Quick update whilst Im doing weekend activities on blog. Might as well let you know how my attempt to get staked for the Newcastle leg of the GUKPT Tour next month is getting on.
Ed C Robson Laidler 2 shares £20
Pirus Scouse Security 5 shares £50
Lee Clifford Betfair 2 shares £20
Pete "Oranges" Smithson Howard Financial Services 5 shares £50
Steve " Ill get ya the money back" Wills 10 shares £100
James "Stockbroker" Lewis 5 shares @ £50
Jan Povey Fellsider Chief Lady 1 share £10
Brian Povey Fellsider Chief Guy 1 share £10
Mick " MPC Plumbing Services " 10 shares £100
Total shares sold= 41 shares @ £10 = £410

Anyone else out there fancy a little dabble pop it in the comment box and its much appreciated. Might as well plug it after decent showing in the Virgin festival!

Update after this was posted;

Soaps "Master Poker Guru" 4 shares £40
Dreamdobb of DC Ironwork Parts 2 shares £20
Paul "Mr Manchester United" Fenwick 2 shares £20
Graham "Punters Lounge" Morlspin 5 shares £50
Total shares sold= 54 shares @ £10 = £540


Poker play the Soap way said...

£40 quid mate

TEAMDOBB said...

tx vm soaps- appreciated

dreamdobb said...

ok i think after your performance at the weekend in the virgin festival you are worth investing in put me down for 2 shares .
ps keep the money out of this months wages .

good luck.

TEAMDOBB said...

lol-when will you pay the balance then? Cheers dream

Anonymous said...

heard through the grapevine might be good investment put me down for 2 shares.

paul fenwick.

morlspin said...

put me in for £50 mate, best of luck

TEAMDOBB said...

wow thanks graham much appreciated.