Just for Amatays travels!

Found this little beauty which I thought would be ideal for Amatay to keep handy for his worldwide but especially UK trips as he doesnt seem to be able to pick a decent hotel especially the further North he travels!!!

Amatays fav hotel list


Amatay said...

lol u funny fish. Mate i got this fkin rash developing on the back of my neck, no jokes. Fkin sick!

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

He should have stayed in 'The Rooms Inn' in Elswick every room comes with a free used needle and syringe and free entertainment from the smackheads screaming/singing through the night.
I had to pick up 2 lads from Manchester at 3am there and take them to a different hotel as they were crapping themselves.

TEAMDOBB said...

lol Jimmy a few from the game actually did

omg "The Rooms Inn" such a classic place