Thought I best stick a quick post on the outcome of the Virgin Festival here in Aspers although Im feeling totally s****ed out and need some kip. 2nd day saw 49 runners from the 230 start shuffle up & deal and 6 local guys, me included made those numbers. Above average starting stack of 50k so was well placed in top 16 and a nice table as well.A few fell very early doors and soon got to the position of cashing when we were down to 25. Trouble for me after being so comfortable was when down to final 2 tables of 20 and our table split. Had good table position in regards to chip stacks but the card gods must of decided I was to have no more and dried me up. Any 1/2 hand I seemed to pick up was counteracted by big raise in front or as in most bets an all in announced.With antes of 5k/10k with 500 running ante it was difficult if you didnt pick up at least one each lap and I went 4 which did the real damage. Ended up I decided I was pushing on my sb when it was folded round to me and only 30k left and the BB made the call. Yuck his J6 looked so weak but my 82 looked even worse. No miracles and JQK flop and 10 turn did give me a slight lifeline but nope and out I went in 18th place for the grand sum of £175 and a £275 seat into the WSOP Final next week for being the last standing player from AWOP members.
A brilliant ran competition and hats off to both Aspers & Virgin for the way it was organised and how smooth it all went.
Special mention for compere of tournament Tony "Tikay" Kendall who entertained the crowd and The Tower from AWOP & Nutz Tv for their participation and coverage of the event.
Last but not least ""my tip when I got busted out"" Darren Laverick hung in and eventually picked up a succession of hands that boosted him through to final table where he eventually took down the winners cheque of £7500 and the guy doesnt even own a computor. Well done mate!


Z said...

Good to meet you Teamdobbs, even though my ladies met your bullets. Good weekend had by all and I'll be back next year. Well done on the cash.
Dave (ZMartini)

TEAMDOBB said...

Thanks mate we did have a good table I must admit. Ditto to you and hope ya bird didnt loose too much weight in that sauna! Put ya blog here and Ill link you up.

Brenos said...

Good showing mate, wp