Win when ya lose

Ive already got alot of live poker planned and pencilled into the diary and looking forward to the future months because of this.
The weekend featured the Tyne/Wear derby and considering the fears of alot of die hard Geordies it appears the Makems are as bad as we say when despite being gifted a 1-0 lead a stone cold blatant nailed on penalty let us back into the game and England star of the future Shola Amoebi found the top corner with a precise placed finish and hey ho we cruise to a fully deserved 1-1 draw and even should have won it. (did that sound right?) Club is in a total shambles and hope we can survive the season and maybe, yes maybe some sense will be shown and a total rebuild programme put into place. Guy from forum put this post up which I find very interesting and maybe the masterplan for the future NUFC Savour Blueprint
Poker featured the new monthly £100 Double Chance Freezeout at Aspers with a brilliant structure that runs over Saturday and Sunday ( well for some)
Very interesting in the last time they put this game on it attracted the heady heights of 23 runners, this time with the forums help and them actually using it to publicise the game and inform players it attracted a respectable 73 runners. Im sure the next one will pass the 100 mark.
Was a total no go game for me personally which breaks down as follows. Last about 5 hours with grand total of 3 pocket pairs during this time and AK once and AQ once. Never hit or would of hit a flop and have 4 tables in total and on 3 of them Im drawn in the dealer seat. Theres an old saying though "More than one way to skin a cat" and I prove that correct in a nice move.
Young lad on the forum who I rate very highly had been having a tough time at the tables lately and as such put a post up. This resulted in the normal flood of replies of advice which was nice to see and most of it Im sure we have all been through. I told him to maybe have a pop at a higher buy in game which would hopefully help him focus and be motivated more for and also should be against a better quality of player than what hes been facing in the normal £20 fast structure of local casino games. I offered as such if he wanted, to have a part stake in him and during the week received a message from him to take up my offer for the Aspers £100 game. Took a 50/50 in him and he duly obliged making it to a 5 way chop with chip leader taking a £1500 pay day and he collected a nice £1000. Well played Spoona and dont doubt ya ability in future mate, cya Tuesday for me dosh 0:)
Met up with Peter Newton (Elephant towel pic from prev post)who I got to know at the CPC and had a few beers and a good laugh with after we both got knocked out about the same time.
Tuesday sees the 1st of the Month £500 added at Stanley Circus then its off to Liverpool Circus for the festival thats being run by 10Kingspoker.
Short and sweet cos its throwing a snow storm and I need to go and find a shovel to dig the car out. Laters