Cant believe I let Foggo beat me to the punch but hey I have heard he is quick at everything.
Well invited into Teamdobbs, what can i say, an honour, priviledge, surprise, emotional- no - about time I say how many more hints could I have dropped. No seriously its an honour to be invited in and I hope I can contribute to the team in a positive way. First job i think is to get Foggo to loosen up a bit aces and kings dont come along too often!!!!!

Think most of you know me quite well and if I was to describe myself in a few words it would be a humerous idiot who can play a little bit. Been playing poker for 15 years and the game has totally changed since I started playing and that is one of the many aspects I love about the game, you always have to adapt and change your style to cope with these changes. Too many poker stories and bad beats in my career to bore anyone with them on here.

Been to Vegas a fair few times now and have to say once you get used to the American style of play I think its quite easy to win over there. Last Nov me and my wife Dawn went at same time as Mr and Mrs Foggo and we met up and had a fantastic time. Away from poker you are never quite sure if you will get on with someone but we had a blast and are returning this year for another jolly beano just to say Craig " i got ace king i got ace king".

Well must dash work to do but here is to my first post and many more to follow.

Roll on 14th June when Teamdobbs will aim to go one better than last year and take down the team crown


TEAMDOBB said...

Quality post from quality guy. We now have added strength and power to our Team and the back 4 is now certainly heavier-oops I mean stronger.
Teamdobbs on tour in Vegas would be good and maybe on the cards!