game set match and its all over

ok after months and months and months of getting outdrawn, rivered, numpty beaten and basically fucked 5 ways from sunday i have decided to quit playing poker. tonight has been the final straw for me. i have only played 2 live tourneys in last 4 weeks and all that i currently hate about poker has happened in these 2 tournies. in the forum team game i had no cards for nearly 4 hours and never played a hand until i was dealt AK on the button. to set the scene i had already passed QQ and 10 10 and AK s earlier showing all 3 hands, so i think i have built up tight table image. so guy who has been playing loose raises from 3rd spot to 1000 chips, its folded to me and i re pop to 2500, the guy hads 8k behind and i got total of 6600 with my raise. folds round to raiser who insta shoves all in. i think for a bit and decide if i am to get anywhere in tourney i need to call and double up and i think he is not strong so i call and ffs he flips over 4 4. suffice to say flop comes 10s Qs 10h, then 8c on turn. at this stage i count i have about 21 cards to win with but of course river is a meaningless 2 c. gg wp i say and guy on table asks guy with 4 4 did ya not take him for a big hand seeing as he showed he passed QQ and 10 10 earlier and you only had pocket 4's??. lololol guy replies oh i never saw those hands but to be fair when im not in a hand i dont take much notice of what anyone else is doing and i did have a pair anyway!!!!!!!! just about says it all im afraid spend 4 hours building an image and some numpty who could not give a fuck aboot game thinks 4 4 is massive.

Then tonight in £100 game, played 6 hands all night won 2 and got rivered in other 4 and out before 10.30pm when with an equal ammount of luck i would have 35k. no cards for first 2 levels then decide to raise mid pos with QJc. guy to my left who has played like a fish insta calls and flop brings nice Q J 2 rainbow flop. i bet out 800 and he insta calls, at this stage i have him on either Q rag or J rag. turn brings 8 and i bet 2k to which he thinks for a bit and makes what looks like a crying call. river brings a 9 and i bet another 2k. he calls and flips Q 10 over ffffffsssssss. dead in water on flop and turn and miracle on river gifts him pot. same round and im in sb and fish is in bb, passed to me look down see 10 10 so raise it to 700. he calls and flop is A J Q all spades and i got 2 black 10's. i bet out 1k and he calls. turn pairs J and i bet again as im sure im in front , again he flats river pairs A counterfitting my 10's so i check and he checks too and flips K 2 off, i now maybe a bet here wins the pot but my confidence is shot and that impairs my decision making, however i am still horrified he decided to call pre, flop and turn. then the 2 killer hands come along. passed to me on button i got AQ(blinds 300-600) raise to 2100 and BB shoves all in for 5500. i call and he flips AJ off weeeeeee happy days at last flop 9 7 2(2 diamonds) turn is another diamond and ffs he has J of diamonds and ouch A diamonds on river gives him 4 to flush and yet again im fucked in a hand im 85% to win. totally frustrated now and steaming but manage to pass until my next BB when i look down to see K J s. 5 limpers and i decide to raise another 3k leaving myself 4k behind. folds round to last limper(darren laverick) who shoves all in for 10k. having played with this guy before i know his range here is between 44 and 10 10 and im 99% its a race and for what i got left i cant pass. so i say im gonna call cos i know we are racing and he nods and flips 77. weeeeeeeeeeeee K on flop happy days turn blank and river 7. fml ffs and its about the last 2 outer i can possibly take.

You all know me quite well and you all witnessed what i am about at the G last week. to me lifes about having fun, taking the piss and generally not being too serious about life but im afraid to say poker is turning me into a bitter horrible person. the beats i have indured over the last 6 months are more than most will get in a lifetime and they have virtually ground me down to the stage where i dont want to put myself in a position to feel like it makes me feel. its not the money i have good life and am never short, its the constant feeling of being ' almost scared' to play a pot as i already know the outcome. i have qualified for the sky event next week and that will be the last time i play poker for a very long time. just before writing this i have withdrawn money from the 6 online sites i had some on and deleted them all from my computer. i have left enough on stars for dawn to play this weeks millions and for us to transfer to the last 5 players in the syndicate but apart from that as far as im concerned im done with poker. love people that say ya gotta ride it out cos if you keep getting it in good then it will change - sorry but thats bollocks i have been getting it in good for 2 years and it still has not changed. last week really opened my eyes cos i walked round commentating on the forum game and saw so many people get there chips in bad and suck out that it made me cringe. my original opinion of poker was that it was a skill game with a little bit of luck thrown in. now my opinion is that it is totally 100% with no skill whatsoever and its usually the fishes and the players that have not got a clue that win. one last point from what i saw tonight the standard at the £100 was worse than what i see at the grosvenor £5 rebuy- was totally shocked how poor the play was.

rant over
poker over


TEAMDOBB said...

straight from the heart post mate and break deffo needed for ya.
Key word is enjoy and I know ya not enjoying the playing but are the other things.
Last weeks team game was such a success because so many ENJOYED themselves win lose or draw with alot of help form you. You need to get the enjoyment back one way or another.

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Great post Steve and i know your feeling like crap but reread the previous post by Teamdobbs lifes to short and you need to put things into perspective m8 your just having an abnormally horrendous run at the minute and it doesnt help when the wife is playing like a pro!
I think you just need to take a break from poker for a month(tho i bet you dont last 3 weeks)
Chin up m8

Amatay said...

Edges in poker are sooo small mate. I hope you have a change of heart because if you are running bad then it WILL change even though it dont seem like it.

FWIW i thought you were one of the main reasons for the success of the NPF team event last week. Funny as fuck, gd entertainment

Also, maybe go over some HH's with the missus and she can show you where you are going wrong ;-)
gl fish

roscopiko said...

Totally know where your coming from and defo u shd take some time out mate, no good playing so negative.

If you are playing for fun anyhow play the Sky game loose as fk and just see how you run. Guarantee 100% you will enjoy just blasting every unopened pot and the amount more decisions that you have to make.

Never say'll be back!