Decent Practice Round

GUKPT kicked off with the £200 freeze out and a very strong field of 118 runners took their seats. Gonna keep this really short as Ive just got in and want my bed.
Comfy all tournie to be honest and enuff in front till moved when 30 ish left and table I get moved to I go ultra card dead and with running ante of 100 and blinds expensive just cant afford that to happen. Eventually on my 3k BB I face an all in raise from mid position with me looking at J8 and probably only 3bb behind so hope Im live and in they go. 10 10 is shown and flop of QJrag looks good, turn safe but river 10 takes me down but at least they went to fellow local and active forum member Tom "1_Fish" who was looking good with decent strong stack and only 17 left.

Good warm up for main event which I take my seat in on Friday day 1B.

Good news came through for the Newcastle Forum in that we have been invited by GUKPT to offer coverage if we wanted of the event and as such are going to cover the best we can concentraing on local players progress and any other relevant local news.
For up to date reports just click at forum link on right hand side of blog main page.

Reet bed for me , wanna be fresh for morra.