Welcome Newbies!!!

Alreet its Karen33000 writing here. Just a quick post as I have just got back from a long train journey back doon South. We have had three major abramovichesq signings over the last week. Yee probs seen them on the back page of the daily mirror but I will just clarify. We managed to poach a young and up and coming player ripping up the online world from the toon called Mr Entertainment. He is gonna be up there with Gyposdog after I caught a quick word with him in the Grov friday in which he was quick to say he will not be able to get to Osbournes until 5pm!! aint had a 5pm start for years!
Our other new signing is another local adopted Geordie lad but who comes with a flair background of all the diff cash games goin on around Yorkshire. He has done megga in the Grov comps when ever I go. I reckon he likes a drink so he shud be megga down Osbournes. He is similar to Matto and at times is very loosey goosey but brilliant with it.
Finally last but not least is Jimmy Chipmunk who betta have his taxi parked up on team event neet cos theres nee way hes ganna be able to drive.

Welcome to the team lads!!


the card guard kid said...

why thank you for the warm welcome and i hope i can live up to my reputation!!!!!