Launch of the "RealAle" Story

OK here goes with the launch of our "Guest" blogger who has requested entry to our blog to express himself and also to shares his poker stories and experiences with our readers.

We met RealAle playing cash on Betfair as previously highlighted in previous posts and became drawn to the character and his sense of humour and also his poker ability. It was obvious to us that this guy although playing at very low levels was very much a better player than these levels suggested and as such the mutual friendship, respect and banter began. I hope you enjoy his additions and after looking through his 1st entry to us, here is what he has written. We would really like your opinions and comments to this and look forward with interest as to the future posts he makes.


Hey all For reasons of his own, Team has allowed me to post as a guest so hope this is of interest.

A bit of background first. You may have seen me mentioned on various posts after I started crossing swords with the bloggers on Betfair. I've been playing for a few years now and have played as high as £25/50 cash although only 'cause I was really pissed at the time and chasing losses. Losing £2k in one hand where my AK got beaten by AJ, all-in on flop, with a river J brought me to my senses.

I recently became very disillusioned with Betfair, said my goodbyes and left, depositing £50 on 888 to amuse myself. I then got given £60 rakeback on Betfair so returned to gamble it away. I played like a fool and ended up with about $12 on 888 and $30 on Betfair. Having posted a reply to Karen's post where he was feeling pretty down, I gave some sound advice on bankroll management (brm). Some time after, I thought 'What a cock' you give this advice and ignore it yourself so there started my bankroll challenge. I decided, if possible, to NEVER again deposit money on a poker site and use brm to move up.

Yesterday, my 888 was at $225 and my Betfair was on just under $500. Then I played with P****** again!!! I have to tell you a bit about P****** from my point of view. Firstly, what a great bloke to play against. Secondly, what is this magic influence he has on my game? I NEVER EVER EVER show my cards, unless I play with P*******. I NEVER EVER EVER push all-in on a bluff or with half a hand, unless I play with P******. P****** is a leak in my game I need to plug :-) I will definitely keep playing him because the fun factor is so great. "I've got a Monsta" is his catch phrase lol .

Even worse when his mate R** plays, he's, as you may know, a $25 super turbo tourney player, often playing 4 at once. He buys into micro cash with min buy in and then goes all-in every hand. It's such great fun but not so good for my roll. I did catch him last night but then gave it back and gave the rest to P******. Interestingly, P******, P****** dad (P******08) and myself were accused of cheating by a player the other day, we both told him to report us but I guess he didn't. Karen , playing as T****, seems to bring out my best bluffs so he's another one to watch :-) I must confess, I've already broken my own rules and tilted by playing on $1/2 although I did win. Slap on wrists for me. So.... This morning my 888 remained the same and I just played a few hands on $0.50 full on Betfair and won $20 so my Betfair is on $423 due to a relatively massive loss of $100 yesterday. I'll post on different subjects later if allowed and will put my bankroll totals on the bottom so you can see how I do. Keep it Real