Many more options in Vegas

Not be long now before Im offskis for my 3rd visit to Vegas and my 3rd visit to the World Series of Poker. Last 2 years have been for the main event period of the series but this year its a different time for our visit. Have decided to go a month earlier and hopefully the weather will be at least a little bit less extreme than last year when to be honest the temperatures were just plain ridiculous. Just walking down the street was painful and like someone blasting a hot air blower direct into your face.Even just lying around the pool was painful and not recommended and its part of my holiday I really enjoy just crashing around the pool.

In the past Ill be honest in that Ive never given any thought as to what Im actually going to do or which tournaments Im going to play in. We just arrive and I meet up with some mates who are there and then just decide on a daily basis where n what we going to play.

This year Ive decided to have a different approach to it and try to put together some sort of schedule to enable me to plan my holiday and visit better and as such hopefully enjoy it better.

On trawling through the net I got some good info from Sunny Chatta and decided on these 5 venues to play some poker at and as such I enclose their Poker Schedules over the WSOP period of time for anyone else going out there. What I didnt realise is that places like Binnions & Golden Nugget actually do a near carbon copy of the WSOP schedule but at a fraction of the entry cost giving normal bankroll guys the opportunity to play in a similar structured competition and the opportunity to pick up a very nice pay day if lucky enough for a very moderate outlay. Hope its of interest.

Rio & the WSOP
Caesars Palace



Golden Nugget

Ill post my choices where Ive decided to play laters but do intend on playing at least once in each venue during my stay and my World series Choice will be event 42 Over 50s Bracelet Event over 3 days.

P.S. Tickets, passport, money!! especially passport as they may not believe that Im actually over 50!!!


Brenos said...

Good info DC. Not been to Vegas as of yet, obviously always the thin hope of winning a WSOP package but if not will be saving to go next year!

And yes keep that 50p as first down payment for NPF t-shirt ;-)

Pud's Poker said...

Best of luck in Vaygooos mate, I trust you'll be blogging any tales of debaurchery and obviously owning at the tables?