So that was Vegas

Alreet Stumpy here,

Landed into Vegas on the Monday afternoon and as it taxied round I couldnt believe how close the airport was to the strip which looked ok through the day but it wasnt till the night time it was lit up in all its glory.

The first night just enjoyed a few drinks and a meal.

Day 2- Played the 1pm Aria game $175 buyin, really good structure and got to the final table but was short and pushed allin with A4 got called off JJ no help and out in 9th no cash.

Played 1-2 PLO in the Aria and made $80 then went back to the Nugget and played 1-2 and won $220.

Day 3- $1500 WSOP- arrived at the Rio a bit late and was in the que to buyin, when I asked a guy if you could use your card to buyin, no cash only FFS had to walk for miles to find a ATM then card wouldnt work. I ended off having to pay at the cage to use my card, eventually buying in 1 hour late then was told all entries after 1pm wont start till 2pm when blinds will be 75-150 and starting stack was 4.5k.

I finally start playing and maintain my stack with a few raises getting through then moved tables a couple of big stacks on it.

First hand I pick up is 10-10 I raise and get shipped on, no way i can fold so make the call V QQ, 1st card 10 and I get lucky double up. Then in big blind AK button shoves allin, I call v A3, hit K and now up to 18k. Seat 3 makes it 1900 bigstack seat 6 flats, folds to me and I tank ship allin for a call off bigstack as after watching him play he could only flat with AQ or AJ. Seat 3 tanks for ages and I actually fall asleep till my neighbour nudges me saying hes called, I flip my cards over just as the dealer does the flop Q 1st card and he has AQ shame as there was 450ish left, 243 payed and this was 31k pot when av was 18k. Thanks to DC and juicy oranges who came over to rail and took me for a drink to get over the disappointment.

Day 4- + $160

Day 5- Played the Golden Nugget PLO 8 MTT but missed two massive draws and went out early. MTT -$235 Cash - $450.

One cash hand I had trip4 check raised to $120 on flop then $270 allin on turn and he called with a flush draw and he hit flush on river.

Day 6- cash +$530

Day 7- Binnions $210 out earlyish after a couple of coolers. Ac5c flop A8c3c woman bets strong into it I call turn Jh she pots it again call river 5 I bet into her and she flats with 88 LOL she said she was worried I had AA. I pushed allin over raiser with 88 but ran into KK behind me and out.

Alot of the NPFs played this so we hit the bar and decided on a Tapas place in the Plaza which was recommended and it was superb.We got back to Binions and railed Scott Collins to victory for just under 5k and a nice trophy,I was over the moon for Scott who does a lot of work for the forum even though he has become a bit disinterested in poker.

Day 8- Played ceasers palace $225 great structure and place to play, I was going ok till 50 left out of 200 i get KK button my room mate Gaz Walker raises to 5k german woman min raises to 10k I shove Gaz folds AQ german woman calls with A10 and A first card FFS.

Day 9 Golden Nugget $235 another great structure and a decent 78 runners,I got upto 5ok without any showdowns or hassle. Then I raise with Ad3d 1 caller flop 8d9Jd I cbet and he calls turn 4d i check and he goes allin I make the easy call hes drawing dead with A10. Then this guy Poker Monkey gets moved to my table hes been making a lot of noise and straight away he upsets the table by calling 1 players wife a cocaine snorting tramp and another he calls a clown, he gets a warning off the TD which calms him down a bit. I reraise an Irish fella ive met before in Aspers and he says he cant fold he shows A10 I have AsKs flop comes 7s6s3 turn 8, at this point Monkey is doing a running commentary saying he needs 9 or 10 now, the river is a 9 but of spades to give me the nutflush, I hardly move a muscle as Monkey is going nuts until I say nutflush, wow you are my hero so cool, a few hands later I raise after looking at 1 A Monkey ships for 50k more, im like FFS until I look at other card A, he has Aj and I take him out. We move to final table im second in chips, with 140k first hand I play on final table is JJ I raise get flatted flop is 983 I cbet guy ships on me but I cant fold he shows AA, well played him. from then on I try to pick a spot but couldnt get my chips in until 7 left I ship A3 and get called off AK and im out 7th for $726. I played really well but was so disappointed with the end result.

Day 10- Played the Golden nugget again same MTT $235 but to be honest I couldnt get into it after the disappointment of night before. I went onto the cash tables and won $465.

Over all it was a great holiday with a little bit of luck could have cashed big but wasnt to be, pleased to be up $1k on cash only playing 5 sessions. Had a great laugh with CardGuard our designated driver, his side kick Stevie Sensation and my room mate Gaz walker who were all stopping in the Golden Nugget then had a couple of good nights when also joined by Looseman Mugpunt, knerrad, Willy, Teamdobb and Scott.

Funnys from the holiday


1- Sir Cardguards driving on the first day when he was really tired nearly hitting a parked car, hitting the kerb and going through 2 red lights.

2- Walking through a shopping precinct when a strange man walks up to sensh shakes his hand then rubs his arse Sensh was furious and was adamant he was trying to pick his pocket the trouble was he had no back pockets.

3- Adam who come on the same flight as Gaz was sitting on my cash table when guy sits down and loses two buyins in 2 hands, Adam says to guy its not your lucky day mate, guy says thanks for that CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!!!.

4- When deciding about where to eat Sensh said he doesnt like buffets as the service is shit.

5- On the Aria cash table gaz was ordering a mohito everytime she brought his drink he had about 7 in an hour i was trying vain to keep up in coronas but failed.

6- In ceasers palace MTT an old guy said it was time to eat his candy bar and then procceded to take a flickknife out of his pocket just to open his candy bar the whole table was gobsmacked. The old guy says dont worry I dont use it on players unless they give me a bad beat.

Sat 26th June just back from vegas and I had £300 GUKPT seat that i had won, got a decent first table with 2cats and Dan trett among the ones i knew, was doing ok until seat 3 makes it 900 blinds 150-300 im on the button with kk so flat for two reasons seat 3 has 6k so I want him to commit on the flop also hopefully someone in blinds decides to squeeze big blind asks seat 3 how much he has then says allin I have 10k so after seat 3 folds I make the easy call big blind has AQ and the A hits the flop and im out. Mrs Stumpy ended up 13th just missing out on the money in her biggest buyin toourny yet, not a bad effort.

Keep on smiling



mag1892 said...

sounds like u had a good time m8 , just a shame the best hands didnt hold up.

Daniel Trett said...

Nice review Peter, pleased you enjoyed it but I knew you would. Never mind about your hands not holding, just the way it goes sometimes. Good read, as per usual.

stumpy said...

thx mag nd dan