Win when ya losing

Been tough week for the Mrs this week with her having an operation on her nose due to a bone inside growing in the wrong direction and effecting her breathing so after an overnight stay and shipped out by our wonderful NHS at 7.00am it was convalesence time at home. She described the pain as worse than childbirth and her recovery from Joe Bugner lookalike may take up to 2 weeks poor fkr. I feel the urge for some sunshine coming on!!!!
Friday night saw the 4th week of the 12 week NPF league and a rather disappointing 70runner field turn up. Very surprised at this what with the Sky Poker game on the next day and would of thought alot of other players up and in town. As it happens all games were poorly attended compaired to normal so obviously just bad time of month or something.
Had nice meal for free in restaurant before game with Mr & Mrs Entertainment, Mr & Mrs Cardguard and S2C in appreciation for the teamgame efforts which was very nice of the Grosvenor and the 2 bottles of Rose had its effects.
Good start to game with quite an easy table tbh and built nicely to 1st break. 1st 5 hands after break picked up AK AQ 99 JJ which were all uncontested raised pots then QQ in 2nd postion saw my raise shoved all in on by girl with 4500 and who I hadnt played a hand since coming to table. I make the call and she flips AA so dinted stack and re build time again. Loved the comments of " caught with hands in cookie jar at last" mmmmmmmmmm.
Break of table and card dead period starts to drag me into danger of getting too low as we break into the points at 30 left and at 20 left pick up KK. Guy shoves in front of me for which I call and 2 others behind me make if 4 way. AJ KK AQ AK is looking good and no help give me a very nice X4 pay day and back in it.
Make final table with decent enough stack and none of the top scorers in league in sight.
Really enjoyed the final table to be honest with alot of piss taking of big chip stack leader due to him worse for wear after about 12 bottles of Bulmers and also a very red face from being slapped so much by the cards he was getting dealt.
Guaranteed 4th place and top points scorer I push from button into big stack BB wit 8d10d for insta call with AQ and although 1st card out is Q I get flush draw then up and down straight draw with flush draw at turn but no river help and depart 4th. Result puts me top of the league and with a GUKPT main event seat at stake its a prize Im deffo chasing and in good shape to achieve.

Saturday saw the Sky Poker game at Aspers which was like a smaller version of Virgin game with only online qualifiers making up a field of 140 odd runners 5000 stack and 30 min levels. Starting table was really good table and alot of players I recognised and a very strong table as well. Had Norman Pace next to me and what a nice guy he was and shared some really good crack together. Had a decent turn out of NPF and wasnt long before everyone there knew who we were and a running commentary provided by Tony "TK" Kendall.
The fast structure dictates this game and after decent start lose a big pot to guy chasing with 2nd pair making his set on river. Moved table and sat next to Dreamdobb from forum who works for me and is my main right hand man at work and guy named "Male model" to his right. TK was targetting him due to his bright yellow leather bikers jacket he was wearing and his male modle looks. Turns out the guy is a chemistry student form London living in Newcastle and had some great crack with him. Had started drinking with Dreamdobbs early doors but soon realised this is a deffo NO NO when playing and the effects of the drink were soon kicking in. Down to 6 BBs and pick up A9 in button to folded pot and shove for sb to wake up with JJ and its goodnight from me about 1/2 the field left.
Few of us move onto Grosvenor for 8.00 game and bombing along when news come through Cardguard and Dream still in with 24 left. Tell Cardguard to ring me if he makes final table and while later when Ive got nice stack get call him and Dreamdobb have made it. Get JJ and solid player next to me re raises so I decide there n then I aint folding. Tell him this is easy pass normally as I know 100% Im behind to better hand so apologise now and tell him my reason why and shove all in. He calls and its QQ with no help for me. Glad tbh as if Cardguard goes onto win the Sky Poker game I wud of felt guilty as fk if I wasnt there at the rail supporting him and maybe some will think what a load of bollocks well I dont care because I know its 100% the same the other way round.
Blast up to Aspers and they down to last 5 with Dream gone in 10th but Cardguard well placed and looking like he was really enjoying himself.
Had great rail and noisy as fook with great atmoshere and Cardguard eventually busts vul in 3rd place and a tremendous performance and the buzz of playing poker well and truly put back in his head.
NPF well and truly noticed and Sky Poker crew and crowd gave us some tremendous compliments and always nice to hear that.
Few winners here no more so than Cardguard but proves I sure can pick them as had nice 25% in each other
Ill leave Cardguard to no doubt give a more detailed view of the game and roll on Virgin game where NPF have a huge list of qualifiers which should really take the roof off the place. If we get a winner in that one the rail will be megga