Wee Jockosdog

Well been a while since i posted but got myself back to work after a 6 month break, been working away and didnt take laptop with me wish i fkn had of im sick of the sight of my beloved peroni keep waking up in the morning feeling like ive had a kidney swop with george best

First night here goes oot on the piss with the boys but im sharing a room with this fairy who i wont name and he does a fkn dissappearing act with the room key, thinking not to much of it i turn back up at the digs at aboot 2am and its fkn sub zero and im locked out this fkr wont answer his phone as hes fkn comatosed i try knocking on the door, nee joy ffs, the (drunken) messages on his phone are getting more and more aggresive as the panic sets in, im absolutely fkn freezing debateing smashing his car window and sleeping in his car but then i get a (drunken) brainwave, ill climb up the drain pipe and in the loft window as are rooms are loft conversions get halfway up and realise im not to tricky with heights, got to keep going though or freeze to death so gets on the roof and rives window open jumps in onto the bed to here AHHHH WHAT THE FUCK its only the wrong fkn bedroom ha ha his face was a picture luckily it was a kid off the job im on, so drunkenly explains wot has happened how embarrasing but fk it im not freezing.

Back home this weekend weeeeeeeee cant wait missing me two beautiful daughters so much its unreal, special weekend with loadsa quality time with the family is in order , happy days.

well homies its just a swift one as im on me mates laptop and looking through his favourites hes a reet little sexual deviant, wonder why hes on me case for it back :)
anyways good luck to the hit squad going to liverpool this weekend stick it reet up them fly the flag for the toon laters


Steve H. said...

So did you end up sharing the bed for the night or what? --- you geordies are all the same ;-) x

cogb said...

n1 dog, glad to here your having fun !

kool pic :)

TEAMDOBB said...

och aye lad och aye

gyposdog said...

what happens in elgin stays in elgin im afraid steve lol

mag1892 said...

u back for the 21st dog ?

gyposdog said...

wouldnt miss it for all the tea in china mag :)