Chin Up Dogs

If you play Poker you just got to take the good with the bad and the highs with the lows, its part of the game. My best poker buddy Gypo appears as though he aint enjoying playing at the moment but hes intelligent enough to get through it. Taking a break and doing other things will do him the world of good together with making him appreciate other things that he has that are worth far much more than this crazy game ever will be to him.

Personally Im having a decent run at the moment with results live and online. Chugging along nicely on micro stakes cash and learning all the time although I have no desire to move up to significant stakes in cash as it doesnt interest me at all.

Played a couple of forum related games online with no success but had a 2nd place finish at local pub league on Tuesday to clinch the top spot and as such will be chip leader at next weeks final table of 10. S2C took me down heads up sucking out with a river Ace when always behinds to give him straight and clinching him 4th spot and a decent stack as well.

Tonight Im playing final of forum challenge for AWOP against Punters Lounge which should be fun and Friday night Karen33000 is back from the smoke for the weekend so may meet up with him and Beastie for a game at probably Grosvenor.

Saturday and its in from work at 12.00 and then me and S2C head off to Stanley Circus for a 2.00 start in the regional finals of the Poker in the Pub League which we are both looking forward to.

Sunday and Im sure theres a footy game on somewhere I may watch. A visit to my mates bar "Rockys" which is in his garden shed is my favourite place to watch it at the moment and deffo the best pint on offer by far! GET MY STOOL READY ROBBO!

Offskis and have a nice weekend all. I may even post some pre match pics on here tomorrow night to get all us Black n Whites in the mood!


Brenos said...

Aye there's a good derby game to look forward to at the weekend. Blackburn is a tough place to visit ;-)