Team event at the G was a huge success and created two new n/east celebs (watch yah backs donnelly nd mcpartlan) Teamdobbs very own Ant n Dec took the helm and we had our very own saturday night takeaway,
A huge thanks to all who took part in what was a momentous occasion, for such a short time in the poker forum community the NPF has every right to feel very proud of the event that they hosted and took part in,friendships were forged and im sure the good name of the NPF will be spreading round the poker world as we speak.
Now down to the nitty gritty... first two levels were a dream ak no fewer than 5 times along with AA twice and managed to get myself up to 15k befor the break. then disaster K J diamonds on the button and a free flop brings 5d 9d 3s theres a bet from bb 600 folded to me i call and sb folds turn J check check river J bb checks I bet 1200 and bb raises to 3k i call and bang head first into 55 for a 555JJ, so now down to 10 .5 k and A 7 diamonds on bb flop As 3d 8d
so top pr with nut flush draw bet out 1200 utg raises to 2800 sb calls and i call turn is 9h i check utg raises all in for about 19k sb goes in the tank and calls all his stack 18k i fold and utg shows A8 2PR sb shows A2 ???? river no help and sb is gone, so blinded down to 6k as now card dead and get moved to table 1 no hands for two levels and now realy need somthing to shove with it comes in the form of KQ on the bb there are two limpers and I shove cazmac calls and table chipleader calls flop comes 3d 7 s Ac turn kc river 9d cazmac shows K J off ?? and table chipleader shows As ks so im out of there.
have to say the mrs (MRS ENTERTAINMENT) played out of her skin and made it to the 2nd day and a respectful 23rd place finnish in her fist big tournament and summed up the two days perfectley in her forum post "CONRATULATIONS TO GARY AVERY AND THE KRACKED KINGS AND TO THE LOSERS WELL THERE SIMPLY WEREN,T ANY " perfectly put and absolutely spot on well done dc scott and cg and all the staff at the G including birthday girl Kim Tracy and Haz who gave up there weekend to deal.
Fantastic weekend onwards to the Forums 1st Birthday now and im sure somthing special to celebrate it over to you Scott and DC.


TEAMDOBB said...

Quality stuff mate but are you Ant or are you Dec?

Mrs E was class and was a pleasure in later stages to share her table mate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr E, I was the guy two to your right who got you to fold AK when I shoved AQ.

Mrs E gave me a right laugh too when she came over to your table after someone wiped her ipod or whatever and proper carried on, to which you calmly announced to the table "That's the Mrs by the way," was classic!