quick update

Its Karen33000 writing here. Im currently off work feeling megga ill.

I went down to Boots yesterday.... hoody up with about 20 layers on. I spent most of me bankroll (20 quid) on tablets to try make me feel better. On me way out I must of looked like Gyposdog down Gateshead as I had me hoody on carrying massive bags of "sweeties".
Im nearly out the door when I get stopped by these two people saying they are French TV and want me opinion on whether drugs shud be allowed over the counter. Anyway after 10 minutes of arguing we agree that they only "shoot" me left side as me left side is MEGGA. I wasnt as gud as Teamdobbs in front of the media spotlight and after much mumbling by me they gaan.

Just thought I would give yas an update on things.
On the poker world its actually been quite quiet this last two weeks. I think I told everyone and his dog I was losing heavily on Betfair but have at the mo managed to turn it round a little. Started playing again Sunday night and really enjoyed playing a couple of tournaments. Im not one for tourneys as I dont have the first idea how to play them but it has been a good laugh. I will be doing my monthly figures but I still expect quite a big loss to be written off.... booo. If anyone has any spare copies of big issues send them my way!


Flounder44 said...

karen do u play on ultimatebet? name sounds familiar.