Real "Song of the Month" for April

You may recall earlier this month an entry entitled song of the month with reference to the Big Derby game and an old favourite of mine taking the pee out the makems. Heres my choice anyway for the "Real" song of the month released by Maria Carey at the beginning of the month and although she aint everyones favourite boy o boy is she a sexy lady and a favourite artiste of mine. Nowt betta than blasting her tunes out on a long journey.

Nearing the end of the month and be interesting to see how my figures work out although I aint been playing much live stuff so aint expecting too much there. Online should show plus figures as Ive had some OK sessions on micro cash and won a few satellite games to boost another account.

Quick mention to a very good friend of mine who had incredible results on Friday night online at Betfair. Won the $5k gtd for $2.5k, won the Annette_15 $20k gtd for $6k 2nd in another and 14th for cash in another. A clear $8000 and this after not playing many multis for a while. Wow nice results Mr Moore!!! cya next month at the GUKPT in toon.

GUKPT aint that far away and for those who have bought shares would appreciate payment please as soon as possible so I can book and get the day I want to play which is Day1b as a few other guys I know are coming up from down country and playing then. Thanks to those that have already paid me.

Newcastle Poker forum is growing nicely at a steady pace and we are now starting to get some decent input and ideas there from members.

Might play the Stanley Circus game tonight live in town but theres so many good games online tonight as well so Ill see how I feel later on.

Finally the long awaited "TEAM" game has been announced and its gonna be Saturday 14th June at Newcastle Grosvenor. For those that dont already know this is where "Teamdobbs" originated from last year and the game was such a laugh I personally cant wait for the next event to arrive even though I face the awkward situation of having to drive to Manchester the next day for my flight to Las Vegas and the WSOP. Watch this space as we also have to finalise our team from the list of applicants that want to join Teamdobbs due to some members leaving from last year.


Poker play the Soap way said...

send bank details mate & i will do transfer

TEAMDOBB said...

cheers buddy!!!