Update & Monthly Figures

Bad start to Felly league when hardly a hand to remember 1st 3 levels and 2 steals keeping me in there. Eventually pick up 99 in BB facing a 2 X raise and decide to push. Raiser Jan eventually calls and although Ive got her covered Im crippled if I lose the hand. Its a good read and looking good at showdown with my 99 up against 77. You just know at times what going to happen and that feeling was strong here. Turn brings one of the 2 7"s and my last few chips go in next next with Ks9s straight into AK.
The eventual final proved good entertainment and crack with Derek Wilsons steady play coming good for him to take it down 1st hand of heads up with Peter Heale attempted steal with K rag walking into Dereks AK. N1.
Big screen action in the background and the Reds move on to Moscow to a mixed reaction in the pub.
An hour on micro cash when I get in proves nice return and Geordie Mafia enter team into AWOP Team Challenge in Blackpool for 7th June. Junes filling up nicely now and looks the month to look forward to.

April figures:

Online profit of £713.00
Live profit of £91.00

WSOP Final and it proves at times why you just aint got to get too uptight with this game and how rule books can alot of the time just fly out the window.
After losing a raised pre flop with AK and facing a board of KJ10 into AQ Im relatively happy to still have a decent stack but then its " what goes through their heads time" in my opinion. QQ in 3rd position and I bet 200 on BB of 50 to get 2 callers. Flop is rainbow 9 10 6 and I bet 500 into it from a 1300 stack for 2nd caller to go all in which after thought I call. Showdown and he turns Ace 6.
Turn J river ACE!!!!! Oh well another one bites the dust.
Followed final table as I knew a couple of players on there and to be honest throughout the final there sure was some crazy plays at all stages. Even when down to the crunch Wildbeast aka "Animal" just didnt get that luck needed at critical time of tournie and with only one prize up for grabs local guy from Newcastle "Street7" took down the 12k trip package to Vegas when all in A6 to A4 brought the amazing 2 & 3 to the board for his 6 to pay. Well done mate. Trying to find out who he actually is because I know he plays in town.

Finally I received 2 comments yesterday from 2 people wanting to be considered for Teamdobbs but when I went to view the comment my computor froze up and Ive lost the comments so dont know who they were from. CAN WHOEVER SENT THEM IN PLEASE RE SEND THEM IN FOR ME. Cheers.