Syndicate chance

Bentley has settled in very well although bloody hard work mainly been done by S2C thank the lord. Its like having a new born baby in ya house although good fun.

On the poker front not alot happening to be honest. Im basically playing zero stuff online due to total lack of interest by me although Im having a shot at the normal forum stuff and weve set a 20 man syndicate up to gain a seat into main event of the Newcastle GUKPT. Great idea to be honest and simple to do, works like this:

20 players subscribe $90 by Poker Stars transfer to me giving a total pool of $1800. We then play 6 games on Stars of $5 entry with the 20 players and the player with the most points wins the seat. Any remaining funds from the $1800 goes to the runner up as an entry into one of the side events which would probably be the £200.
The players playing the event keep 50% of any winnings and the rest is split up between the other players dependant on what position they finished in the league. Means everyone that entered will have a % interest in both players. Good run for your money and cheap enough.

Played the NPF Friday League last Friday and retained my top of the league position with a 14th place finish and my scoring in every event form. The leagues now taking shape remembering its only ya best 5 scores from max 12 that count giving everyone still a great chance of the prizes. We have 5 weeks left and a win or a couple of decent final table finishes could really nail it on for me and my GUKPT seat.

Returned to Circus on Tuesday after giving it a miss recently and made final table. Gambled my 1st stack and doing well till getting caught on big bluff by the one called Stevey Sensation!! 2nd stack went in pretty early after decent raise with QQ called by 2 players and on a scarey 4s9sJd board my shove is called by both players 7s8s and the BB with 94. No spades or straight came but board paired to give me higher 2 pair and a nice triple up. Pretty much steady grind after that and a couple of nice check raises forcing the folds one to a new player who had came on the sb to my BB. Next orbit he raises my BB and I decide to shove with AhQh for a snap call for his stack bar 400 chips having plenty fold equity tbh. Wow KJ off he shows and brought on by bluff previously shown by me and my AQ holds again.
Cruise now although good job I had chips because cards I was being dealt were unreal and make final table although one of the small stacks. The big stack who had won a massive 3 way pot by rivering his set with 77 against AK & A10 small stack shove on Ace board had been continually rasing my BB from mid position and so after winding him up abit going over to the final table I set my sights on finishing higher than him.
He continued using his big stack well until eventually got caught when his 2 paired AK ran into a turned straight with J10 and his stack was now mere normal size and then next hand lost another nice pot to bring him down to my sized stack. Weeeeeeee time to get my own back and yip you guessed it he shoves early position on semi tilt with raggy Ace and I make the call with similar stack on KQ that hits the Q. Bye bye mate in 5th and then achieving my final table goal I refuse a deal from last 4 and go for the win often shoving with shite tbh and eventually my sb shove with Qh4h gets looked up by BB and chip leader with A8 that holds. Very pleased with way I played and 4/1 on my money with a reasonably early finish as well and another profitable winning month guaranteed.

Start of some really good games coming up starting next weekend with the Virgin Festival at Aspers Newcastle then a group of us playing Leeds Gala for their £2000 added game and then APAT Championship at DTD Nottingham in May. Disappointed I miss the Sky Poker Final in early June as will be great atmosphere that one but flying off to Vegas eases the pain o:)

edit: APAT game is August but just before 2nd Vegas trip for S2C 21st birthday


Steve H. said...

Have a good weekend mate.

Anonymous said...

When's the Leeds gala game and what's the buy-in etc Dobbs?

I'm only around the corner from there so would love to play it!

TEAMDOBB said...

details at this thread at forum Puds. Get regged sharp as last time it sold out very quick