Excellent day for the Card Guard Kid

Apart from disappointment of finishing 14th in the festival qualifier (all in with kk against 10 10 for a 16000 pot!! 10 on river) had yet another brilliant day on the Virgin poker site.
Won 3 10 euro 30 seat sit and gos, 5 15 euro 5 seat sit and gos, came 3rd in the stupid 5 euro turbo 100 starting chips, won $465 on $0.50/$1 omaha hi lo cash table, $378 on same stakes hold em and placed either 2nd or 3rd in another 7 sit and gos. Am up today an incredible £1365 today and my account balance from initial deposit of 50 pounds is now £1723, think I have found my perfect site and having played on many many online sites I can honestly say that so far this is by far the best for lack of bad beats, I can only recall 3 bad beats in 16 hours of play which in my book is fantastic.

All bodes well cos im a great believer in form in poker and at moment my form is cracking so roll on team event " go on the team dobbs ".

Mrs Card Guard has just reminded me she won a 20 euro sit and go and 2nd in a 15 euro sit and go and that I had to mention it which in fact reminds me we only argue now about who's go it is on the computer. What was life like before poker, someone help cos I cant remember.

Anyway will post any more successes or loses in due course but bye for now. TCGK


TEAMDOBB said...

Dell have some good offers on at the mo so buy Mrs Card Guard a lap top with ya winnings!!

Nice results Burley One keep it going!