A Legend is Born!!!!

Local Casino in town didnt know what quite to expect when booking a Blues Brother Tribute Band and to be honest neither did the "Dobbas". Our very own Mr Entertainment who spends most of his stage time entertaining drunken footie fans before match days was actually in a real band and even alot of his own mates didnt know. Hardly anyone knew about this booking as Mr E was a tadge nervous but made the fatal mistake of telling Cardguard who told me and guess what : WE TOLD THE NORTH EAST weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Thread on the forum and down Cardguard went to snap this footage.

A NEW LEGEND IS BORN , give up the poker son you were awesome!!!!!

Syndicate chance

Bentley has settled in very well although bloody hard work mainly been done by S2C thank the lord. Its like having a new born baby in ya house although good fun.

On the poker front not alot happening to be honest. Im basically playing zero stuff online due to total lack of interest by me although Im having a shot at the normal forum stuff and weve set a 20 man syndicate up to gain a seat into main event of the Newcastle GUKPT. Great idea to be honest and simple to do, works like this:

20 players subscribe $90 by Poker Stars transfer to me giving a total pool of $1800. We then play 6 games on Stars of $5 entry with the 20 players and the player with the most points wins the seat. Any remaining funds from the $1800 goes to the runner up as an entry into one of the side events which would probably be the £200.
The players playing the event keep 50% of any winnings and the rest is split up between the other players dependant on what position they finished in the league. Means everyone that entered will have a % interest in both players. Good run for your money and cheap enough.

Played the NPF Friday League last Friday and retained my top of the league position with a 14th place finish and my scoring in every event form. The leagues now taking shape remembering its only ya best 5 scores from max 12 that count giving everyone still a great chance of the prizes. We have 5 weeks left and a win or a couple of decent final table finishes could really nail it on for me and my GUKPT seat.

Returned to Circus on Tuesday after giving it a miss recently and made final table. Gambled my 1st stack and doing well till getting caught on big bluff by the one called Stevey Sensation!! 2nd stack went in pretty early after decent raise with QQ called by 2 players and on a scarey 4s9sJd board my shove is called by both players 7s8s and the BB with 94. No spades or straight came but board paired to give me higher 2 pair and a nice triple up. Pretty much steady grind after that and a couple of nice check raises forcing the folds one to a new player who had came on the sb to my BB. Next orbit he raises my BB and I decide to shove with AhQh for a snap call for his stack bar 400 chips having plenty fold equity tbh. Wow KJ off he shows and brought on by bluff previously shown by me and my AQ holds again.
Cruise now although good job I had chips because cards I was being dealt were unreal and make final table although one of the small stacks. The big stack who had won a massive 3 way pot by rivering his set with 77 against AK & A10 small stack shove on Ace board had been continually rasing my BB from mid position and so after winding him up abit going over to the final table I set my sights on finishing higher than him.
He continued using his big stack well until eventually got caught when his 2 paired AK ran into a turned straight with J10 and his stack was now mere normal size and then next hand lost another nice pot to bring him down to my sized stack. Weeeeeeee time to get my own back and yip you guessed it he shoves early position on semi tilt with raggy Ace and I make the call with similar stack on KQ that hits the Q. Bye bye mate in 5th and then achieving my final table goal I refuse a deal from last 4 and go for the win often shoving with shite tbh and eventually my sb shove with Qh4h gets looked up by BB and chip leader with A8 that holds. Very pleased with way I played and 4/1 on my money with a reasonably early finish as well and another profitable winning month guaranteed.

Start of some really good games coming up starting next weekend with the Virgin Festival at Aspers Newcastle then a group of us playing Leeds Gala for their £2000 added game and then APAT Championship at DTD Nottingham in May. Disappointed I miss the Sky Poker Final in early June as will be great atmosphere that one but flying off to Vegas eases the pain o:)

edit: APAT game is August but just before 2nd Vegas trip for S2C 21st birthday

Went and bought a new White Bentley!!!

Wow big changes in our household this week when after alot of discussions and weighing up the consequences we made a family decision to buy it.

Been looking for a while for the right model but not been able to find the right one but hey ho we find an advert on the net and theres one local and just 10 minutes from our house. So daughter comes over to ours and away we go the family four to view our possible new aquisition.
Two left to choose from but my eyes were fixed on model number one straight away and after a few minutes of deciding and then a little bit of price discount negotiating we decided lets go for it and the deal was done.

We had decided Mercedes or Bentley and it was a Bentley we ended up buying. Only 9 weeks old and from a one careful owner.
Only cost us £420 which we thought was a bargain compared to what some others we had seen sold for so welcome to our new family aquisition Bentley.

Switch on tune in and Chill

Its amazing how things seem to pan out but after getting a little bored with poker and wanting to take a break I suddenly find myself feeling like cr*p and 3 days later am in Rake Lane Hospital for a little holiday.
As soon as I arrive at my ward I notice a guy with his nuts hanging out you just cant escape these bloody internet players they get everywhere.
First night and there is this old guy who is all hooked up and obviously has to stay in bed but his feet must be itchy as hell coz every 10 minutes the nurses are having to force him back into bed as he wants to go walkies,this goes on for a few hours(god i was bored rigid) and I noticed they were giving him more medication but still he keeps getting up eventually the horse tranquilisers come out and thats it he's out...90 minutes later and omg he is back on his feet so i press my button for the nurses and they get him back in bed pull the curtains round his bed and god only knows what they gave him this time as at 4pm the next day when his wife came to visit him they still couldnt wake him up!!
Lunch time the next day and am tucking into the first course which is Soup when the guy directly opposite me decides he needs to go to the toilet but he doesnt close the curtains and just carrys on eating his soup like some multi task wizard,with tears of laughter streaming down my face I whisper to the nurse"what type of soup is this? Cock A Leekie?" Nursy has to run of the ward she's laughing that much and as much as i feel like shite I got to admit my new friends are cracking me up to the point of serious side ache.

Next morning when they wake us up at 6.30am this new guy gets out of bed asks me where he is I tell him Rake Lane Hospital and in total amazement he says "rake lane hospital! wheres the shower?" he was called Peter Waters from Cramlington a top bloke who was excellent craic i told him to join the forum but I have a feeling he may forget.
After 3 days in the worst hospital in Tyneside the doctors come round and tell me they forgot to book me in for my MRI scan and its no coincidence thats its Friday the 13th and Red Nose Day its just as well i am really laid back with a good sense of humour you couldnt make it up but if anybody fancies a short break can i suggest anywhere but that dump!

Laterz all

David S

Poker Stars reward

Pokerstars have arranged a freeroll for all those that bet against Boku doing this challenge ,

$10,000 freeroll , 37 entrants ( thats including Boku ) 9 prizes ,1st gets $3K , 9th gets $350

Pretty amazing stuff from pokerstars,,

The main man,s account , showing 10K made in just over 13 days , an unbelievable achievment.

Even though the people who bet against Boku achieving this lost there bet Pokerstars have given them a great chance to end up winners as they have given them all a $10k freeroll ( only 37 players ) , some of these guys only wagered $10 and could win 3K.

Wonder what he,s gonna do with all his FPP,s ,, he,s supernova now, and fully deserved


Yip he did it and in my opinion an amazing achievement

Full details here
boku blog

Out of Retirement

Well hey ho people, thought it time for another post on the old dobbas blog so here goes.
Firstly couple of big thanks you to a few people. After my last post after the £100 game at Aspers I was really and truely jacking in. I had never felt as low playing poker as I did then but, and its a big but, thanks to a stern word from my wife Dawn, a great msn chat with Jimmy Chipmunk and wise words as always from DC I was pursuaded to carry on playing. This also brought about a change in attitude from myself as I vowed to enjoy the nights I played poker, however good or bad the cards fall.

So since last blog I played 1st tue at Circus and finished 21st and really enjoyed all the tables I was on. then onto Sky Poker Open at Aspers and looking at the structure I knew early chips were needed to allow play later. I got my 5k stack up to 18k and was stuck around that figure until down to 4 tables when a mixture of good cards, good calls and good bluffs saw me stack up to 80k when average was 40k. Went a little card dead for an hour and a combination of this and the fact the 4 biggest stacks left in the tourney all come to my table and were the 4 players to my immeadiate right meant I could never get into a pot. Both the cash bubbles and final table bubble did not last long and so I made final table with 50k putting me in 7th highest stack. Did not even look at the money at this stage because was more impressed that all final tablists got a seat in Sky Grand Final at DTD in June worth £220. Anyways final was bit shovey managed to get chip lead with 5 left, made a couple of raises that I had to pass to all in shoves too and eventually finished 3rd after I raised the BB on the button to 65k and felt I had to call an all in shove as I had 115k left. My Q8 spades lost out to AJ diamonds but I was over the moon to finish 3rd, £770 better off and had thoroughly enjoyed the whole day which was full of banter, NPF humour and great people. The NPF made such an impression on the Sky people that even the great ' Tikay' joined the forum to post his thanks.

On to Monday and hyper excited cos at Cheltenham for 3 days and what a great time. I had loads of winners, great racing and great atmosphere. For a racing enthusiast its the best week of the year for sure and I recommend a visit for anyone who has never been before. Back home Friday and a big thanks to Kauto Star for winning the Gold Cup and finishing the week off for me fantastically.

On to Friday night and the 5th week of the NPF Friday league. DC was top and being gunned for and Mrs CG close on his heels. 65 runners was a big disappointment, but there is enough on this on the forum so will leave that subject alone on here. Double up early and play solid to final table and decide with 6 left to call an all for my last 36k after 4 limpers and 5th man shoves with blinds 3k 6k. Ive got 66 and put him on high Ace which is spot on as he flips AK. Pot is 110k which is over 3rd of chips in play and is a tourney winner for sure. Anyways survive to river but A comes and Im oot in 6th. Enjoyed the game again and am now definately playing to enjoy and its working.

Saturday night and staying in so decide to waste a tenner on the Sky Open on TV. 700 runners and stupidly fast structure but wow down to 9 and in with a shout till I shove with A 10 and get called by 10 10 and miss. £105 for 2 hours of fun is ok with me and good way to pass an evening.

One last thing. its the forum birthday coming up soon and me, dc, s2c and chipmunk have come up with a great great idea for a brilliant video that will be coming soon

See yas all at the tables very soon


Good Luck Dreamdobb!!

Just a quick post to wish my employee and good mate Dreamdobb good luck this Friday. He made final table at Sky Poker last week at Aspers which considering how drunk he was made his effort amazing and now hes made it onto Golden Balls. They aired the video on Sky poker of the event and was funny as fuck watching Dream getting interviewed before the final table being pissed as a fart. Hes a funny lad anyways and I really hope he does well on the show as he deserves abit of luck and cash return. I know hes really excited about it and has been trying for years to get on a TV game show.

May be one of many as the producer from endemol who make the show has never been off the telephone to him getting funny life stories etc and by god Dream has loads of them. I reckon once you get on one youve got a great chance to get on others. Years ago me and him used to do mobile discos together along a fun theme with piss taking games etc and had a great time till we got bored.

Good luck Dream you deserve it mate and remember my advice although Im sure alot will disagree


THIS IS IT !!!!!

Now I know there are the doubters and knockers but this guy is the most talented song and dance man I have ever seen, I was lucky enough to see him live in Liverpool during the Bad Tour however Mrs E wasnt to pleased as I only had 1 ticket so went alone and was awstruck at the spectacle as Jacko re created every video live in front of my eyes.
Well imagine my delight as he announced to the world and its media that he will perform ten shows in London and these will be his final appearances in concert in this country.
To get the tickets you had to pre register on the MJ website and await a code enabling you to buy presale, so happy days as myself and Mrs E will be hitting London for the bankholiday weekend as I managed after spending two hours in an online queue to get two tickets

On the poker front played the live NPF league game at the Grosvenor last Friday but desperately card dead so no luck but did watch Teamdobb make the finl table. Was dj/ing sat so no poker however did go up and rail Cardguard at Aspers as he finished 3rd in the Sky Poker tournament winning himself a seat in the final at DTD in June. It was great to see the smile and enthusiasm return to a friend who has suffered on the poker tables of late both online and live, was also a great rail up at Aspers with the NPF well in attendance,
Fairing a little better on line managing to win a seat in this Sundays $200k so I`m realy looking forward to that as well as this Fridays NPF league game at the G which also includes the talent competition in which Kriss Carrs sister will be performing and I have been told she is an excellent singer.
see yah all real soon dobba watcha`s

50 Plus tablers blog

Here is the guys blog whos doing that amazing challenge as posted in last entry

buko blog

Amazing 51 Multi Tabling







boku87 sharky

Do you really trust the Police?

Win when ya losing

Been tough week for the Mrs this week with her having an operation on her nose due to a bone inside growing in the wrong direction and effecting her breathing so after an overnight stay and shipped out by our wonderful NHS at 7.00am it was convalesence time at home. She described the pain as worse than childbirth and her recovery from Joe Bugner lookalike may take up to 2 weeks poor fkr. I feel the urge for some sunshine coming on!!!!
Friday night saw the 4th week of the 12 week NPF league and a rather disappointing 70runner field turn up. Very surprised at this what with the Sky Poker game on the next day and would of thought alot of other players up and in town. As it happens all games were poorly attended compaired to normal so obviously just bad time of month or something.
Had nice meal for free in restaurant before game with Mr & Mrs Entertainment, Mr & Mrs Cardguard and S2C in appreciation for the teamgame efforts which was very nice of the Grosvenor and the 2 bottles of Rose had its effects.
Good start to game with quite an easy table tbh and built nicely to 1st break. 1st 5 hands after break picked up AK AQ 99 JJ which were all uncontested raised pots then QQ in 2nd postion saw my raise shoved all in on by girl with 4500 and who I hadnt played a hand since coming to table. I make the call and she flips AA so dinted stack and re build time again. Loved the comments of " caught with hands in cookie jar at last" mmmmmmmmmm.
Break of table and card dead period starts to drag me into danger of getting too low as we break into the points at 30 left and at 20 left pick up KK. Guy shoves in front of me for which I call and 2 others behind me make if 4 way. AJ KK AQ AK is looking good and no help give me a very nice X4 pay day and back in it.
Make final table with decent enough stack and none of the top scorers in league in sight.
Really enjoyed the final table to be honest with alot of piss taking of big chip stack leader due to him worse for wear after about 12 bottles of Bulmers and also a very red face from being slapped so much by the cards he was getting dealt.
Guaranteed 4th place and top points scorer I push from button into big stack BB wit 8d10d for insta call with AQ and although 1st card out is Q I get flush draw then up and down straight draw with flush draw at turn but no river help and depart 4th. Result puts me top of the league and with a GUKPT main event seat at stake its a prize Im deffo chasing and in good shape to achieve.

Saturday saw the Sky Poker game at Aspers which was like a smaller version of Virgin game with only online qualifiers making up a field of 140 odd runners 5000 stack and 30 min levels. Starting table was really good table and alot of players I recognised and a very strong table as well. Had Norman Pace next to me and what a nice guy he was and shared some really good crack together. Had a decent turn out of NPF and wasnt long before everyone there knew who we were and a running commentary provided by Tony "TK" Kendall.
The fast structure dictates this game and after decent start lose a big pot to guy chasing with 2nd pair making his set on river. Moved table and sat next to Dreamdobb from forum who works for me and is my main right hand man at work and guy named "Male model" to his right. TK was targetting him due to his bright yellow leather bikers jacket he was wearing and his male modle looks. Turns out the guy is a chemistry student form London living in Newcastle and had some great crack with him. Had started drinking with Dreamdobbs early doors but soon realised this is a deffo NO NO when playing and the effects of the drink were soon kicking in. Down to 6 BBs and pick up A9 in button to folded pot and shove for sb to wake up with JJ and its goodnight from me about 1/2 the field left.
Few of us move onto Grosvenor for 8.00 game and bombing along when news come through Cardguard and Dream still in with 24 left. Tell Cardguard to ring me if he makes final table and while later when Ive got nice stack get call him and Dreamdobb have made it. Get JJ and solid player next to me re raises so I decide there n then I aint folding. Tell him this is easy pass normally as I know 100% Im behind to better hand so apologise now and tell him my reason why and shove all in. He calls and its QQ with no help for me. Glad tbh as if Cardguard goes onto win the Sky Poker game I wud of felt guilty as fk if I wasnt there at the rail supporting him and maybe some will think what a load of bollocks well I dont care because I know its 100% the same the other way round.
Blast up to Aspers and they down to last 5 with Dream gone in 10th but Cardguard well placed and looking like he was really enjoying himself.
Had great rail and noisy as fook with great atmoshere and Cardguard eventually busts vul in 3rd place and a tremendous performance and the buzz of playing poker well and truly put back in his head.
NPF well and truly noticed and Sky Poker crew and crowd gave us some tremendous compliments and always nice to hear that.
Few winners here no more so than Cardguard but proves I sure can pick them as had nice 25% in each other
Ill leave Cardguard to no doubt give a more detailed view of the game and roll on Virgin game where NPF have a huge list of qualifiers which should really take the roof off the place. If we get a winner in that one the rail will be megga
Well its been a while since I last posted , main reason Ive only played live 4 times since I came back from sunny Southend. Came 28th in the NPF live league and 65th in the team tourney last week , the other 2 times I played dealers choice cash , which I must say I thoroughly enjoyed , great to learn diff games ( and also in profit ).

Anyways thought Id do some travelling and I couldn't believe my eyes not only is Teamdobbs famous in Geordieland , but its now a worldwide phenomenon , here's just a few pics I took on my travels.

Mr Entertainment
Card Guard
The Champ Xencode
Can only Get Better
Vegas Dave
Jimmy Chipmunk

I will hopefully get some more pics of teamdobbs on my travels..

Labrador on order

Aspers monthly £100 Deep Stack weekend and a disappointing field compared to last months attendance which proves to me that games like this need to be pushed and promoted in the right places. Last months game was hyped and pushed at the NPF and seen a big increase yet this months was very low key and as such the numbers suffered.

Have a very nice 1st table and get off to a good start picking up some decent pots and continue to play a wide range of cards early doors in attempt to pick up some juicy pots which was paying off. Table had some crazy players on and some guys were leading out on 25/50 with bets of 800 and getting called and done with very marginal hands. Wasnt a surprise to see someone bust before 1st level after tilting bad when losing with AK continue betting and then shoving AK into QQ pre flop. 15000 stack gone on 25/50 with most of it caused by simply overplaying pots.
My stacks moving along very nicely when look down at 88 in my BB level 2. A few limpers so I make it 400 and I think get one caller reluctanly comes with me. Flop comes AK6 rainbow and I represent the Ace to what I had showed down and continue bet to the call. Blank turn and I fire again to his long think before calling. Fk me Im thinking I need that miracle 8 please on the river or Im beat and bingo nice red 8 hearts pops out on the river. Bang in a 2000 bet for insta call and he flips Ac8c. Set I announce to table and look down at my cards--------------- fook me what an old blind radgie I am. EIGHT SIX and made to feel a total nobhead. Specsavers I need to talk to you please!!!!
So annoyed with myself donking what I had built in 1st couple of levels by being a blind fooker and for few hands went on semi tilt. Made worse by folding Jd9d in button to obv play by BB regular hijacking the limpers which I wanted to play if had the stack Id just lost and such is life when diamond flop hits and would of got well paid the way the other 2 lads played it out.
New Ne Yo albums Id just put on my I pod turned up loud and go into tighten up mode to re build. Break up of table at good time and new move helps me re focus.
Get sat opposite Jimmy Chipmunk and the one and only Stevey Sensation & NextBest1 from the forum who were both well stacked. Patience eventually pays off when my KK raise is called by the "Sensational One" and on a 6 high flop my bet is re raised by him and I shove it in to get called by his 88. Not long after this I pick up AA and get 2 callers to my raise. Flop comes very healthy A55 with 2 hearts and ck ck. Turn Q ck ck. River Qh. Fire my decent sized bet in hope and the "Sensational One" pays me off because he hit his flush lololol. Loved the crack from Chipmunk as we both gave him abit of stick for his call and was obvious to see the tilt mode kicking in.
To be fair to him he got himself back into game from 3k stack with his constant shoves and eventually got a stack back that was well playable. Unfortunately for him though he continued his one play shoving and eventually got caught and busted.
Pushed off a few hands late on and also lose big pot to Chipmunk with AQ to Ace high flop with him hitting his set of 5s.
Finish day just below average with 17 players coming back and Chipmunk well stacked and one of chip leaders.
Do deal with Stumpy for 20% as we have similar stacks and opposite tables and then get frustrating start with my 1st 2 raises being shoved off the hand by big all in shoves.Eventually re build and we down to 11 when Jimmy Chipmunk shoves from early position and Ive got JJ. Tank and at 1st think race time with decent Ace but body language says mid pair all day and I make the call to see 77. No help for him and hes crippled to not even his BB total for next hand. Blinds 3k/6k and I call blind in 5 way pot. Flop comes 789 with 2 diamonds and Ive got 6 10 and bet out to which lady to my left is clearly not happy so I tell her call if she wants but eventually folds and is annoyed shes wasted 6k with intention of checking it down. Another guy folds 55 and 5 on river proves my point to the lady and I take the pot down but exit Jimmy one off the £100 agreed 10th place spot. Felt shit for him tbh and once again poker proves what such a cruel game it can be.
Final table became a fold fold fold game for me with total shite and any sort of hand facing big raise in front. I eventually pick up JJ late position and guy leads in early postion for decent raise but guy shoves 2 in front of me so I fold. Initial raiser shows AQ to fold and shove guy had AA.
7 left and Im down to only 12BBs and raise to folded pot in sb with Jh9h for BB to call. Flop comes 239 all clubs and I shove my last in for call by BB holding 10s10d.
Frustrating final table for me but Stumpy then goes on to chop it in 5 way split for £900 each so decent profitable weekend.

Right I must dash now as Ive got an appointment at Specsavers and need to find the place!!!