last night saw the first npf friday league game at the grosvenor. general feeling amongst most was would be well attended but not full. well fuck me 110 entrants plus 7 alternates who all got in made for a great night with a 3k pot. Dc and scotty where away flying the flag in liverpool so dc asked me if i would go along and oversea things and make sure everything was run ok. gotta say no fears on that score the staff at the G did a great job. plenty of rivalry from the members who are in the teams for the forum team event and got to say the radgies faired worst of all losing 4 of the 5 representatives they ha before the break(to be expected). vegas did the dobbas proud just falling short of the last 2 tables exiting in 21st. was a great night and for me personally a welcome break from the bad beats i have been getting. gotta say i enjoyed myself just as much last night as if i was playing and if its ok with DC i would like to perform the same duties every week of the league. one point my wife dawn made the final table and finished 6th and but for 2 poor calls from someone who got lucky she would have been part of the split. she made a world class call with king high with 40 players left and also made 2 great laydowns of big pairs. pains me to say this but she has only been playing properly for just over a year and if he rate of improvement continues she will becoming an extremly good player and i will be urging her to play some of the bigger tournies. i am very proud of her and also a little sick to now officially be the 2nd best player in my house called wills. full details, pictures and video highlights now on forum and roll on next week cant wait


TEAMDOBB said...

weeeeeeeeee we told them what would happen and another feather in the cap for NPF

Great job done CG Ive been told and carry on the good work mate