Running Bad

Missed my usual Poker in Pub League to play at Stanley Circus for the 1st added prize fund game in town which was sure to attract a good field and I take my hat of to Gary the cardroom manager there for showing such initiative.
65 runners shuffle up & deal with a pot of £3750 up for grabs and a very strong field assembled. Im seat 1 and dealing well giving myself some nice hands including a flopped house with 10 10 and a player pays me off with him having a set of 3. Just before break lose a decent hand and a sign of things to come when I call a pre flop single raise with As9s to my BB. KJrag flop with 2 spades and raiser fires continuation but its ck ck at turn and when 7d hits river I bet 2k into middle. Long think on K J 7 10 3 board before he calls with 22. Mmmmm bad check at turn obviously!!

Steady away after break 22k with avergage stacks at 17k and new player comes to my left and thats where my trouble began. All fold to my sb I make it 2k on 400bb with AJ and get call. Flop of KK10 gets 2k bet from him and I fold to his shown A10. Next lap my sb with 2 limpers I have KK and make it 4k to play and same guy calls others fold. Flop brings A K rag board and I put 4k in which he calls. Turn card is anutha rag but 2 hearts on board. Shudda fired heavy but only put anutha 4k in and get the call. River brings 3rd heart and he puts 6k in and sure enough he has flush with A8.
Next hand in button I have QQ. Low stack at top of table puts his 3k in blind and mines goes in but called by same guy to my left. He has AK low stack 8 10 and 3rd card out is the Ace. Au revoir with the old boom boom boom hit.

Micro cash after going so well has been suffering last few days mainly due to my over aggressive play and lack of discipline. Oh well hopefuly can put this right over next few days although I reckon Ill not be playing much online due to other things I need to sorty out before next weeks busy schedule and the GUKPT. Got a mate coming up staying with us from Manchester and hes gonna play maybe couple of side events at GUKPT I think. Be nice to see him again as I aint seen him since last November in St Kitts.

In 3 games at Virgin tonight and 2nd place in forum league game when site crashes apparently problems with full network- what a nightmare.