quick update

Its Karen33000 writing here. Im currently off work feeling megga ill.

I went down to Boots yesterday.... hoody up with about 20 layers on. I spent most of me bankroll (20 quid) on tablets to try make me feel better. On me way out I must of looked like Gyposdog down Gateshead as I had me hoody on carrying massive bags of "sweeties".
Im nearly out the door when I get stopped by these two people saying they are French TV and want me opinion on whether drugs shud be allowed over the counter. Anyway after 10 minutes of arguing we agree that they only "shoot" me left side as me left side is MEGGA. I wasnt as gud as Teamdobbs in front of the media spotlight and after much mumbling by me they gaan.

Just thought I would give yas an update on things.
On the poker world its actually been quite quiet this last two weeks. I think I told everyone and his dog I was losing heavily on Betfair but have at the mo managed to turn it round a little. Started playing again Sunday night and really enjoyed playing a couple of tournaments. Im not one for tourneys as I dont have the first idea how to play them but it has been a good laugh. I will be doing my monthly figures but I still expect quite a big loss to be written off.... booo. If anyone has any spare copies of big issues send them my way!

Update & Monthly Figures

Bad start to Felly league when hardly a hand to remember 1st 3 levels and 2 steals keeping me in there. Eventually pick up 99 in BB facing a 2 X raise and decide to push. Raiser Jan eventually calls and although Ive got her covered Im crippled if I lose the hand. Its a good read and looking good at showdown with my 99 up against 77. You just know at times what going to happen and that feeling was strong here. Turn brings one of the 2 7"s and my last few chips go in next next with Ks9s straight into AK.
The eventual final proved good entertainment and crack with Derek Wilsons steady play coming good for him to take it down 1st hand of heads up with Peter Heale attempted steal with K rag walking into Dereks AK. N1.
Big screen action in the background and the Reds move on to Moscow to a mixed reaction in the pub.
An hour on micro cash when I get in proves nice return and Geordie Mafia enter team into AWOP Team Challenge in Blackpool for 7th June. Junes filling up nicely now and looks the month to look forward to.

April figures:

Online profit of £713.00
Live profit of £91.00

WSOP Final and it proves at times why you just aint got to get too uptight with this game and how rule books can alot of the time just fly out the window.
After losing a raised pre flop with AK and facing a board of KJ10 into AQ Im relatively happy to still have a decent stack but then its " what goes through their heads time" in my opinion. QQ in 3rd position and I bet 200 on BB of 50 to get 2 callers. Flop is rainbow 9 10 6 and I bet 500 into it from a 1300 stack for 2nd caller to go all in which after thought I call. Showdown and he turns Ace 6.
Turn J river ACE!!!!! Oh well another one bites the dust.
Followed final table as I knew a couple of players on there and to be honest throughout the final there sure was some crazy plays at all stages. Even when down to the crunch Wildbeast aka "Animal" just didnt get that luck needed at critical time of tournie and with only one prize up for grabs local guy from Newcastle "Street7" took down the 12k trip package to Vegas when all in A6 to A4 brought the amazing 2 & 3 to the board for his 6 to pay. Well done mate. Trying to find out who he actually is because I know he plays in town.

Finally I received 2 comments yesterday from 2 people wanting to be considered for Teamdobbs but when I went to view the comment my computor froze up and Ive lost the comments so dont know who they were from. CAN WHOEVER SENT THEM IN PLEASE RE SEND THEM IN FOR ME. Cheers.

End of Month Stuff

Been badly missing from live games this month because of various reasons but that will deffo change next 2 months with alot of good stuff lined up. I think the break from my regular in town games has worked as Im looking forward to these upcoming games I intend playing. I should play certain games in town like the Sunday afternoon game at Aspers but to be honest it proves very inconvenient due to family stuff.
Tonight its start of another league at the Felly and Thursday Im in town meeting up with Azimut who I aint seen since St Kitts and Karlos who I aint seen since Vegas WSOP last year. Think its more of social meet and drink but were playing at Grosvenor in the £25 Wild card Bounty game so should be a good laugh. Be interesting to hear if Azi has increased his 27 cash or stt multi tabling ability!!!!! Must do a video some day of this in action to prove to people he actually can cope with this and actually does do it. The guys a total online robot and poker junkie - but a good one!

Been grinding away at micro cash and found nice little niche on certain site which is proving profitable at the moment. I read various other players blogs and find in most cases its the wins and wins only that are put down in writing. DO ANY ON YOU LOT OUT THERE ACTUALLY LOSE???

Got a WSOP final on Wednesday night and Sunday sees me back at Grosvenor for the Tournament of Champions they call it with seats for the GUKPT at Newcastle up for grabs for top 3 finishers for past few months tournament winners. Reckon its about a 50 strong field in that.

Next week should see the result of "Teamdobbs" selection after speaking with the other guys and final line up will be published here 1st. Watch this space.

Good luck and will post maybe weekend time.

Real "Song of the Month" for April

You may recall earlier this month an entry entitled song of the month with reference to the Big Derby game and an old favourite of mine taking the pee out the makems. Heres my choice anyway for the "Real" song of the month released by Maria Carey at the beginning of the month and although she aint everyones favourite boy o boy is she a sexy lady and a favourite artiste of mine. Nowt betta than blasting her tunes out on a long journey.

Nearing the end of the month and be interesting to see how my figures work out although I aint been playing much live stuff so aint expecting too much there. Online should show plus figures as Ive had some OK sessions on micro cash and won a few satellite games to boost another account.

Quick mention to a very good friend of mine who had incredible results on Friday night online at Betfair. Won the $5k gtd for $2.5k, won the Annette_15 $20k gtd for $6k 2nd in another and 14th for cash in another. A clear $8000 and this after not playing many multis for a while. Wow nice results Mr Moore!!! cya next month at the GUKPT in toon.

GUKPT aint that far away and for those who have bought shares would appreciate payment please as soon as possible so I can book and get the day I want to play which is Day1b as a few other guys I know are coming up from down country and playing then. Thanks to those that have already paid me.

Newcastle Poker forum is growing nicely at a steady pace and we are now starting to get some decent input and ideas there from members.

Might play the Stanley Circus game tonight live in town but theres so many good games online tonight as well so Ill see how I feel later on.

Finally the long awaited "TEAM" game has been announced and its gonna be Saturday 14th June at Newcastle Grosvenor. For those that dont already know this is where "Teamdobbs" originated from last year and the game was such a laugh I personally cant wait for the next event to arrive even though I face the awkward situation of having to drive to Manchester the next day for my flight to Las Vegas and the WSOP. Watch this space as we also have to finalise our team from the list of applicants that want to join Teamdobbs due to some members leaving from last year.

From Vegas onto Nottingham!!!

Been a very interesting few days after the disappointment at the weekend in the Poker in the Pub Finals. Brilliant result there though for Fellside regular and proper character Stevey "Wildcard" Scott who battled his way to the final table and despite Facing a huge chip stack difference hit when he had to and ended up taking down the title and now moves on to the National Finals in Stoke next month with the opportunity of a trip to Vegas for the top 5 finishers. Good luck mate cudnt of happened to a nicer guy.
Sunday I made my WSOP Final seat through satellite and hope the poker gods look down on me for that one.
Decent session on micro cash on Monday and Tuesday saw our final table for our in house league at the local Fellsider Pub. Full report and pictures of this at www.newcastle-poker.co.uk and a great night was had by all. Despite being chip leader at start due to points total I never really got going and a slight mistake by another player and out draw with AK to Q8 hitting runner runner straight took me to the rails. Game was eventually taken down by rank outsider (16/1) Chris "Fred" Steele in a great heads up battle with S2C Scotty finishing up runners up and unable make it back to back league win. Only downside was Chris s liability of £80 as he was the only player that could cost me after giving odds on the game and being over subscribed on his generous price.

Wednesday saw the 1st of the qualifiers for the recently announced next Virgin Festival Event which is being held at the Dusk till Dawn venue in Nottingham and after a poor start I get my hit I need when its AA in the BB with decent raise utg and an all in 2 before me with my stack covered. My AA holds againt KK and I move along nicely then. Decent at final table and when we eventually get to bubble position Im the low stack and the one they all want to attack. Get the luck you need when Im dealt KK in the BB facing single raise and when I push and get called Im up against Ace Rag. Next hand Im chip leader and cruise through after that with 5 seats on offer and makes it a great month to look forward to in June.

Yip June will now be megga 10 or 14 days in Vegas with highlight being playing in the over 50 year old bracelet event at the WSOP and on arriving back drive across to Nottingham and have the weekend there playing in the Virgin Festival- cant be bad.

Im even still leading in the dart the sheep competition featured below and hosted at the Newcastle Poker forum thread- cant see that time being beat neither!!!!


RealAles next chapter!
Title: Busted by real life

Hey all I wrote the last post in good faith and it was genuine. However...... I haven't worked for a bit and was up for a 6-12 month contract paying approx £**** per week which I failed to get.

This sent me on real life tilt, so I went to pub, got very drunk and then returned to Betfair and 888 to throw away every penny I had!
Any reasonable objective viewer would have determined I was deliberately losing my cash and they'd probably have been right. Some kind of self abuse I suppose. My last hand, for most of my stack on 888, was me flopping a set of 6's against a set of 2's, so in goes the buy in and yes, the turn was a 2!

Whilst recording my results last year for 3 months, I was making £2k per month at playing a single table of $0.50/1 on 888, I guess people have got a bit wiser now lol Anyway, I'm going to take a break from Online Poker for a bit because it seems to be too influenced by my personal life to be a reasonable prospect. I'll buy in again as soon as I get £1k together and play to win and will post results as I go.

Considering playing live now at local Casino, got some advice from the big blog man and will see how it goes. They have a £10 rebuy NLH and a £20 Omaha so I'll try both. Given the cash I'd always play pot limit Omaha as it's such a great game, better than NLH by far. My best game is 5 card draw but you can' t play that anymore so I had to move on. I'd recommend everyone to try the free 1 week trial at PokerSavvy, I'm not connected to it in anyway but reckon it's a good watch if nothing else. Roll on my rakeback on Betfair Good luck to all


Try this its so addictive and if you can leave it after 12 attempts your a stronger man than me!

Keep Ya Discipline baby!

Following on from the weekend rant n rave I had, its funny the difference a couple of days makes and a few nice wins have followed and put that smile back on my face.
Most amazing micro cash table session Ive ever had when on 10c/20c and a $20 buy in I came away with over $200 (£102) clear profit when it seemed the Skandie Push Gods had pity on me and rewarded me for all my efforts. mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Faced a strange situation at one table when a regular 05/$1 player ( who is quite good player actually) announced my days are numbered and Im getting turned over. Should of happened Friday as he was right next to me he says then describes someone totally different and wearing nothing like I had on that night. I do actually know this guys brother and I think a mate of mine who plays under the name Im well known as at Betfair had been giving him some verbals at the cyber felt which he has taken offence to!
The dangerous world of cyber poker and just hope these threats are futile and that an innocent person is not caused any harm due to someones lack of discipline and wind up banter being taken the wrong way and of course mistaken identity. As such heres a clip from Mr Rage himself which was actually on TV last night when I was playing and this was going on.

Launch of the "RealAle" Story

OK here goes with the launch of our "Guest" blogger who has requested entry to our blog to express himself and also to shares his poker stories and experiences with our readers.

We met RealAle playing cash on Betfair as previously highlighted in previous posts and became drawn to the character and his sense of humour and also his poker ability. It was obvious to us that this guy although playing at very low levels was very much a better player than these levels suggested and as such the mutual friendship, respect and banter began. I hope you enjoy his additions and after looking through his 1st entry to us, here is what he has written. We would really like your opinions and comments to this and look forward with interest as to the future posts he makes.


Hey all For reasons of his own, Team has allowed me to post as a guest so hope this is of interest.

A bit of background first. You may have seen me mentioned on various posts after I started crossing swords with the bloggers on Betfair. I've been playing for a few years now and have played as high as £25/50 cash although only 'cause I was really pissed at the time and chasing losses. Losing £2k in one hand where my AK got beaten by AJ, all-in on flop, with a river J brought me to my senses.

I recently became very disillusioned with Betfair, said my goodbyes and left, depositing £50 on 888 to amuse myself. I then got given £60 rakeback on Betfair so returned to gamble it away. I played like a fool and ended up with about $12 on 888 and $30 on Betfair. Having posted a reply to Karen's post where he was feeling pretty down, I gave some sound advice on bankroll management (brm). Some time after, I thought 'What a cock' you give this advice and ignore it yourself so there started my bankroll challenge. I decided, if possible, to NEVER again deposit money on a poker site and use brm to move up.

Yesterday, my 888 was at $225 and my Betfair was on just under $500. Then I played with P****** again!!! I have to tell you a bit about P****** from my point of view. Firstly, what a great bloke to play against. Secondly, what is this magic influence he has on my game? I NEVER EVER EVER show my cards, unless I play with P*******. I NEVER EVER EVER push all-in on a bluff or with half a hand, unless I play with P******. P****** is a leak in my game I need to plug :-) I will definitely keep playing him because the fun factor is so great. "I've got a Monsta" is his catch phrase lol .

Even worse when his mate R** plays, he's, as you may know, a $25 super turbo tourney player, often playing 4 at once. He buys into micro cash with min buy in and then goes all-in every hand. It's such great fun but not so good for my roll. I did catch him last night but then gave it back and gave the rest to P******. Interestingly, P******, P****** dad (P******08) and myself were accused of cheating by a player the other day, we both told him to report us but I guess he didn't. Karen , playing as T****, seems to bring out my best bluffs so he's another one to watch :-) I must confess, I've already broken my own rules and tilted by playing on $1/2 although I did win. Slap on wrists for me. So.... This morning my 888 remained the same and I just played a few hands on $0.50 full on Betfair and won $20 so my Betfair is on $423 due to a relatively massive loss of $100 yesterday. I'll post on different subjects later if allowed and will put my bankroll totals on the bottom so you can see how I do. Keep it Real

GEORDIE OWEN ( for now anyway)


Sunday night update after previous w/e post= win WSOP satellite for final seat and have enjoyable few hours on micro cash leaving in reasonable profit.


Weekend got off to a bad start when at last minute Im persuaded to go over town to meet up with Karen33000 back up from the smoke and Beastie and another guy Dan.
Couldnt be arsed to be honest feeling tired but went anyway just to see Karen33000 and his new shoes with pink laces in (omg)

Night got of to crap start going to wrong pub and when Karen & Dan come over from pub across the road bringing with them their drinks the bouncers make a beeline for us and throw them out. After the pink laces dazzle them we eventually make our way to Grosvenor and I know already Im not wanting to be there and the poor entries confirm that to me. Trying to keep the interest we have sweep for stack size at break and who lasts longer which for me was like a charity donation as I knew it was an early night for me 100%.
Tried to get focused and doing OK 1st 2 levels but how I felt and the atmoshpere was just getting to me and I decided fk it lets try n get a big stack before break in last level. I end up going in with marginal hands and rightfully get stuffed so at the break Ive just got my 2nd stack of 2500 and its my sb.
1st hand back im J7h and make up blinds. Flop is 9 10 Q with 2 hearts and in it goes with call by BB holding Q crap that holds.

Not to worry Poker in the Pub regional final Saturday at Stanley Circus Ill be up for that! Lololol omg how wrong could I be. A field of 46 runners shuffle up & deal and within a few hands its obvious "have these guys actually played before?"

Trying so hard to keep focused but so hard when seeing some of the things that were happening around me. Like 200/400 blinds- call call then guy says "raise to 500??? putting a 500 chip in on 400 blinds" and forever having to tell people basic stuff time after time.
Get to break with 12k from 7k start and after quick bite to eat say to a couple from same pub it would be nice to get early double up to be able to play abit more. OMG what a 1st hand after break. Im 44 in sb and 4 in the hand. Flop comes 4KK to which I bet into it 2k and get 2 callers. Bingo K must be there and sure enough when turn brings 10 and 2 hearts to board my 5k bet gets 2 all ins and in I go. BB shows KJ and other guy has heart flush draw. Wowzza and Im trebled up.
Just what I needed and any other time Im cruising from here normally especially with the standard of players on table but my total lack of discipline and lack of focus proved to cost me so bad and also kick me up the arse as to NOT disrespect the game and other players.
Start of tilt when I limp in late with 7s4s. Flop comes 667 to which I fire in 2k and get caller from player out of our pub who I obviously know well.I end up losing 6k in hand thinking no way can he have a 6 yet overlooked he was in BB because of lack of concentration ya donkey. I then donate 3k when trying to steal un bet pot with guy holding and calling with 2nd pair.
Next a guy UTG pushes all in for 6k and I re raise others out of pot when holding AKd.He shows JQ off and S2C kindly deals the Jack on the flop.
Then here comes the killer hand: I raise utg to 2k on 500/1000 blinds the aim being to try and get rid of some but also to try and build a decent pot if I hit.
3 in and flop hits K rag rag so I fire in 5k with guy at bottom of table holding 8.5k in front. He calls and other player low stacked folds. Turn brings no fear but I check and he fires in his last 3.5k to which I call and hes holding JJ. S2C dealing fires in the river and its FKN JACK OF CLUBS! Guy then says outloud "dont know what he was doing raising utg with KQ the best hand won!" I reply "if you thought you were that strong why didnt you re raise me pre flop and why did you call 60% of ya stack to overpair on the board with 3.5k left" He says " I thought you were just bluffing" omg I then say " If I had bet at turn would you of folded and he says " Yes I pass" lololol 3.5k left behind him yet he thought I was bluffing and would of folded.
Im on big tilt now which cant ever remember being like that before. Im KJ suited on sb and one limper I push my last 3700 into middle but guy to my left who hasnt played a hand for ages calls instant and I know Im in trouble now and limper makes up the other 2500 ( this guy played everysingle hand I could remember)
Showdown and BB shows AJd and limper has 55. Flop brings my K but in there as well is the 5 and its well played everyone, good luck and a totally gutted me leaves feeling the lowest Ive ever been for ages but mainly at MYSELF for being a total donkey and getting what I deserved for not giving the game the respect that you have to or it raises it head and kicks you right in the balls!
A while later S2c AQ walks into JJ from same team player Stevey Scott and out he goes. Havnt found out the result yet as we left cos I was feeling shit at myself but good luck to Stevey who was so excited to be playing as a called up reserve and had a nice stack when we departed.

Played in WSOP satellite and like a donk again. ( WD Geordie Gaz for winning that ) and an hour of micro cash losing 3 buy ins.

Bet of doom now then in that Ive bet Toon 3-0 3-1 with cover on any other score over 3-3 at Betfair and also over 2.5 goals in game. Looks like a 0-0 then or the makems walk it the way this weekend has been.

Ive been contacted by a guy weve met and played against on cash tables name of RealAle who we also have featured on this blog in previous posts. He has asked us if he can post some stuff on here as a "guest" and once I get the OK from the other guys will be interesting to see what he has in mind. Seems he has a good knowledge and probably an interesting background full of various experiences. As such WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE INFO.



F**k the mags. That is all.


Martins, Mark Viduka & Michael Owen go before God as he questions their belief.

Martins says: "Football to be the food of life for me"
God sits him to his left

Mark Viduka says; "Courage, Honour & Passion on the Pitch for me"
God sits him to his right

God says to Michael Owen: What do you believe son ?
Owen says; ""I believe your sitting in MY seat kidda""







Chin Up Dogs

If you play Poker you just got to take the good with the bad and the highs with the lows, its part of the game. My best poker buddy Gypo appears as though he aint enjoying playing at the moment but hes intelligent enough to get through it. Taking a break and doing other things will do him the world of good together with making him appreciate other things that he has that are worth far much more than this crazy game ever will be to him.

Personally Im having a decent run at the moment with results live and online. Chugging along nicely on micro stakes cash and learning all the time although I have no desire to move up to significant stakes in cash as it doesnt interest me at all.

Played a couple of forum related games online with no success but had a 2nd place finish at local pub league on Tuesday to clinch the top spot and as such will be chip leader at next weeks final table of 10. S2C took me down heads up sucking out with a river Ace when always behinds to give him straight and clinching him 4th spot and a decent stack as well.

Tonight Im playing final of forum challenge for AWOP against Punters Lounge which should be fun and Friday night Karen33000 is back from the smoke for the weekend so may meet up with him and Beastie for a game at probably Grosvenor.

Saturday and its in from work at 12.00 and then me and S2C head off to Stanley Circus for a 2.00 start in the regional finals of the Poker in the Pub League which we are both looking forward to.

Sunday and Im sure theres a footy game on somewhere I may watch. A visit to my mates bar "Rockys" which is in his garden shed is my favourite place to watch it at the moment and deffo the best pint on offer by far! GET MY STOOL READY ROBBO!

Offskis and have a nice weekend all. I may even post some pre match pics on here tomorrow night to get all us Black n Whites in the mood!


Quick update whilst Im doing weekend activities on blog. Might as well let you know how my attempt to get staked for the Newcastle leg of the GUKPT Tour next month is getting on.
Ed C Robson Laidler 2 shares £20
Pirus Scouse Security 5 shares £50
Lee Clifford Betfair 2 shares £20
Pete "Oranges" Smithson Howard Financial Services 5 shares £50
Steve " Ill get ya the money back" Wills 10 shares £100
James "Stockbroker" Lewis 5 shares @ £50
Jan Povey Fellsider Chief Lady 1 share £10
Brian Povey Fellsider Chief Guy 1 share £10
Mick " MPC Plumbing Services " 10 shares £100
Total shares sold= 41 shares @ £10 = £410

Anyone else out there fancy a little dabble pop it in the comment box and its much appreciated. Might as well plug it after decent showing in the Virgin festival!

Update after this was posted;

Soaps "Master Poker Guru" 4 shares £40
Dreamdobb of DC Ironwork Parts 2 shares £20
Paul "Mr Manchester United" Fenwick 2 shares £20
Graham "Punters Lounge" Morlspin 5 shares £50
Total shares sold= 54 shares @ £10 = £540


Can Someone Help Me??

Hi everyone its Karen33000 writing here. Im currently looking to buy a book on cash game poker. Anyone know the best book to buy? preferably one with pcitures and colouring in sections cause Im geet thick ya narrrr!
I heard that Dan Harringtons book was gud but isnt that for tourneys??
Any ideas please leave a comment it would be much appreciated. laters everyone have a good week!


Thought I best stick a quick post on the outcome of the Virgin Festival here in Aspers although Im feeling totally s****ed out and need some kip. 2nd day saw 49 runners from the 230 start shuffle up & deal and 6 local guys, me included made those numbers. Above average starting stack of 50k so was well placed in top 16 and a nice table as well.A few fell very early doors and soon got to the position of cashing when we were down to 25. Trouble for me after being so comfortable was when down to final 2 tables of 20 and our table split. Had good table position in regards to chip stacks but the card gods must of decided I was to have no more and dried me up. Any 1/2 hand I seemed to pick up was counteracted by big raise in front or as in most bets an all in announced.With antes of 5k/10k with 500 running ante it was difficult if you didnt pick up at least one each lap and I went 4 which did the real damage. Ended up I decided I was pushing on my sb when it was folded round to me and only 30k left and the BB made the call. Yuck his J6 looked so weak but my 82 looked even worse. No miracles and JQK flop and 10 turn did give me a slight lifeline but nope and out I went in 18th place for the grand sum of £175 and a £275 seat into the WSOP Final next week for being the last standing player from AWOP members.
A brilliant ran competition and hats off to both Aspers & Virgin for the way it was organised and how smooth it all went.
Special mention for compere of tournament Tony "Tikay" Kendall who entertained the crowd and The Tower from AWOP & Nutz Tv for their participation and coverage of the event.
Last but not least ""my tip when I got busted out"" Darren Laverick hung in and eventually picked up a succession of hands that boosted him through to final table where he eventually took down the winners cheque of £7500 and the guy doesnt even own a computor. Well done mate!

Virgin Festival Update


Just in from Aspers and the 1st day of the Virgin Festival. Details below of the local lads left as message left on the Newcastle Forum notice boards.
Got good table and nice double up early doors last hand of 1st level when unraised pot to my sb saw me get cheap look with 44. Flop of AJ4 and my check got a bet of 600 in. My re raise went ignored and he announced all in showing A10mmmm with no improvement although the Q turn did send a few shivers.Steady away then and big pot took down with KK to JJ although the way he bet the 10 to the turn had me worried he had set of 10s and was only time I was ever in all in situation and covered by oponent.Antes and blinds really biting in now as they do especially when totally card dead in last 2 levels but to be fair for the 1st time during the tournament.
Keeping my fingers crossed and everything else that I get lucky tomorrow when it matters.

Day 1 of Virgin Festival at Aspers Newcastle has ended 30 minutes early with 49 runners left from the 230 starters from all around the UK.
6 local players remain in their attempt to keep the trophy on home soil and take down the approx winners cheque of nearly £8000 from a starting pool of £28000.
Steve Dunbar 109000 chips
Martin Oliver 57000 chips
Dave "Teamdobbs" Collins 50400 chips
Darren Laverick 45000 chips
Hernan Quiroga 23000 chips
Peter Newton 19000 chips

Play resumes tomorrow at 1.00 with the last 5 tables and good luck especially to all the above mentioned with top 25 hitting the cash.


Wish I had a £1 for everytime I said that but the temptation to maximise premium hands can sometimes prove very costly.
Playing a WSOP satellite last night with one seat up for grabs into the final and down to last 3 and although 3rd of 3 Im in decent shape when I get AA and 1st to act. Push it in and they both fold but decide to single raise and both call. Flop hits 2c9cJs and its check check to me and in it all goes. Small blind instant call for over 1/3rd of his stack and BB folds. Showdown with me expecting to see his top pair Jack or flush draw yet he shows 2h5d. Omg luverley jubberley but yes you guessed it down comes that little duck on the river and its another one for the archives. Deffo Stevey from the Grosvenor musta been dealing them cards!
GUKPT details on the begging bowl campaign will be posted at the end of the weekend with the list of confirmed shareholders already achieved. May even post some stuff on how its going in the Virgin Festival stuff at Aspers if I get the chance.


Been all go this week. Really busy with the launch of the forum and really pleased with the initial reaction it had had. Plenty more to come on that with a few surprises up our sleeves. Membership is growing at steady pace and we havnt even promoted it yet properley. Be trying to get around venues over next week or so and dish out some PR stuff and cards etc. The word spreads fast though and at least its up and running. Got to say special well done to S2C whos worked so hard to get this off the ground and has some great things planned if all goes well. Well done m8y.

In the build up to this weekend and the Virgin Festival at Aspers it was final week of the Poker in the Pub League (link at right hand side) at my local the Fellsider in Whickham. Dependant on the amount of players that play at your venue then a determined number of seats were available to the Regional Finals at Stanley Circus on 19th April. Our pub is a well attended venue and as such at least 4 seats would be allocated to us with 5 if there was more than 25 attend on Tuesday. As such only 19 made it which meant 4 seats and I need a top 3 or 4 finish to definately book my place.
To be honest the standard has improved to a really good level in general and Tuesday proved to be a really tuff night with so many there in with a chance of qualification and as such it made for a very exciting a tough game.
Grind it to final table with alot of the same faces and then pick up AA in good position to a decent raise and when I push its fold to Dreamdobb who hums n hars before finally folding (QQ gr8 fold) and initial raiser calls with 66. Nice double up and soon after my limp into unraised pot with K10 brings the beautiful site of AQJ to which guy bets his Ace all the way and another nice pot comes my way. Cruise in from here with alot of players just tryimng to make up their points and eventually I take it down in heads up when my 10 10 holds to KQ I think.
Played some late night cash at the micros and doing very steady now chugging away in the right direction.
Wednesday and Im in the WSOP final on Virgin and early doors I get the nice present of a call with my decent raised KK to a AK4 flop. He bets the flop and pushes in on the re raise showing A4 for 2 pair and a nice double up for me. To be honest after that it was total torture. Shit after shit after shit and only steals kept me there with 1/2 a chance. Dont know how but make final table 10 and 2nd or 3rd hand of final table I push my now low stack with 99 in 1st but the button and BB make it a 3 way all in showing KK & 10 10. Dont improve and gone with not much to remember at the end of the day. Congrats to player called Eck who takes down the nice 12k package and Viva Viva.
Gonna play Aspers Friday night and expecting a full house there with the Virgin event the following 2 days so players from around the UK will be hitting town. Really looking forward to weekend and meeting alot of players you go up against each week in forum games etc so be nice to actually meet them and put faces to their names.
Right must get some shut eye cos Im having far too many late ones and at my age thats nee good!
Ill give ya update on share sales for GUKPT soon but they going very well and Ill put up full list of shareholders with their shares who have already bought in the next 2 or 3 days. Thanks to them already and also for some really nice comments.

terrible month

just a quick post. Its karen33000. Well I have decided to stop posting my figures and have now taken the last little bit out of Betfair site. Had a terrible 6 days and have decided to stop on Betfair. Maybe move site but losing alot of confidence in 1: the game and 2: myself. No more posts for awhile. Good luck everyone.


It never ceases to amaze me as to the speed that modern technology is moving along.
I have just stumbled across this amazing web site that can now track any telephone line either mobile or land line anywhere in the UK within seconds and gives you an aireal view of the phone in operation. INCREDIBLE STUFF!
Also helps you keep an eye on ya beloved as well I suppose and her on you!



Karen33000 writes:
I just thought I would do a quick post before bed. The star I spoke about a few weeks ago - RealAle has now gone onto pastures new and good luck to him. He was ripping up a certain poker website with his cider plays at 2am. However the glamour and celebrity status soon came and RealAle said he was moving sites. If I see ya on Highstakes Poker RealAle Im gonna be cross like. Hope everything is going well on ya new site. Hope to see you back bluffin me at 50/1 game!

Anyone fancy This? Shares for Sale.

May 14th - May 18th sees the arrival of the GUKPT into Newcastle at the Grosvenor Casino. This event is my top choice live event of playing in but to be perfectly honest there is no way I would pay £1000.00 + £60 reg fee to enter it. The creme de la creme of UK Poker players obviously play in this and its the best test of your ability on a different level to what most normal tournaments test you to. The structure is obviously excellent with a huge prize pool and the tour has proved even more popular than last years. Satellites are now running at our local Grosvenor for this event together with a Champion of Champions Tournament for all previous winners of tournaments during February & March at the casino with the winner of that gaining a GUPT seat and 2nd & 3rd getting entries into the build up events.
What I am proposing here follows on from what Morlspin & BurnleyJoe did for their Prague event with such success and that was selling shares to anyone that is interested.

It works as easy as this;

Im offering a 1% share in me for the £1000 event at £10 each, you can buy as many as you want up to a maximum of 100 shares. I will fund the registration fee for entry.
Ill be giving back 75% of any winnings from this event to my shareholders so if you bought 50% of my shares for £500 you would then get back 37.5% of anything that I win.
Example: If I cashed for say £5000 then each share would be worth £37.50 each so for a £100 stake you would get £375 return. Obviously if this was £10000 then your return would be £750 for £100.
If anyone is interested then let me know and I will sort out payment details closer to the time of the event. Obviously it will be on a 1st come 1st served basis and I guarantee a 100% total effort in cashing for the support and faith shown by any shareholder.
Better to be lucky than good as they say.


After the previous strange week its been all action and busy busy this week.
Alot of time n work has been put into getting the Newcastle Poker Forum up and live after having to change the operating program at a late stage. Poor S2C has been sick of me pushing to get it live and fair dues to him hes done it and it went live on Thursday. He is going to post more about this on here in the next day or so.
Reason I was pushing so much was its Aspers Festival next week and the perfect opportunity to promote the forum is there and hopefully some live updates during the action of the main days.Following on from that is the well mentioned Virgin Festival at the same venue and once again the opportunity to promote again and hopefully link in with the most popular forum of A World of Poker ( AWOP). Watch this space.
Live action was my normal poker at the Felly pub on Tuesday but failed to make it 9 from 9 final tables when my large raise and push on the flop of K58 rainbow was instant called and the monsta of K5 for 2 pair was shown and held.My 5xBB was obviously just not quite enough! Low stacked I eventually go out when on my BB with Q10h to an unraised pot I push to a flop of 77Q and all fold back to sb who calls with A9 and rivers his Ace.
Get a sit n go 6 seater going and push early to soon take the game down for a profit and payday for a free night.
Didnt feel like it but eventually went to my usual Grosvenor Friday night game of £25Double Chance Freeze out mainly to spread the word of the forum being live. Wasnt there at all in poker head really eventually going out in 4 way all in with Ad10d when about 14 left on an Ace high flop with 2 diamonds to guy with AJ that hit 2 pair and held. No returns but had such a laugh on 2nd table I was on with Mr & Mrs Willis, Tracey and a dark haired guy called Chris. Some really funny moments and one liners made the night."Liners" was the appropriate word especially with black bin put in front of it. (Sorry private joke that totally creased the table)

Had a good think about my approach to cash tables this week and after watching alot of games decided my far too tight approach obviously needed changing. I simply had far too many losing sessions and was not getting paid on my big hands. A bit of advice from a couple of people and I set about putting my strategy and game together in a 3 day experiment. Without giving too much away I was shocked at the positive results it brought together with some very profitable winning sessions. Hopefully this was not just a flash in the pan but Ill keep you informed over the next couple of weeks and look forward to a much better return than last months and for long term. Alot was based of "Skandi" aggression and to be honest boy oh boy did it work but also bear in mind this is at levels of a maximum of 25/50c.
Thats it now, but quick mention to King Keegan and well done at last for that lift last weekend for so many Geordie fans and what seems like a corner turned and hopefully along that road to silver that weve never been down for so long.


Just received bad news about Laddies Poker 2 in which Teamdobbs has a share in. Due to race this month but have just received the following news.

Laddies Poker Two
News & Reports

"Unfortunately Laddies Poker Two has suffered a stress fracture to her right hind tibia. This will require her to have a month’s box rest.

"The prognosis as regards to her recovering in the long-term is 100 per cent. Having said that., the earliest she could possibly be back on the track is in very late June.

"Of course, we will keep you updated on her progress over the coming weeks and look forward to her hopefully racing sooner rather than later."

Jeremy Noseda

Following this unfortunate news, we will shortly be organising a freeroll for Shareholders' day at the races, courtesy of Ladbrokes. Please watch this space, as we will be contacting you directly soon.

The Laddies Poker Team


Considering certain comments made to and about the previous post regarding Karen33000I thought a few may enjoy this post made on AWOP by DJam from an article regarding USA Poker which I find amusing.

Posted from PPA website.

Poker915.com's Top 12 Reasons The Online Poker Ban Is Good For America
If you love poker, or simply believe in liberty, please e-mail this to your state and US representatives, and everyone you know!

We need to protect the children.

If the government bans it kids won't do it. That is why kids don't smoke, drink, use drugs, sneak into rated R movies, etc. If mom and dad fail in their parenting, a good, solid government ban will always fix the problem. It takes a whole community to raise a child, so why should parents be responsible for monitoring their own children?

Playing poker leads to drug use, pornography addiction, prostitution, and all manner of criminal activity.

Much in the same way that gambling one's earnings by investing in the stock market leads to these same vices.

If I have an addiction problem, no one should be able to participate in any of the activities that I have a problem with.

That is why liquor stores, tobacco sales, caffeine, fatty foods, refined sugar, sexually explicit materials, and state lotteries are all illegal in the United States. Our constitution makes it clear that the rights of the many must be sacrificed in order to protect those who won't take responsibility for their own problems. Further, compulsive gambling never existed before the online gaming boom. If addicts were not allowed internet access they would be better partners, fathers, and mothers because they would never find anything else to gamble on.

Prohibition has always been the best way to protect addicts from themselves and their families from financial and emotional ruin.

This is why the United States of America has no crack, crank, crystal meth, Oxycontin, or heroin problems. It's why the Twelve Step organizations have no members, and methadone clinics are empty.

Playing poker for profit is too risky.

That's why Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey, Barry Greenstein, Daniel Negreanu, Annie Duke, Jesus Ferguson, and countless other poker pros who met with financial demise must endorse poker web sites just to make ends meet. Since poker is not a skill game, and you cannot control your profits or losses over an extended period, it's simply not a good investment strategy.

Poker is not a legitimate form of entertainment.

Spending $5 or $10 on a tournament or cash game on the internet is a waste of time. You will have spent your time and money far more wisely if you spend $20 going to the movies, $50 on greens fees, or $60-$300 on a professional sporting event. These are all far more productive uses of your time, and therefore more moral.

The internet poker ban has already drastically reduced gambling in America.

Sites like Poker Stars, Full Tilt, Absolute Poker, and Ultimate Bet all went broke and don't even advertise in the United States anymore.

My God is the one true God, my faith the one true faith, and my morals are the correct morals. Therefore everyone should live by my moral code.

In a theocracy such as ours we know that government should always enforce the values of specific religions. That is why we are all required to attend church on Sunday, women must wear veils and walk behind our men, and our constitution gives the federal government vast, sweeping powers to determine what you should and should not read, listen to, view, or believe.

Playing poker is wrong because for a few to make a profit, many must spend money.

This is not the case with any other entertainment sector. The movie industry does not make a profit by providing entertainment to their paying customers, just as cable companies, satellite providers, rock stars, professional athletes, and other entertainers do not profit at the expense of paying customers. Therefore, it is immoral for good poker players to make a profit from their recreational poker playing counterparts who are willing to pay for the entertainment value.

Only social misfits and those from society's underbelly play poker.
That's why famous lawman Bill Hickok, Senator Alfonse D'Amato, President Richard Nixon, Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist, and countless other prominent politicians would never dream of playing such a vile game. Poker is simply unAmerican.

Making poker illegal will make gambling go away because no one would ever dare subvert the law by supplying the populace with what they demand.

Ample evidence of this can be seen in the way organized crime withered and was completely eradicated in the 1920s when alcohol was banned in the United States.

Nobody will play poker if they can't do it online.

Poker would only exist in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City where gambling is legal, and all the illegal home games would go away overnight. This is evidenced by the fact that there are no famous old-time poker players from Texas nor are there poker games that originated in Texas where Hold 'Em was illegal in the good ol' days before the internet corrupted us all.
Chadler E. Cowles
PPA Utah State Director
Poker915.com Administrator
Salt Lake City Poker Meetup Assistant Organizer
Utah County Poker Championship Series Organizer