RealAles next chapter!
Title: Busted by real life

Hey all I wrote the last post in good faith and it was genuine. However...... I haven't worked for a bit and was up for a 6-12 month contract paying approx £**** per week which I failed to get.

This sent me on real life tilt, so I went to pub, got very drunk and then returned to Betfair and 888 to throw away every penny I had!
Any reasonable objective viewer would have determined I was deliberately losing my cash and they'd probably have been right. Some kind of self abuse I suppose. My last hand, for most of my stack on 888, was me flopping a set of 6's against a set of 2's, so in goes the buy in and yes, the turn was a 2!

Whilst recording my results last year for 3 months, I was making £2k per month at playing a single table of $0.50/1 on 888, I guess people have got a bit wiser now lol Anyway, I'm going to take a break from Online Poker for a bit because it seems to be too influenced by my personal life to be a reasonable prospect. I'll buy in again as soon as I get £1k together and play to win and will post results as I go.

Considering playing live now at local Casino, got some advice from the big blog man and will see how it goes. They have a £10 rebuy NLH and a £20 Omaha so I'll try both. Given the cash I'd always play pot limit Omaha as it's such a great game, better than NLH by far. My best game is 5 card draw but you can' t play that anymore so I had to move on. I'd recommend everyone to try the free 1 week trial at PokerSavvy, I'm not connected to it in anyway but reckon it's a good watch if nothing else. Roll on my rakeback on Betfair Good luck to all