Switch on tune in and Chill

Its amazing how things seem to pan out but after getting a little bored with poker and wanting to take a break I suddenly find myself feeling like cr*p and 3 days later am in Rake Lane Hospital for a little holiday.
As soon as I arrive at my ward I notice a guy with his nuts hanging out you just cant escape these bloody internet players they get everywhere.
First night and there is this old guy who is all hooked up and obviously has to stay in bed but his feet must be itchy as hell coz every 10 minutes the nurses are having to force him back into bed as he wants to go walkies,this goes on for a few hours(god i was bored rigid) and I noticed they were giving him more medication but still he keeps getting up eventually the horse tranquilisers come out and thats it he's out...90 minutes later and omg he is back on his feet so i press my button for the nurses and they get him back in bed pull the curtains round his bed and god only knows what they gave him this time as at 4pm the next day when his wife came to visit him they still couldnt wake him up!!
Lunch time the next day and am tucking into the first course which is Soup when the guy directly opposite me decides he needs to go to the toilet but he doesnt close the curtains and just carrys on eating his soup like some multi task wizard,with tears of laughter streaming down my face I whisper to the nurse"what type of soup is this? Cock A Leekie?" Nursy has to run of the ward she's laughing that much and as much as i feel like shite I got to admit my new friends are cracking me up to the point of serious side ache.

Next morning when they wake us up at 6.30am this new guy gets out of bed asks me where he is I tell him Rake Lane Hospital and in total amazement he says "rake lane hospital! wheres the shower?" he was called Peter Waters from Cramlington a top bloke who was excellent craic i told him to join the forum but I have a feeling he may forget.
After 3 days in the worst hospital in Tyneside the doctors come round and tell me they forgot to book me in for my MRI scan and its no coincidence thats its Friday the 13th and Red Nose Day its just as well i am really laid back with a good sense of humour you couldnt make it up but if anybody fancies a short break can i suggest anywhere but that dump!

Laterz all

David S


TEAMDOBB said...

quality pmsl and can just imagine you home from home

Gavin said...

Class post mate :)

mag1892 said...

lol jimmy.

hope u get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely golden! LMAO!