Over for another year

Vegas all over for another year.

Arrive after un comfy Virgin Atlantic flight into the plush surroundings of the newly opened Aria 5 star hotel. No expense spared in the building of this place with high tec design all around it. Nice rooms with loads of gadgets and card room is 1st class although not the biggest which does have serious advantages.

Had put together a schedule of 5 selected games and staked 50% of the cost out to interested parties on the NPF. Make the Aria cardroom our general meet up place and play the 7.00 nightly with a $120 buy in and an average field of 70 runners. Good thing about this is you soon got to know exactly time it finished which was spot on and the valets and service of the cardroom was superb. Valets were obviously picked for their attributes which were well in view and drinks flowed a plenty.

Play the Aria game on the 1st night and get stack early and add to it all game and am sitting pretty 16 left when the effects of several Coronas kick in and I raise with the in famous Az bo to be shipped on but lack of sleep and being drunk I give the guy my apologies if I suck out on him and make the crazy call. Gone but slept well that night after the long journey.

Play the same tournie the following night and make last 6 and chop it up with big chip leader taking extra with rest of us around $700.

1: Golden Nugget 16th June Mini WSOP Series Seniors Event $240 NL

200 plus runners but never really get going eventually busting mid 60 s

2: Rio 18th June WSOP Bracelet Event 34 Seniors Event $1000 NL

168/3124 for $2601. Lose 20% of stack 2nd hand of tournie JJ v KK on 9 high flop. Lose 3 sets over sets and grind small stack till double up late in day 1. Day 2 cruise to money playing aggresive into money limpers but after table break face big pressure from 3 big stacks and awful cards see antes eating away until mid pos limper and I ship 10 7 from sb for him to call with 99. 9 flop seals it but gutshot hope on turn but no miracle. Well pleased to make my 2nd consecutive WSOP Seniors cash and have already been fully bought in to next years event with deal done between Cardguard & Stumpy.

3: Binnions 20th June $210 NL

Lose couple early pots but very card dead and bust early level 5 when limp utg QQ for BB to raise. I re pop but he puts me all in and Im out to AA

4: Golden Nugget 22nd June $235 NL

Really enjoyed this tournie and got vvul at crucial stage 12 left paying 9. Double up with small pair to get playable stack against Ace caller then lose JJ v 77 AIPF for big pot as he hit 7 on flop. Ship over initial raiser with AQdd for him to call holding 10 10 which flops set.

5: Caesars Palace NL Deep Stack 20th June

Played the Caesars deep stack and was my most enjoyable game tbh sitting same table as Knerrard and 2 mates of Jack Ellwood. 200 plus runners and 60 odd left get stack above average when ship 20 bbs over initial raiser with 99 for him to snap off with AK. River Ace sealed it

Small return for backers which I rounded up giving them their stakes back so at least no loss there for the support.

Poker highlight of trip had to be my son S2C Scott taking down the Binnions game which all of our party played and as we got knocked out we propped the bar up and got slightly merry. Followed that with a superb tapas meal at the Plazza and when we returned Scott was losing huge hand on the bubble but was stacked enough to cope with the bad beat. Eventually he makes it down to hup and tbh crushed his opponent with some excellent poker.
Great scenes and atmosphere when he took it down for glass trophy and a cool $5000, not bad for someone who hardly plays anymore and lost his desire for playin the game.

Binnions Classic Results

All in all an excellent trip with some great people and some results to match as well with Vegas a lot busier than I expected from everything Ive been reading.

p.s. Please please please Virgin Atlantic get ya fingers out and update ya planes on this route. So so old and showing a lot of wear and tear now.

Get back and play the Newcastle GUKPT Summer Series Main Event but donk out in level 3 playing the fatal Az bo hand again. Raise mid and call a re raise to a flop of Q77 which eventually gets all chips in the middle but Im never ahead all hand as Dave Maudlin milked full value holding QQ.