Chicken shit poker player

Wow 2 posts in 24hrs just like buses

okay well i wasnt going to play for a few days but after noticing that Ladbrokes poker had a $10 freezeout on with $10,000 added there was no way i could miss that value so settled down at 7pm lacking in confidence but knowing luck changes eventually and tonights the night!
I win a couple of small pots and then 10 minutes in i pick up KK and raise it up to 120 blinds 15/30 i get 3 callers and then another player pushes for 1600! so i push hoping for heads up but get 1 other caller,on your backs reraiser has A2 sooted and other caller has 88
flop 567.....sigh,turn 2 and river..............9 crippled and down to 300 i push my last next hand with Ak get called by JQ and flop brings QQ so i lasted 12 minutes hehehehe brilliant!

Now not to be defeated i decide to head up to Aspers for there £10,10,10 as well i cant play for 12 minutes and then knock it on the head and like i said my luck is going to change i cant fail now its destiny,so i play really tight and play 3 hands before break all uncontested and have 10.5k at break with average of 6.5k
Amazing hand as a player raises and bets A high flop and shoves on turn only to be called by guy holding QQ and deservedly hits the Q on river to send a somewhat dissapointed player holding an A to the rail!
the very next hand i get AQ and same guy calls and after missing J high flop and checking down to river(i wasnt going to bluff this guy for obvious reasons) i show my A high and he shows AJ very well played sir?
Very next hand i pick up KsKd and raise to 800 blinds 100/200 2 callers and a flop of j73 all clubs so i bet out 1500 1st caller raises and other caller goes all in so i move out of the way 1st player has j7off and other has 45 of clubs :) beautiful absolutely beautiful great news tho as the table is split 3 minutes later.
New table and i get a few back and reraise a maniac with AK i need to double up and am getting bored he insta calls with AJ and shock horror i win a race am up to 20+ now and starting to feel like this could be on i then limp with A7 of clubs and flop AA10 2 diamonds i put out a weak bet and get stared down by Darren Laverick so i look nervous and avoid eye contact and he calls no diamond on turn and he checks so put a bet just short of pot size as i dont want the golden child hitting flush on me and he folds but calls me "A CHICKEN SHIT POKER PLAYER!!" hahahaha priceless i nearly peed myself its always nice when a successfull poker player encourages mere mortals at the table cheers Daz i am going to put you forward for a Looseman award 'Most miserable git in Newcastle Poker'
Anyhow he cant upset me as i am on my way to a well deserved victory at last down to 16 and blinds 500/1000 i pick up 2 red Kings utg so i make it 3k player in mid pos reraises to 5300 and he is all in and another player also calls so i smooth call as i have not won with them for a while flop Q97 all hearts :) i move my last in and after much soul searching the other player folds and i confidently say 1 pair with a flush draw :) er other player has 2 black Aces :( but my luck has changed so i know the heart is coming,hoorah ah shit its a diamond no probs just lost 5k still comfy
very next hand JJ in BB mr Aces makes it 5k to go and says its not quite as good as last time so am thinking poo QQ and i feel quite happy when a K hits the flop so push half my stack in middle to let him know i have him beat but after an age he moves all in and i have to fold and he shows me KQ likes its a royal flush! after that i just wait till 7k left limp utg 1400 next player to act pushes for 5k but a big stack at other end of table moves all in i am pretty much sure he has big slick and am pretty peed off after losing a good position to be nearly out so i call 1st raiser has K10 sooted and big stack indeed has big slick the guy next to me shows a K so please uno timo sil vous plait
FLOP AK2...sigh and thats it another crap night on the felt the money was not that good but its a tad gutting when you can see people losing 30k with q5 against kq and u can see they dont like chips its like there allergic to having them and they have to get rid of them or something bad will happen,well something bad did happen to one of my neighbours cats!

sorry for boring details but i feel it was necessary this time but i just cant help feeling if i hadnt been chicken shit i may have got a few more chips of Darren and it may have been a different story,CLUCKCLUCKCLUCK!

Jimmy Licken


TEAMDOBB said...

hee hee Chicken Shit poker player fkn luv it. Classic from ya mate!!!

Have to know player to appreciate it

gav213 said...

Hey jimmy, i was the player with that 45 of clubs last night,and big slick that eventually put you out when you had 10's, i did eventually go on to chop the 1st and second prize last night, whats it like on a friday and saturday night at aspers?


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Alright Gave nice to meet you,Aspers on a friday night is a £20 freezeout very good value as there is normally 3.5k in pot but on the downside there is 180+ 'players' to get past. I have not played there on a saturday for a while but the £30 freezeout gets 60+ and is a better structured game.
You should try Grosvenor Friday £25 freezeout and NPF has a league running so it will have about 130 'players' but i advise you to reg as early as possible or you may not get in.
Congrats on the win by the way very nice.

s2c said...

Nice write up, good to see that you can cope with the shit that comes with playing poker and turn it into humour rather than just complaining about it.