End of Month Stuff

Been badly missing from live games this month because of various reasons but that will deffo change next 2 months with alot of good stuff lined up. I think the break from my regular in town games has worked as Im looking forward to these upcoming games I intend playing. I should play certain games in town like the Sunday afternoon game at Aspers but to be honest it proves very inconvenient due to family stuff.
Tonight its start of another league at the Felly and Thursday Im in town meeting up with Azimut who I aint seen since St Kitts and Karlos who I aint seen since Vegas WSOP last year. Think its more of social meet and drink but were playing at Grosvenor in the £25 Wild card Bounty game so should be a good laugh. Be interesting to hear if Azi has increased his 27 cash or stt multi tabling ability!!!!! Must do a video some day of this in action to prove to people he actually can cope with this and actually does do it. The guys a total online robot and poker junkie - but a good one!

Been grinding away at micro cash and found nice little niche on certain site which is proving profitable at the moment. I read various other players blogs and find in most cases its the wins and wins only that are put down in writing. DO ANY ON YOU LOT OUT THERE ACTUALLY LOSE???

Got a WSOP final on Wednesday night and Sunday sees me back at Grosvenor for the Tournament of Champions they call it with seats for the GUKPT at Newcastle up for grabs for top 3 finishers for past few months tournament winners. Reckon its about a 50 strong field in that.

Next week should see the result of "Teamdobbs" selection after speaking with the other guys and final line up will be published here 1st. Watch this space.

Good luck and will post maybe weekend time.