Need a break!

Been tough last few days and I deffo need a Poker break as Im running so bad and not got right head on.
Monday donked 3 buy ins on cash away at micro and busted in 2 multis with sicko beats early doors.
Busted when in decent shape of final table at pub league on Tuesday.
Wednesday played satellite for 100k final with 10 seats up for grabs which became an early chip shove and bust out 17 left. Never really in it to be fair.
Same night play the WSOP final with 12K package up for grabs that I satted into and going along nicely in top 4 helped by calling in sb with A10 to a 3X raise which brought board of ace high and then 10 on turn to which nice well known guy decides to push all in with 99 and its tvm. All to no use as a couple of levels later Im crippled when my utg decent raise with KK is met by an all in from the 99 guy and can anyone put these down at this stage? I go with him and yip hes got the bullets and Im down to just over 1k. Double up next hand with AQ but soon after gamble with up n down st and flush draw which misses and Im crippled and go out soon after.
At least I doubled up a buy in on micro cash then switched off.

Had been watching champions league final during all this and couldnt believe it when soon after the end I receive this picture from a mate by email- lololol who thinks these up so quick!

He had £150 on Chelsea to win Cup as well at 2.3 UL P!

Oh well roll on tomorrow.

On a good note at least the hard work put in at the GUKPT especially by S2C for the Newcastle Poker Forum certainly seems to have paid off and the response after this event both in content and active members is simply amazing. I deffo look forward to the progress this makes and especially look forward to the 1st Forum live championship we are going to organise as soon as membership reaches the set target.

Stuff to look forward to coming up fast are a few decent live games around town, 3 or 4 qualified multis online for decent stuff, my last chance early June on freebie satellite for Main Event in WSOP which cant be bad with 1 in 13 chance of seat, the team events at Blackpool G 7th June and then the following weekend at Grosvenor Newcastle. Following day its off to Vegas and the "old gits" bracelet event on the 23rd June plus my normal few multis in Caesars & Venetian deep stack maybe.On arriving back on the 27th June its across to Nottingham and the next Virgin Poker Festival at the Dusk till Dawn venue in Nottingham. Cant be bad I suppose just need to start running good maybe.


The UK Shark said...

Sorry that things are sucking at the moment...but cheers for a cool pic that that I'll be baiting many a Chelsea fan with!

Good luck with the next few tourneys, I hope that worm turns for you!

Pud's Poker said...

Thanks for the link up Dobbs. I checked back at the WSOP Satty late on into the game and you were nowhere to be seen! My mate didn't have the best of luck either getting it all in with K9 vs QT, flop KK2 but cue the runner runner flush to cripple him!

TEAMDOBB said...

yea seen it vul. oly guy to his left took it down v ghop who had lead for most of late stages