Up the league!!!

Friday night and after missing last weeks opening NPF Live League its my 1st visit and game at Grosvenor for ages and really looking forward to it. Registered early so get there with about 10 minutes to start of the game and soon as we walk in can feel a different buzz about the place with groups of forum lads all over and warm welcome by the compere of the night in the shape and form of Mr Cardguard.
Pot of over £2000 to play for in £25 freeze out with 5000 starting stack. NPF Cardguard stuck on my head as a bounty for the crack and off we go. Nice table which includes the entertaining Sean McGuiggan and some interesting hands early doors including nice set of eights to top pair board help my stack nicely.
With stack and structure theres not much room for losing any decent pot you get involved with early doors and chip leader moved to table soon after level 3 starts to use his stack well.
2 more levels and another table move and my stack isnt looking very healthy I must say and get sat right of Spilla with similar stack and 2 to left of huge stack chip leader Berlin Bates.
Clock up league points as we move past last 30 left in tournie and seems agreed me & Spilla are all in next hand on our blinds. Works out all fold to my sb and I put em in with K8 off and Spilla obliges with Ace 4 off. Dont expect nothing else here but place at the bar and giving cardguard to Dan and helping the busy Mr Cardguard Kid yet river brings the 8 to pair me and double through. 2 laps later and strange sort of guy to my right tells me hes putting me all in on my BB to claim the cardguard and I say nicely " I put myself all in mate not you! " and looking down at KsJs make the call to his K10 off and now have at least a stack to play with.
This guy to my right proved to be a real man of the world and desperately tried his hardest to impress. Any thing that was mentioned he had done and from living in Tenerife for years dealing and playing at big poker games with all the islands mafia he also seemed to have been world champion at any sport that was mentioned and as such me and Cardguard couldnt resist dangling the carrots in front of him to which he bit bit bit all night.
Guy takes sick sick beat at bubble when after raise n re raise they see flop of 77J to which he bets out for other guy to move all in and a huge pot sits there. Eventually he makes the call holding 10 10 and shove guy turns KK. Guy says the imortal words of " I passed Ace 10 " leaving 1 out to be hit. River smacks the KK guy right in the chops with case 10 and gives the other guy probaly 1/4 of the chips in play.
Final table and sat with Jimmy Chipmunk to my left and Vegas Dave to his left. Big suck out hand when shove with KQ & Mr Tenerife Open Champion and full time pro snaps calls to my left with AK. Flop is AK10 turns Q river QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQueen!!! and just what I needed with luverly jubbly suck oot and double my stack.

Eventually get down to 3 handed when Mr Tenerife goes out in 4th holding KQ and Im low stack of 3. Eventually we agree a deal with chip leader taking £500 and me and other guy equal split rest. Get same points as chip leader gets so all in all a good night although getting only a couple of hours kip on the settee before having to get up work dont do an old fkr like me any favours.


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

I hate these lucky feckers not even got the common courtesy to hit the gutshot J but hit running Q's ,Vomit
Nice cash tho m8 and i hope your running hot for the team game