Over for another year

Vegas all over for another year.

Arrive after un comfy Virgin Atlantic flight into the plush surroundings of the newly opened Aria 5 star hotel. No expense spared in the building of this place with high tec design all around it. Nice rooms with loads of gadgets and card room is 1st class although not the biggest which does have serious advantages.

Had put together a schedule of 5 selected games and staked 50% of the cost out to interested parties on the NPF. Make the Aria cardroom our general meet up place and play the 7.00 nightly with a $120 buy in and an average field of 70 runners. Good thing about this is you soon got to know exactly time it finished which was spot on and the valets and service of the cardroom was superb. Valets were obviously picked for their attributes which were well in view and drinks flowed a plenty.

Play the Aria game on the 1st night and get stack early and add to it all game and am sitting pretty 16 left when the effects of several Coronas kick in and I raise with the in famous Az bo to be shipped on but lack of sleep and being drunk I give the guy my apologies if I suck out on him and make the crazy call. Gone but slept well that night after the long journey.

Play the same tournie the following night and make last 6 and chop it up with big chip leader taking extra with rest of us around $700.

1: Golden Nugget 16th June Mini WSOP Series Seniors Event $240 NL

200 plus runners but never really get going eventually busting mid 60 s

2: Rio 18th June WSOP Bracelet Event 34 Seniors Event $1000 NL

168/3124 for $2601. Lose 20% of stack 2nd hand of tournie JJ v KK on 9 high flop. Lose 3 sets over sets and grind small stack till double up late in day 1. Day 2 cruise to money playing aggresive into money limpers but after table break face big pressure from 3 big stacks and awful cards see antes eating away until mid pos limper and I ship 10 7 from sb for him to call with 99. 9 flop seals it but gutshot hope on turn but no miracle. Well pleased to make my 2nd consecutive WSOP Seniors cash and have already been fully bought in to next years event with deal done between Cardguard & Stumpy.

3: Binnions 20th June $210 NL

Lose couple early pots but very card dead and bust early level 5 when limp utg QQ for BB to raise. I re pop but he puts me all in and Im out to AA

4: Golden Nugget 22nd June $235 NL

Really enjoyed this tournie and got vvul at crucial stage 12 left paying 9. Double up with small pair to get playable stack against Ace caller then lose JJ v 77 AIPF for big pot as he hit 7 on flop. Ship over initial raiser with AQdd for him to call holding 10 10 which flops set.

5: Caesars Palace NL Deep Stack 20th June

Played the Caesars deep stack and was my most enjoyable game tbh sitting same table as Knerrard and 2 mates of Jack Ellwood. 200 plus runners and 60 odd left get stack above average when ship 20 bbs over initial raiser with 99 for him to snap off with AK. River Ace sealed it

Small return for backers which I rounded up giving them their stakes back so at least no loss there for the support.

Poker highlight of trip had to be my son S2C Scott taking down the Binnions game which all of our party played and as we got knocked out we propped the bar up and got slightly merry. Followed that with a superb tapas meal at the Plazza and when we returned Scott was losing huge hand on the bubble but was stacked enough to cope with the bad beat. Eventually he makes it down to hup and tbh crushed his opponent with some excellent poker.
Great scenes and atmosphere when he took it down for glass trophy and a cool $5000, not bad for someone who hardly plays anymore and lost his desire for playin the game.

Binnions Classic Results

All in all an excellent trip with some great people and some results to match as well with Vegas a lot busier than I expected from everything Ive been reading.

p.s. Please please please Virgin Atlantic get ya fingers out and update ya planes on this route. So so old and showing a lot of wear and tear now.

Get back and play the Newcastle GUKPT Summer Series Main Event but donk out in level 3 playing the fatal Az bo hand again. Raise mid and call a re raise to a flop of Q77 which eventually gets all chips in the middle but Im never ahead all hand as Dave Maudlin milked full value holding QQ.

Weeeeeeee Vegas tommorrow

Alreet Stumpy here,

Last friday picked teamdobb up and headed to Aspers for the friday £20 f/o 109 runners so not a bad pot for the small buyin but it is a strange mix of players. 1st table consisted of seat 1,a tight steady player but pretty easy to read 2, the table pro haha talked about every hand and gave his pro view on how it was played 3,young lad who might as well of had his 2 cards turned over 4,chinese calling every hand and always going to run out of chips 5,french kid who ob bluffed his chips off, in 2nd level v seat 4 who called rvr allin with 22 when board read 10 8 5 j 3 weeeee, 6 limp fold or limp call till no chips left 7,same as seat three 8,chinese kamikaze girl who could and did turn over anything 9,a very strong and good player 10, me, the dealer. The only thing missing is the drunken scotsman whos usually on every table, I think aspers have a cupboard full of em and get them out every Friday to piss people off.

I was going along ok until the pro seat 2 limped in I made up blinds with qj flop q 7 3 I ch pro bets, all fold to me and I rerase him allin he tanks then says I think im beat but I call showing q 10,I put the 10 on the river and im now shortstack, I then go allin 3 times and dup when best hand holds everytime then we are moved tables shame but im now on 12k evertime I raise it gets through but no dup until I shove khjh into aq k flop a turn and im out in about 26th.

Mrs stumpy gets to ft but runs jj into qq and ends up 10th for £50.

I made £90 on the cash tables while waiting for Mrs stumpy so not a bad night.

Sunday I went to circus with big stumpy my son craig who I bought in, its £20 £20 night 2k pot my table was a nitemare with 3 calling station on it great if you hit but shit if you miss all night so was an early night for me, went on cash table won £17 and game split up,so dealt 1 of last 2 tables and watched big stumpy play some great poker he got to the ft with a big stack then lost ak v aq and then kk v 55 flop 5 543 turn 2 rvr a for split pot then shoved a 6 into bb jj and went out in 4th for £190 we split the winnings for a small profit.

Tuesday was back to circus for £20 £20 game with mrs stumpy and big stumpy I got off to a good start and was comfy until I raised with jj a loose player reraises i called for a safe flop but flop was a93 villain cbets and I fold he shows aa then I raise with 99 get reraised I fold he shows jj then next hand i raise jj and young kid who had been very tight minrerases I fold again and he shows kk ffs after all this im down to 10bb and looking for spot to shove get j 10 utg and shove only to get called off aj flop 89q weeee dup then I raise aj get flatted off young tight player flop a 10 7 I bet small he reships with kq I call nd hold now im sitting with a decent stack on my left is Mark Trett who has a big stack who I gave a lot of walks to but when blinds went up I started raising more but he seen right through this and I could see he was getting itchy to reship me but in the end he kept himself in check howay Mark you know I only play aa kk haha, in the meantime mark had raised and been reshipped and called by mainly been priced in and his big stack had dropped to 25k so he shipped his 10bb with 84 and Lewis in bb called with 66 and mark gets there with runner runner straight ouch.1 make it to ft as does mrs stumpy who is cl with 135k wow.mrs stumpy finished 6th after losing ak v qq hit k then turn was q then b on b she flops up nd down v top pair no kicker pushes allin over his flop bet bt villain couldnt lay it down and she missed and was out for £100. I pushed ss with j10 v k8 no good and I went out 5th for £120.

Onlines been pretty quiet due to working and playing live until bigstumpy ran deep in superstack and he woke me with about 40 left and we ended up 5th for $1200 ish when we got it aipf with ak v aq who hit flush shame as it was $4.7k up top would of been nice for vegas and bigstumpys hols to shagaluf.

SO its my first trip to vegas on monday weeeeee going with about 20 npfers cant wait. Im playing rio $1500 bracelet event 16th june,binnions $210 nl,golden nugget $235 nl and venetion deepstack one tiiiiiiiiiime plz.

keep on smiling Stumpy.

The week before Vegas

Yo bloggers its only one week now till my regular annual pilgramage to the bright lights of Las Vegas and the 2010 WSOP.

As I did last year I have put together a mini schedule of events to play as I find it helps me focus better and have a better approach to the games than just going and playing whatever game I wander across.

These are the games I will be playing:

1: Golden Nugget 16th June Mini WSOP Series Seniors Event $240 NL
2: Rio 18th June WSOP Bracelet Event 34 Seniors Event $1000 NL
3: Binnions 20th June $210 NL
4: Golden Nugget 22nd June $235 NL
5: Caesars Palace Or Venetian date TBA $340 NL Deep Stack ( deffo Venetian )

Really looking forward to the 1st game on that list to be honest as I found last year the Golden Nuggett was a great place to play within their Grand Hall which they use for these events. Atmosphere is great and its the 1st time they have reduced their Seniors age limit down to 50 inline with the official WSOP entry age.
WSOP sees me return to try and improve on last years 97th place finish and then 3 more local hotel tournaments see me conclude my trip.

Staying at the newly opened Aria hotel which is within the newest complex on the strip and only in Vegas can you stay in 5 star luxury for less than £60 per room per night.

All in all theres over 20 from the NPF travelling across this year and should anyone go deep in anything then Im sure the rail we be awesome and atmosphere electric. Some great people and characters going over and just hope one of us pulls off a great result to match.

Lead up to Vegas has been very very low key tbh mainly due to my total zero interest in poker for whatever reason Im not totally sure. Force myself to play the monthly Circus £50 with £500 added and only went to meet a guy from the forum who had made a bit of a name for himself with some of his crazy posts known as Machine. Ive staked him into a few low buy ins on Poker stars and he always seems to get me a return so was looking forward to meeting him in real life. Sitting having a bit of pre game crack with a couple of the forum lads and a quiet un assuming lad wanders across and introduces himself as "The Machine" I do the honours of introducing him to as many forum members as I could before taking my seat in the far corner of the room right next to the noisy Chinese "dominoe". Decent table that includes James Browning, Joe Peel and Mark Trett sat directly to my left. Dont go anywhere with my stack mainly due to gutter shit crap being dealt to me and a couple of hands that get there against me. Have some fun with the "Az Bo" hand a couple of times and lose 20% of my stack on the last hand before the break when a guy gets there with his flush on the river and Im already in shove fold land when I come back from the break.
I ship AK to an early raise and he flips AQ on his committed call. Q in the window and Im out my seat but I turn the K and make the straight on the river to double up. I ship again to double through and with my knowledge of this fast moving tournie I know I need at least another double up to stay in with a chance and when 2 limpers come into pot and I find 88 in the cut off I ship in to find girl to my left in the vacated Mark Trett seat go into tank mode. Big Ace Im thinking and eventually she makes the call. QQ ffks what ya thinking about pet and she says " I thought you may have AK" !!! No help but at least out at a reasonable time of the night.

Sort of decide to not play anymore games but Stumpy convinces me its Friday night and Corona night at Aspers together with a deal to meet Gyposdog there if he gets finished from work in time. Aspers game on Fridays is great for a decent field but it also attracts a huge range of players but for £20 FO and over 100 runners its great value and you have to acdcept it for what it is. I get on same table as Mrs Stumpy but the rest of the table leaves alot to be desired. we have a young lad dealing who is very slow and not much idea about pots, I have a drunken stag do guy from Scotland on my left and 2 other lads at the table who have to ask everyhand " How much is it? is it my turn ? and take ages to make any sort of decision. 3rd bottle of Corona and doing my utmost best to stay with the game but I know Im fighting a losing battle. With still just above my starting stack of 4k and the mad drunken Jock hitting everything I look down at AK and a small stack makes it 400 to play on 50/100 with 900 behind so I move in to take him on and he duely calls and flips KQ. Q flop and no help for me. Few hands later I look down at JJ and drunken Jock limps in with one other before Chinese guy to my right moves in for 2k and I move all in for my stack of just over 3k. Drunken Jock calls now and so does the other guy. So 4 way action with 2 all ins and chance to quadruple up and the flop comes 10 2 5 rainbow. Perfecto and drunken Jock then announces "ALL IN" on his 2 way action. Guy folds and on ya backs time. 66 drunken Jock, me JJ and Chinese guy has 99. Blank turn but river 6 and its Ciao Ciao over n out. Cant be arsed now to hang around and simply walk down towrads the central station to grab a cab and go home.

Take call bit later at home from Gyposdog who eventually arrived in Aspers trying to get me to come back over and a while later he pops up on msn convincing me to play a couple of MTTs on Poker Stars. Massive fields but end up having a great laugh with him as we wind a few people up and then get into a fun convo with someone sat at our table from USA who we eventually get to sign up at the NPF by the name of "Pritzi"
Go fairly deep in a huge field but obv for crap return due to Stars structures but the main thing that came form the games was we had a greta laugh between us and actually enjoyed it. Maybe thats whats been missing from my approach and games of late and need to get back to enjoying them again with a positive mental attitude about them. Roll on Vegas and hopefully the spark I need to get back to normal.

Intended to play the Coral Masters at Leeds Gala this weekend before Vegas but have decided not to incase went deep and timing would be bad as our Newcastle flight to Gatwick is 6.30am on the Monday.

Finally incase he reads this, my son Scott is at this moment in time travelling across the USA with a party of strangers from New York to Los Angeles and then meets up with us in Las Vegas. Last time I spoke to him he was in New Orleans and hope hes enjoying himself and look forward to seeing him in Vegas

Alreet stumpy here,

Its been a funny old week, was hoping to play loads of sngos but my hayfever has hit me harI, I wake up with a bad headache every morning then I take hayfever tablets and it clears away by dinnertime but the tablets send me to sleep by teatime so fooked either way, on top of that my knee is giving me problems and it looks like I might need another op which im not looking forward too, so I think ive been a bit down which is unlike me and ive prolly took it out of mrs stumpy, sorry pet. Edit just reread what ive just wrote and realised what a miserable ungrateful fooker I sound must be getting old, I should think mesell lucky and be grateful what ive got! kicked mesell up the arse and told me mesell to cheer up ffs.

Pokerwise it was the last league game last friday at the G, 19 runners and 4 could pip me but 3 went out early and only Dave H could beat me, he was on my table and I pushed all in with aq he pushes 77 then teamdobb joins in with 1010 I hit ace to triple up and teamdobb takes sidepot and knocks Dave out and I win the £300 summer series seat on the 26th of june.
I ended up getting knocked out b4 money but mrs stumpy finished 2nd to mrs fatfish winning £248 I moved to the cash table winning £50 mainly in 2 hands v same guy he raises to £3, blinds 25p-50p 4 callers so I call with 8h3h flop a82 he bets out £4 I can see he hates it and put him on kk, all fold to me so I call, turn 10 he bets £4 I raise to £12 and he says will you show if I fold I said nope he folds so I show him 83 and say did you have kk? nope jj oh well close. Next hand I call raise again with j10 flop j10 3 I bet out and same guy calls turn 7 I put him allin for £22 and he calls rvr 8 I show him 2 pair and he mucks deffo think showing last hand got me payed.

The league final was on Monday and I didnt feel good again and couldnt get going, eventually going out in 16th out of 39 that turned up.

The sngos I have played made a small profit until I won a $69 45s for $1,179.90 but this time I meant to enter it haha, got lucky to get to ft but played ft well with some nice moves when down to the final 3.

O,k going to go out the neet and have a good time take the tourney doon then get up tomorow and hopefully show the 3 lads who are returning for 2nd training day how to make a profit at sngos.

OMG just bought sharkscope to give their hud ago then realised I was logged in on spoonas account so in reality ive just bought spoona another months subs to sharkscope haha .

Keep on smiling Stumpy.

Beware beware of scammers!!!

Thought it a good idea to publish a superb post by a fellow blogger on scammers on Double or Nothing games at Poker Stars.

Well done to this guy for a very in depth and superb post on this scandal and to Xenocode and roscopiko for highlighting it over at NPF

Chinese DON Scammers