Some players simply dont play fair!!!!

Alreet Stumpy here,

2-7-10 £10 rebuy 2k g

A new game at the G you get 1k chips unlimited rebuys 2k gteed and only 35 runners so an overlay of £600 I never got going and got it in with 2nd pair v roscopikos top trips and I was out early.
Joined the cash table and this hand occurred,utg raises to £3 blinds 25p-50p 2 callers so I call on the button with j10 off, flop 89 q rainbow,utg bets £6 1 caller so I call turn 3s putting 2 spades on board, utg bets £8 andrizu ships for £15 I call then utg ships for £19 more I call and turn over my straight ,utg has qq andrizu has fd they both brick the river and I win,I start talking to the geek and when I look back hes shipped the pot to qq man I say whoah I won with the straight, the dealer has the 5 community cards in his hand so he places back on table and sees i have won with the straight and asks the qq man to pass the chips back but he refuses, i say you knew you had lost why accept the chips he says yeah I knew but there over the line now so tough, he asks for a ruling and after a while looking at the cameras they rule in my favour but he still wont give the chips back, so they bar him and escort him out but let him take my money.

I was fuming but the manager says I will probably get it back but will have to go to higher management. I got it back the next week so thanks to varzee and all the rest of the staff involved a thread was put up on the npf about what happened click here to see what peoples thoughts on it. Play fair ya cunt

4-7-10 circus £20-£20 2k g for 50 runners.

This was a real struggle totally card dead won a few pots by isolating a serial limper then c-betting any flop got down to 2 tables when chinese guy ships from sb im bb with a-3 we both had about 12bbs so called and he had k7 no help for him and im now back in it,i get a nice rush of cards and move up to 50k with out showing a hand, make the ft with 50k win a couple of hands until down to 4 players we take £300 each and play on for another £200 I get hup and we split it so eventually make £400.

9-7-10 £10 rebuy 2k g

Even less runners than last week 25 runners so an overlay of over 1k wow, got to the ft but went out in 6th for zero as only 4 payed

10-7-10 £200 f/o g club game 35 runners

Met teamdobb at the bar and he gets the coronas in we end up drinking all day and im well served by the ft couple of hands I remember getting there with was trip 2s v mulhuzz and 1010 v hamids aq only got 20k so not much play for me but raise and commit but I sat patient and never got 1 hand worst ft ive ever played eventually shipping 97 utg called off mulhuzzs 1010 and a lad called boris jj, who is the spitting double of the bloke off the barclaycard ad when he runs and runs.I move on to the cash table which was a bad idea and played bad untill I reraised utg raiser with aa who flatted for £5 with 95 flop 998 and I lose ,ended off £100 down.

13-7-10 circus £20+£20 2k g 50 runners

I had 23k at the break and cruising until i get kk utg i raise to 1100 donkey reraises to 3.5k then dan trett flats with only 7k back now this is screaming out aa but I just couldnt fold kk and go allin donkey calls 99 and dan calls aa. Donkey hits 9 on the river and dan wins small side pot. A couple of hands later I raise the button with a7 bb calls flop a10 9 i cbet and bb makes small reraise which tbh if I hadnt lost with kk i would of folded but tilted off my last 7k and called he shows a10 and im out. Played cash while waiting for mrs stumpy and won a £130 while mrs stumpy does a 4 way chop for £350 so not a bad night after all.

Online only played 140 sngos since I come back from vegas which is partly due to played more live and also been back to work. Stats are 140 ave prof +4 ave stake $19 roi 24% +$624 just need to put the effort in and play a lot more. mtts played 20 had 2 deep runs in the 42k g on tilt but finished 50ish and 36th out of 3k runners for -$19, also been playing on betfair ft a couple of mtts but finished 7th and 8th for peanuts but enjoyed the smaller fields but ob money not as good.

keep on smiling Stumpy.


Yorkshire Pud said...

What a cheating twat! Have you seen him around in the casino since?

stumpy said...

no never been seen since, but will surface again no doubt

Amatay said...

What a little cunt, is he a reg? u recognise him? How u doin btw? still winning etc? got any more poker trips planned?

stumpy said...

i had played with him a couple of times b4 seemed canny lad bad read lol.winning steady in sngos keep coming up v this fish in 45s called amatay hes so lucky,next planned trip is aussie millions 2012 but hopefully fit summit inbetween now and then.any job yet?

rubbish said...

Read this the other day and was going to post but read the NPF and totally forgot. Just echoing what everybody else has said, what a fucking twat. Hope he gets what he deserves of someone soon.
All the best Stumpy.