Tickets, Passport, Money & ?

Recovered now from Vegas and its amazing how as ya get older the longer it takes to recover from jet lag stuff. Seems Ive spent last couple of weeks trying to keep my eyes open and get my sleep patterns back to normal. As you know from last post I wrote about my son Scott taking down a Binnions Classic but what I just found out was some bad news as well!!!! Taught my kids when going away to have ya main 3 things ya need and repeat them to yourself before leaving. Tickets, Passport & Money. With these 3 things ya sorted no matter what ya leave behind but I need to add another thing now to our Scotts list. Tickets, passport, Money and any Poker Trophy you may win !!!!!!!!! He only went and left his glass trophy memento in his hotel room and despite being in contact with the Aria it hasnt been handed in by housekeeping and seems its lost for good now.

A few S2C Binnions Classic Videos

Zero stuff online and totally not interested tbh with it and locally on the live scene played the Circus £50, £500 added on Tuesday and despite a good table which included Dan Trett and a good start getting nice double up with QQ v JJ getting it in on a Q 9 10 flop that makes quads on the river I bust out in somewhat disappointing circumstances when in a 4 way limped pot I find AKss in BB and make it 1200 on 150/300. Fold to sb who has just arrived at table with big stack who as expected knowing him makes the call. A sweet looking K44 flop and I just call 2k flop and turn bet but river Q gets a 10k bet dropped in by sb. After big tank and knowing player well I make the call due to him being well known for bully and mad bets but Im shown 45 for his set and Im crippled. Bad bad call from my point of view but went with how I felt which was badly wrong. Ship my last few chips next orbit utg to try n get max value and Im delat 10 7. Player mid makes it 3k saying "Ill give you some protection" which it did and he flips KJ. Flop of KK10 didnt help much lol and turn of other K firmly nailed my coffin lid.

Give the Friday G game a miss as Im playing the Saturday G Championship of GUKPT and it proved unreal value with a £1000 overlay on their £2k guaranteed prize which is unbelievable to be honest. Take my seat in the G £200 on Saturday and find myself sat next to Dan Trett of Full Tilt fame again and boy oh boy didnt he look dapper in his new Full Trett white crisp shirt, smart grey trousers and shoes straight out of a top Las Vegas boutique and dressed to impress even in a nightclub like "Pure" ON CLOSER INSPECTION AT THE BREAK HIS SHOES WERE BOUGHT AT NO OTHER PLACE THAN TOPSHOP!!!!!
The Top Shop Shoes proof

Me & Dan Trett compare shoes!!!

Good crack as normal was Dan but cards and his moves certainly didnt flow for him and he seemd to be very very loose and caught too often with several of his moves. I was very very active and doing Ok but then got far to greedy in 2 hands. Flop top 2 in one and let guy get there with his flush then flop nut straight 3 way and once again initial raiser gets there with flush of 78hh on a AQJ board leading all the way. I eventually bust on my BB when guy raises from co and I ship about 9/10 bbs with AKhh for initial raiser to call with not that much more behind holding the mighty JQ off. Obv binks his Q and Im out too early for my liking.
Well done to Mulhuzz who went on the get 2nd place form our table and eventual winner was also from our original table.

Ive had a few beers and decide to play the 8.00 triple chance for £20 quid and have a good laugh with Junior Bomber from the Sensations. Crazy table and full of jokes n wind ups but run bad twice losing 2 big hands to leave me on my last 3k. 2nd loss was talking guy to get it all in holding JJ aipf v my KK which he does but then turns the case Jack to cripple me. Go on mad ship over many raises then and win a few flips and Im back in it. Eventually on a yo yo final table I take Bomber out shipping my similar sized stack into his BB with A2 and he snaps me with AJ obv. I luckbox my 2 and tell him Ill win now. An hour later and I take it down all for a poor £180 from small field but nowt better than getting another win under ya belt.
4 prizes were being paid and its amazing how despo some people are. 180. 135, 95 & 45 were the payouts and 5 handed the low stack was trying to negotiate another prize. He then comes out with the amazing crack of " Come on man be fair even a tenner will do me" Unreal unreal.
Big tip here for the G Casino in Newcatle for their poker room,,,,,,,,,,,, GET YA FOOKING AIR CON SORTED OUT. It was like playing in a sauna and so so so uncomfortable.

Big well done to a guy we met in Vegas in several of the comps we played in Mark McCluskey as hes just returned and took down the Coral Masters in Liverpool which us Newcastle lads seem to do well in. I checked out his Hendon Stats and wow very very impressive CV matey. Big well done to you.

Finally decided I need another quick holiday so myself and the Mrs have booked a nice relaxing weeks holiday in a lovely hotel weve been to before in Portals Nous in Mallorca. One week of catching some sun and relaxing will do me fine flying out the 20th July till the 27th July..................... oh and just by coincidence theres a 500 euro Poker comp at the Gran Casino Mallorca during our time there. How fortunate looooooool .
Mallorca Poker


CanOnlyGetBetter said...

FFKS Scotty, I'd rather leave me tickets, passport and ££ than the trophy :(
U'll just have to win another one wont ya hehe
Wins a win DC, £1080 or £180, still a win :)
Enjoy Spain, and hey, what a coincidence with the poker eh lol

stumpy said...

nice 1 boss, but the memories will last longer than the trophy anyway.was a great night well done scot