempt, I then take down 5th in 3k Gtd and vul in couple of vital hands at vital stage late on. I push in sb with 66 and after age BB calls over 1/2 his stack with JQ off to hit QQ3 flop.
Rolling so play my usual 25e/50e micro cash and have enough after less than an hour leaving with 203 euro from my buy in. Not a bad night at all, "May" that keep rolling this month.
Only disappointment to night was another month and still no mention or sniff of a "Gatsby" award lolol

Teamdobbs line up for next months team challenge is named next week-watch this space although we got tough decisions to make.


RealAle said...

Nice results with the cash, live and online. I'm a bit confused about the WSOP, how close are you to winning a package?

TEAMDOBB said...

Satellite takes you into final thats been held every 3 weeks. Winner gets 12k package to wsop and main event. Basically satellite is worth 275 euro entry into final. Glad to hear you re grouping btw.

RealAle said...

I'm more likely to be groping than grouping :-)

Ukgatsby said...

Nice results
added the Newcastle Poker Forum to links on blog.
Give me a little reminder nearer end of May and i will make sure i list it as website of the month and plug it to bits :)

gl gl