Alreet stumpy here,

Its been a funny old week, was hoping to play loads of sngos but my hayfever has hit me harI, I wake up with a bad headache every morning then I take hayfever tablets and it clears away by dinnertime but the tablets send me to sleep by teatime so fooked either way, on top of that my knee is giving me problems and it looks like I might need another op which im not looking forward too, so I think ive been a bit down which is unlike me and ive prolly took it out of mrs stumpy, sorry pet. Edit just reread what ive just wrote and realised what a miserable ungrateful fooker I sound must be getting old, I should think mesell lucky and be grateful what ive got! kicked mesell up the arse and told me mesell to cheer up ffs.

Pokerwise it was the last league game last friday at the G, 19 runners and 4 could pip me but 3 went out early and only Dave H could beat me, he was on my table and I pushed all in with aq he pushes 77 then teamdobb joins in with 1010 I hit ace to triple up and teamdobb takes sidepot and knocks Dave out and I win the £300 summer series seat on the 26th of june.
I ended up getting knocked out b4 money but mrs stumpy finished 2nd to mrs fatfish winning £248 I moved to the cash table winning £50 mainly in 2 hands v same guy he raises to £3, blinds 25p-50p 4 callers so I call with 8h3h flop a82 he bets out £4 I can see he hates it and put him on kk, all fold to me so I call, turn 10 he bets £4 I raise to £12 and he says will you show if I fold I said nope he folds so I show him 83 and say did you have kk? nope jj oh well close. Next hand I call raise again with j10 flop j10 3 I bet out and same guy calls turn 7 I put him allin for £22 and he calls rvr 8 I show him 2 pair and he mucks deffo think showing last hand got me payed.

The league final was on Monday and I didnt feel good again and couldnt get going, eventually going out in 16th out of 39 that turned up.

The sngos I have played made a small profit until I won a $69 45s for $1,179.90 but this time I meant to enter it haha, got lucky to get to ft but played ft well with some nice moves when down to the final 3.

O,k going to go out the neet and have a good time take the tourney doon then get up tomorow and hopefully show the 3 lads who are returning for 2nd training day how to make a profit at sngos.

OMG just bought sharkscope to give their hud ago then realised I was logged in on spoonas account so in reality ive just bought spoona another months subs to sharkscope haha .

Keep on smiling Stumpy.