Labrador on order

Aspers monthly £100 Deep Stack weekend and a disappointing field compared to last months attendance which proves to me that games like this need to be pushed and promoted in the right places. Last months game was hyped and pushed at the NPF and seen a big increase yet this months was very low key and as such the numbers suffered.

Have a very nice 1st table and get off to a good start picking up some decent pots and continue to play a wide range of cards early doors in attempt to pick up some juicy pots which was paying off. Table had some crazy players on and some guys were leading out on 25/50 with bets of 800 and getting called and done with very marginal hands. Wasnt a surprise to see someone bust before 1st level after tilting bad when losing with AK continue betting and then shoving AK into QQ pre flop. 15000 stack gone on 25/50 with most of it caused by simply overplaying pots.
My stacks moving along very nicely when look down at 88 in my BB level 2. A few limpers so I make it 400 and I think get one caller reluctanly comes with me. Flop comes AK6 rainbow and I represent the Ace to what I had showed down and continue bet to the call. Blank turn and I fire again to his long think before calling. Fk me Im thinking I need that miracle 8 please on the river or Im beat and bingo nice red 8 hearts pops out on the river. Bang in a 2000 bet for insta call and he flips Ac8c. Set I announce to table and look down at my cards--------------- fook me what an old blind radgie I am. EIGHT SIX and made to feel a total nobhead. Specsavers I need to talk to you please!!!!
So annoyed with myself donking what I had built in 1st couple of levels by being a blind fooker and for few hands went on semi tilt. Made worse by folding Jd9d in button to obv play by BB regular hijacking the limpers which I wanted to play if had the stack Id just lost and such is life when diamond flop hits and would of got well paid the way the other 2 lads played it out.
New Ne Yo albums Id just put on my I pod turned up loud and go into tighten up mode to re build. Break up of table at good time and new move helps me re focus.
Get sat opposite Jimmy Chipmunk and the one and only Stevey Sensation & NextBest1 from the forum who were both well stacked. Patience eventually pays off when my KK raise is called by the "Sensational One" and on a 6 high flop my bet is re raised by him and I shove it in to get called by his 88. Not long after this I pick up AA and get 2 callers to my raise. Flop comes very healthy A55 with 2 hearts and ck ck. Turn Q ck ck. River Qh. Fire my decent sized bet in hope and the "Sensational One" pays me off because he hit his flush lololol. Loved the crack from Chipmunk as we both gave him abit of stick for his call and was obvious to see the tilt mode kicking in.
To be fair to him he got himself back into game from 3k stack with his constant shoves and eventually got a stack back that was well playable. Unfortunately for him though he continued his one play shoving and eventually got caught and busted.
Pushed off a few hands late on and also lose big pot to Chipmunk with AQ to Ace high flop with him hitting his set of 5s.
Finish day just below average with 17 players coming back and Chipmunk well stacked and one of chip leaders.
Do deal with Stumpy for 20% as we have similar stacks and opposite tables and then get frustrating start with my 1st 2 raises being shoved off the hand by big all in shoves.Eventually re build and we down to 11 when Jimmy Chipmunk shoves from early position and Ive got JJ. Tank and at 1st think race time with decent Ace but body language says mid pair all day and I make the call to see 77. No help for him and hes crippled to not even his BB total for next hand. Blinds 3k/6k and I call blind in 5 way pot. Flop comes 789 with 2 diamonds and Ive got 6 10 and bet out to which lady to my left is clearly not happy so I tell her call if she wants but eventually folds and is annoyed shes wasted 6k with intention of checking it down. Another guy folds 55 and 5 on river proves my point to the lady and I take the pot down but exit Jimmy one off the £100 agreed 10th place spot. Felt shit for him tbh and once again poker proves what such a cruel game it can be.
Final table became a fold fold fold game for me with total shite and any sort of hand facing big raise in front. I eventually pick up JJ late position and guy leads in early postion for decent raise but guy shoves 2 in front of me so I fold. Initial raiser shows AQ to fold and shove guy had AA.
7 left and Im down to only 12BBs and raise to folded pot in sb with Jh9h for BB to call. Flop comes 239 all clubs and I shove my last in for call by BB holding 10s10d.
Frustrating final table for me but Stumpy then goes on to chop it in 5 way split for £900 each so decent profitable weekend.

Right I must dash now as Ive got an appointment at Specsavers and need to find the place!!!


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Well done you *&%^*$ *&%* and i bet you didnt feel as c*ap as i did been out on the bubble so many times over the last 8 years but never felt as gutted as i did yesterday,i drove home at 6.30pm with the intention of having a month off then by 9.15pm i was speeding towards Circus to play the 20/20 i took it down at 5am,praise the lord :)

roscopiko said...

another good deep run for you. bodes well for possible 2nd's in Sky and Virgin games.

86 is mint and is always worth a raise. can't believe they fell for the old thought it was 88 line ;)

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOL at the 86....

Nice result yet again Mr C.... WD sir


TEAMDOBB said...

wow Chipmunk scarey that mate. Never forget that £200 game you bust just short of final table when I made my house on river at Grosvenor and you then took down the Aspers game later that night

Could see how gutted you were matey and really felt so shit it was me who did the damage me being the big soft shite I am. You know will be the other way round somewhere down the line

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Lol i was in a state of shock but after watching some of the miracle beats deep down i new i was going to be the bubble but i would rather have give my chips to you if anybody at that table.
Its pretty scary how often me and you seem to pick up hands simultaneously tho i just hope your not on my table on tuesday you git,unless its the final :)