Mixed up month

Well funny old month , got new house so im happy about that , but the work is never ending and to top it off the fkn heating system fks up and its £1200 to sort it out , fk sake.Another birthday , so im 1 year closer to joining teamdobbs in the vets event at the wsop .

Well poker been thin this month and only played 1 live game since my NPF championship win , which was at aspers and the least said about it the better,,shit staff ,, shit valets ,shit game , shit craic,, wont be going back there in a hurry.

As for online well i have had my first ever losing month , which i am dissapointed about but i suppose it got to happen sometime.Just cuddn,t get a run going , had a bad start going $500 after 3 days, then it was a case of yo-yo-ing for the next 3 weeks until i pulled it all back to level this week , only fo me to lose $300 in last 2 days ,lol.
Have experienced this type of thing twice before , first time was when 888 launched new software last summer and thousands of donkeys invaded the site with free money to burn, the second time was when 888 launched the World Poker Crown Event and every lunatic in the world invaded trying to qualify for the biggest online event in europe, anyway this time they have started a new skin as Littlewood poker has merged with 888 , seems to be lots of new players and there all loosy goosy,s and the suckouts and bad beats have been crazy,actually its been pretty sick,,Hopefuly they lose there rolls quickly and it will be business as usuall..there my excuses anyway , sound good to me,otherwise a re-evaluation might have to take place from next month.
Anyway not to bad over all as i had a reasonable profit live and online loses were lessened by the fact i got $200 credited to my rakeback account for games played this month .

Looking forward to next month ,however because of the house my poker still wont be as normal , but will try and play a little more , and it all starts on 1 nov with a visit to Birmingham for the £500 event ,£100,000 guaranteed, going with a few others so hopefully some good news will follow , nice cash would sort me boiler oot.

How sick is this!!!

Took few days off from playing after the Teeside £100 & £200 and tbh had no interest at all in playing the main event after those 2 games. Will only play the main event next year.
Been busy looking for a new car for the wife after selling hers to the daughters boyfriend and decided I had to get this sorted over the weekend. Lined a few up to view but only thing was ganna have to put a few miles in to see them. Eventually after putting in a few hundred miles we decide the 1st one we saw when we started viewing was best by a mile and after quick haggle and £750 reduction the deal is done and she collects it next Monday. Funny how women love shopping yet end up buying the 1st one they saw, just like when shes in Metro Centre to be honest shopping for shoes!!

Saturday night I love - why? Cos its an Indian Take away and a few beers at my favourite Indian Restaurant followed by being strectched out recovering on the settee watching my favourite program THE X FACTOR!!!!!
You all may take the piss but I just love this program stretched oot on the settee watching the too and frow of this reality TV show.

I just love the whole show and sit there with me lap top connected up to Betfair Exchange and gamble gamble away. Have great record on these sort of things but Saturday was a loser night as Daniel defied the odds and out voted Scott with his sympathy song bringing tears to Louie Walshs eyes!!!!
2 horse race this in my opinion or should I say filly in Alexandra & Laura will walk it. Dianna is building up huge support but she just aint got the full package baby!! Ya heard it hear 1st.

This week consists of a few small forum games online and Ill play tonight in the £30 game down at Circus Casino as this game is building a nice little reputation and is by far the best attended game in town. Weekend and a few of us from the NPF are M6 bound to Birmingham and playing in the Stanley genting £500 $£100k guaranteed.

Finally, Saturday night I also followed live updates online of the Main Event at Teeside. One of our members was involved in this hand which has got to be one fkn sick way to go out of a £500 Tournament.

Guy who won the £100 side event raises it up and NPF member Richard Baker calls the raise with 66. Flop comes 6J6 and quadzilla baby for Richard to check and guy pushes all his stack in. Weeee Happy Xmas for Richard and guy flips QQ.


RIVER Q !!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG how fkn sick is that. Id be out being physically sick in the bogs if it was me and not play for at least a month.


Edit Update:

Circus £30 game and despite losing 4 races when ahead Im only a double up from having comfy stack when 15 left and woman who had mastered the art of sucking out on people bets 40k utg with blinds on 1500/3000. I make the call with JJ and she flips JQ!!!!!-- Yip you guessed it the Q turns and nite nite Josephine

Gala Teeside £200 Game And After The £100 Game Im Expecting A Higher Standard Game,
I Should Have Realised After The First Hand When Chemical Ridden Donkey In Seat 10 Calls Every Bet Down To The River With Bottom Pr And Takes The Pot.
Then Continued To Play Like An Ass In A Manner I Can Only Ever Remember Witnessing In The £3 Rebuy At The Grov.
Fuckin Disgraceful Standard Of Poker Right Across The Tables The Worst Call I Seen Was Short Stack On My Table Shoves All In 7000 with Kq Off To Be Called By The Donkey In Seat 10 With K6 Diamonds Rivers A Six Unbelievable!!
I Sit Tight And Manage A Double Up After The Break With A 10 Whe Guy Two Seats Away Says Call And Chucks Four Hundred In Not Realising I Had Shoved Card Room Manager Forces The Call And He Turns Over 92 Hearts He Flops A 9 But I River A 10 And Im Up To 10k In Chips,
Blinds And Antes Take Me Down To 7k And I Look Down To QQ Mid Position I Shove To Be Called By AA (oops) Flop 4h 4d 2h Turn 7 H (im Now Screaming For A Heart Or Queen And Get What Im Screaming For A Heart "The Ace Of Fucking Hearts" yes!!! Flush Weeeee Only To Be Reminded That A House Is Bigger Than The Flush Forgot All About The Paired Board In My Quest For A Flush.
Not Sure What Was Worse The Beat Or The Embarrasment Lol
Still The Games A Learning Curve And I Thought The £100 Game Was A Lot Better Than The £200 Game.
Casino Ok Ish But Dont Order A Coke £2 Or A Glass Of Milk £1 Or Milky Coffee £1 Or A Sarnie £3
G Is For Gala And G Is For Grosvonor In My Opinion G Stands For

Teeside report

Looked forward to this but in hindsight played the wrong events without doubt.

Played the £100 n £200 events back to back and really should of just played the main event.

Wednesday and a full house of 120 runners and plenty of alternates. Good table even the company of a fellow NPF er in Irishimi. Not much action but a couple of pots and increase my stack a little bit then near end of level 2 I totally cock it up. Pick up AA in 2nd position and throw in 4 chips wanting to make it 400 in blinds of 50/100 but in error cos Im a fking blind fkr its only 150 and dealer points out needs to be 200 which I oblige with the other 2 25 chips. 4 callers and board comes 893 and I bet it for Irishimi to single raise the bet. Danger bells ringing in my ears and after tanking decide to re raise him and see where I stand. I do this with intention of folding to further action and he pushes all in. HAVNT GOT A CLUE WHY but after big tank and think I convince myself and I dont know why now that hes got an overpair and call. Hes got 88 for his set and Im gone with no help. Didnt even feel bad cos I played hand like a donk and shoudda been an easy fold especially with who the player was as well.
Me n Cardguard are 25% so looks like long wait for me and set up forum on lap top and fire updates back for people online. Cardguard eventually busts out and as weve got Irishimi and Gottilt in our car we decide to stay and keep updating. As it goes we have alot of NPF members going well and get 4 onto final table. It then gets down to 4 left and weve got 3 of them in Irishimi, De Hammer and Full Tilt.
Full Tilt busts 4th, Irishimi goes 3rd and De Hammer 2nd so good results for the forum but Im totally knackered after getting home around 5.30am.

£200 event following night and its another full house with plenty alternates again.
Cardguard busts early doors and Im slowly but steadily adding to my stack on a very normal table which then gets broken up. Next table is very abc and my stacks the same when this gets broken up and down to approx last 1/2 of field. The structure these are played its the antes that kick in fast n hard and you simply cannot miss 2 or 3 laps without picking chips up or you get in bad trouble. This happens at my next table and when I got 8xBB left I pick up A10 in button folded round to me I push for BB who seemed a very angry Southerner with bad attitude but same stack size as me announce " Fk it Im bored I call"

He flips J5 off but its obvious whats going to happen and 5 hits the flop and another at the turn. Great call, nice hand mate and Im up and gone. Lets wrap it up Cardguard whos on the lap top for forum and at least I get to bed at a normal time.
De Hammer was going great guns at last info and I hope he takes it down.
Overall the games a very fast game due to the ante structure but the actual Tour itself is obviously very well supported and obviously priced correctly.
Was nice to meet Steve Holden there and hope he has more luck in main event than he did in the £100 n £200

Probably have weeks break from playing and going down to Birmingham next weekend with Xenocode to play in the Circus 100K event which should be good crack.

Karen33000 Resignation

Hi there all well just quick one as title says. Had such a bad day again and its just happening every day now. Can't be bothered with this game any more and financially I certainly can't afford to. Decided to pack in and have now closed my betfair account.
I don't want to play anymore.

Been nice knowing all of you.

Take care

Karen33000 update

Hi all just a quick update.

This month has been worst poker month I have known for me personally. Last 2 weeks have been worst I have ever ran. Yesterday I got my cash all in 27 times and won 3 of them I have just started for the day today and within 20 min i am already 100 quid down after all in on turn twoce sees me get sucked out to flush draws. Just bored of the game now and playing less and less. Hopefully will get this job i am back in north east for tmoz and will be able to knock poker on the head.

Take care



Little Mergs

Alreet Radgies;

Been a while since I blogged (an age by my posting standards) thought Id scribble something.

Pretty bored lately been trying a few other things outside poker; widening my horizons ie boring stuff. I now need an edge to the game to turn up and play live (A reason for playing; a spin on the normal boring town tourneys; eg the champs or team games) and I havent been playing much online as I get bored really fast which makes me play like gus hansen on speed.
On the upside I went through 5000 posts and NPF went through 1,000,000 views (I was quite sceptical of this stat as its hardly a pure one, but the more I think of it for the number of ppl involved to view that many times is amazing and shows that the forums a must read and that ppl are reading and rereading to keep upto date.) as for 5000 posts well most are me slating or argueing with ppl (the difference is the crazies who choose to reply) and Dobbs and scott were generous enough to let me pick my own name.
I chose mayor as me and dobbs are really sad and thought it was hilarious when sum1 (Tired eyes before he underwent the snip and went and got all nice (still not sure on my view on this; miss my old sparring partner but get bored of same arguement every few weeks)) called me the mayor; so decided this to be my new status.
The forum champs was great I finished 10th in the main game and third in the bounty (Im playing well (no comments imi) but as I dont play many tourneys online (cash is for men; tourneys are for girls) or live that often lately my game around the bubble and early ft is pretty shite.
Considered taking part in a few games at Teeside but dont really fancy it; the only tourney Id really be interested in is the main event as the last two, two day events Ive played Ive made the cash (all be it shite) but these events were small and Im not confident Im value for the buyin at the mo so wont bother. I prefer this slower; deeper structure as skill is much more previalant and ppl whose dangerous gambling style; ppl i call landmines who frequent local games; stand little or no chance as you can pick and choose when to take them on much easier and control them.

Good Luck to all the dobbas (loosely translated: Grovna card guards lol) taking part in Teeside and Gary and Dobbs in Birmingham.

Phil- NPF Mayor

Team Teeside Bound

Been quiet following the Forum championship with only one live game played and mainly been getting ready for this week GCPT at Teeside Gala.
Played the Tuesday Circus £30 and going well down to last 3 tables when moved and then lose 4 races all in front which does the damage eventually pushing on button with Ad&8d into KJ sb and AQ bb. KJ flops 2 pair and early bath for me.

Online been fairly busy with some great value comps on offer.
Monday night is becoming forum fun online game and the field is building steady on Poker Stars with 51 runners joining in this week. Cheap and fun comp with great crack. Also play the AWOP league game on Weds which is another cheap n fun game.
Nice tip off by Rosco on the forum of a freebie with decent prizes of 7 seats to the Poker Stars Millions up for grabs.
Decent field and early doors my JJ raise on button is re raised to put me all in by the BB who I know and I type in QQ but Im calling cos Im ganna outdraw ya!!!!
I make the donk call and yip hes got QQ but yip I hit my set on the turn and an unhappy Irishman is left to ponder and bemoan my chatbox.
Make it down to last 9 with 7 seats and Ive got the mad Irishman on my left and decent chip leader he is now. 2nd hand in on final table of 9 and he pushes 48k utg to be looked up by AK and he flips AJ off. I type abuse at him in good humnour of course but he has last laugh when his AJ makes the straight at the famous Poker Stars river.
Bubble position now and Im very comfy placed when mid position 2 1/2 bets my BB again ( had been doing it for while pre final table) Donk move of the night when having him covered by 12k decide to push him off the pot with my 10 10 by shoving and its insta call and big trouble for me. TOTAL DONK MOVE ME and Im in big trouble and even when flop hits 89J I still felt doomed and so annoyed with myself. Rag turn and hey ho ho the donk gets rewarded when a lovely 8 hits the river for my straight to the Q and the KK is bubbled and DONKAMENT me takes down a nice freebie $200 plus seat.

Been playing Gala online and hit the post in 3 finals for package to Teeside so its bankroll dosh for these.
Will be a big NPF presence there for sure which begins on Wednesday in the £100 side event followed by the £200 and then the £500 main Event spread over 2 days and the Final over the weekend. This tour has been very well supported and sold out in most venues so expecting Teeside to be no different.
4 of the team going down,me,Card Guard, Mr Entertainment and Jimmy Chipmunk on the road.

Sick Sick Sick !!!!

I hate online poker ATM .
Just played the Circus 2ND chance 100k birmingham , gets to final table 3rd in chips , sitting pretty gets a couple of hands no callers , gets to 2nd in chips with 5 left , and I get KK so I raise to 12k other guy re-raises me Allin , got to call , still in if i lose , well guess what he has AA (argh) , they hold up , so now im left with 7.5 k on bb , sb calls ive got 75 flop is k54 , I go Allin he calls (which I expected ) he has 43 , yes he hits another 4 , Ive got to laugh otherwise my fist would be through the screen, anyways well played to big Phil (pjb aces) he has got a seat , and I got $190 .

Also played in the NPF forum game tonight , went out 20th in that .

never mind hopfully Ill get another token .

thanks to all the railers was awesome support.

bright eyes??? my arse!!!!!!!

well a week on from the forum championships and what can i say. its taken me 7 days to edit, process, download and post all the highlights, along with special request from dc, on to the forum for people to watch and guess what??????? im disappointed to be honest. 1 person has left a comment from the whole of the forum membership and that kinda hurts a little. i dont do it for self acclamation or for the pats on the back etc but it takes a hell of a lot of work and detrement to my own game to film these events and then even longer, and more work to process them all for the forum and its only done so the members can re live and enjoy bits of the events they did not see and for no one to comment, even if they say its shite, is kinda a kick in the teeth and makes me wonder is it worth doing. i ask for feedback to gauge whether its worth it and whether its to the members taste and from these it seems not. perhaps the influence of cunts and idiots has rubbed of on people on the forum and they are now not taking such an interest?? who knows.

Teeside £100 and £200 this week and gonna make a concerted effort to cash in these tournies as these are more my style. people who see me play locally probably have the wrong opinion of my game as circus and grosvenor games are played by me for entertainment and craic and i never ever play my A game as the prize pools are not big enough to warrent me using my poker brain so i treat them as a bit of fun and never serious, but in the bigger and better structured games i am a totally different player as proved in the APAT, last 2 grosvenor £200 games and the forum championships. dont know if this is a good or bad thing but just cant get motivated or be bothered in the smaller buy in games and can only get up for the bigger games. suppose there is a lesson there for me but i love the craic around the smaller games. Also tagging along is dc, mr e and chipmunk so lets hope for a teamdobbs success story this week

reet off back to the daily grind




Well what a week !

Started off canny enough with the NPF Championship however the sad loss of the father in law on the Sunday morning was sad as it was unexpected.
I wont go into too much detail as some things should stay private but i feel somthings need to be said.
A couple of years ago I walked into the Grosvonor Casino and watched the final table of a main event cant remember the game but it was there that I ran into a guy who was also watching his friend playing. since this chance meeting we have become firm friends who share the passion of poker and the same sick warped sense of humour only dj`s would understand.
Its said that you find out who your friends are at times of distress so I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Dave and the rest of Teamdobbs along with all the members of The Newcastle Poker Forum for there genorosity there kind words and there support,
What we have within Teamdobbs and the NPF is an unbelievable community spirit.so on behalf of myself and my family and for your incredible donation to Marlene, Dawns mam thankyou very much.

Donkey Run

Very disappointing performance by Laddies Im afraid

Dr. Dist. Horse Wt Jockey Trainer Age SP
1 4 Ethaara 8-12 R Hills W J Haggas 3 20/1
mid-division, headway 2f out, driven to lead inside final furlong, kept on
2 9 1½ Medicea Sidera 8-13 J P Spencer E F Vaughan 4 10/1
mid-division, headway 3f out, challenged over 1f out, kept on final furlong opened 14/1
3 7 1 Bastakiya (IRE) 8-12 L Dettori J H M Gosden 3 8/1
mid-division, ridden over 2f out, challenged over 1f out, kept on final furlong opened 7/1 £4000-£500
4 5 1 Red Dune (IRE) 8-12 P Robinson M A Jarvis 3 5/1
prominent, ridden over 2f out, one pace final furlong opened 13/2 touched 7/1 £5000-£750 (x2)
5 3 nse Vital Statistics 8-13 Dane O'Neill D R C Elsworth 4 33/1
held up, outpaced over 2f out, stayed on inside final furlong

6 6 ¾ Laddies Poker Two (IRE) 8-12 T P Queally J Noseda 3 11/8 f
held up, ridden 2f out, every chance approaching final furlong, not quicken inside final furlong opened 6/4 touched 13/8 £2600-£1600 £6000-£4000 £3000-£2000 £1800-£1200 £1500-£1000 (x8) £5500-£4000 (x4)

Laddies running today

Laddies Poker Two, the horse we have a share in from Ladbrokes is running today and shes hot fav to record her 3rd win weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Its in the 4.20 at Newmarket but is a short priced favourite in this 6f Listed race

Hope she doesnt run like a 2 legged donkey.

Its trainer Jeremy Noseda had this to say about it for todays race:

“Laddies Poker Two is set to run as scheduled in this Friday’s Listed Boadicea Fillies’ Stakes at Newmarket.

“She worked on the grass yesterday morning and I was delighted with the way she went.

“She seems to be approaching the race in top order and we are just keeping our fingers crossed that the ground stays good or faster. Tom Queally is once again set to ride her."


Well week 2 and online just sucks, can,t win a race and every big hand i get runs into a bigger 1 ,or gets outdrawn somehow by fkn donkeys, so im still no further forward . After getting back to break even i have had a nightmare run last 2 days and am back down $350 ,, fk sake, never mind i wont give in yet.

Anyway now to the good news, big weekend and not having played live for a full week i was looking forward to the Newcastle poker forum championships so much.This was hopefully gonna be 1 great game and boy it did not dissapoint.
Some great players assembled at the casino for what was gonna be a great torny with a fantastic structure and plenty play.
I sat at my first table and there was a few notable faces , some of whom i consider very good players . My first objective was to settle into the game , not get to involved and see how the table were playing.Nothing to adventurous in the first level and every 1 seemed to have there proper poker heads on , no rediculous plays or silly betting so i was quite happy at the way things were playing out as sometimes players who are not used to deep stack games can get carried away ploughing chips into the pot unneccasarily and making decisions that little bit harder.
Anyway i was playing well and by the first break had increased my stack to 17K without to much trouble , only showing down 1 hand ( when i had trips) which stood me in good stead.
After the break we played 2 more levels and other than playing 2 or 3 hands i was completly card dead for the full 1 1/2 hours, my stack had fallen to 13500, not what i was hoping, but still no panic setting in yet as there was still a long way to go and average chips at this point was only around 15k.
Dinner passed and i went back to the table revitalised and ready. I seemed to tangle with 1 guy in particular in about 3 or 4 pots and fortunatly for me i won every one and my stack was heading in the right direction. I was now on about 20K and our table was split.
30 players left and the blinds getting big ( plus a sizeable ante), the shorter stacks were starting to get busy, here is where i always like to watch out for the short stacks ensuring i have the goods when raising into them as they are very likely to take a shot at a gamble.Anyway i avoided any major confrontations and again increased my stack steadily, the players were falling fast and soon we were down to 2 tables .
At this point i think i was in top 3 stacks at the table , although the chips were very evenly distributed between all 20 players, my aim was to avoid major confrontation with big stacks unless i had big hand, and try and maintain my chip position as much as possible by stealing at least once per round or hopefully taking down a pot.
As we got down to the bubble,with only 5 mins left of play the stacks of all the players were still very even , and my first major desicion of the torny,blinds are 3k (300 ante ) , button raises to 8k , then sb pushes all in for 36K and i look down in the bb at AK,, fk sake man, anyway i got 65K and if i call im not out ,and im pretty sure the button was on a steal. Anyway after a long think i decided to fold,the guy who pushed had played pretty solid and i was sure he had some sort of pair, the button i was sure was on a steal, however i was also pretty sure that he would not be stealing without some sort of hand and i reckoned he had some sort of Ace rag or KQ,KJ type of hand , therefor 1 of my outs was deffo gone . I decided if i fold i go to the final table 2nd in chips , if i call im gambling against a made hand with only 5 outs and losing puts me short stack at the final table . Anyway i later found out the button did have an "A" and the sb had 10-10. so i was really pleased with my desicion.
Final table starts and its a really strong looking line up,( 4 members of teamdobbs,including myself)all whom have won countless tourny,s and have cashed in games of a very high standard,1 guy who has played all the big torny,s in this country and the ept circuit and the wsop.Another player who is considered 1 of he top local players winning many big games including the recent Virgin festival at aspers.
Very slow start and for 1 full level im card dead , then i pick up JJ and guy to my right shoves in ,well its now or never , and i make the call and i am pleased when i see he only got A4 and my jacks hold up.
Anyway im holding my own when we get down to 6 left and all the above are still there with the exception of 1 teamdobb member (phlmc)i have a reasonable stack and guy under the gun pushes all in, now i look down at AJ ( not a hand i like calling with ) however i have seen this guy shove with 10-2, K-10 and A 7, so i decide that if its folded round im calling ,sure enough it is and i make a good call as he shows KJ,,but the poker gods are against me and deliver the K and im crippled and now i am the short stack at the table. With around 32K and blinds 8k theres no time to muck around and i get busy at every oppertunity and get my stack back upto 79k by the break.
Break over and im still the shorty so i need a hand, anyway its not long before i pick up 66 on the button and having been through the blinds decide that its good enough to push with, only for the bb to call and turn over AQ and where at the races,kaboom 6 on the flop and its back in the game for me . Then 1 round later is where it all falls into place for me , after i make a steal raise on the button , i then raise again the next hand only for the bb to wake up with AQ and re-raise me ,however i have the bullits and my re shove is called as its not much more to him and a flopped Ace seals the deal.
Well its all standard stuff from here on in untill we are down to h/u , it was only last month that i was in the same situation in the grosvenor league play off final, only for me to blow my chip lead and finish second ,,, well i feel i learned from that game and did not want to make the same mistakes again, so i set about a game plan which seemed to work a treat and i gradually chipped away gaining just over a 2/1 chip lead, when the final hand occured.
I was big chip leader at this point and had decided that i wanted to apply pressure when i had a decent holding, i pick up AJ and with the blinds at 16k raise another 50K, im basically saying your playing for all your stack as he only got about 160k,ish left opponent obliges with a shove and im reasonably happy to call and he shows 22,, well we are at the races again and a flopped J and an A on the turn seals the deal as no 2 shows up on the river.
I played the whole tournement and was only ever all in 1 time for my torny life with a showdown and never got my chips in behind except for this final hand ( normally i hate AJ but on this occassion felt really confident).
Anyway i am now the NEWCASTLE POKER FORUM CHAMPION and believe me i am so so happy and will represent the forum to the best of my ability.

Was an absolutly fantastic weekend and without doubt a tremendous torny which has bonded a lot of people with a common goal , to play poker at a high level.

roll on the next 1


Alright all its been a while but apart from 1 win and a couple of final table appearances it has been like a desert on the poker front for me altho i probably would have got more drinks if i had been in the desert.
I just got back from playing at Circus 10,10,10 and after losing my first lot of chips with KK after pushing on the turn to get called by somebody holding AdQc and 3 diamonds on the board i new the diamond was going to hit the river so i shouted chips before the card was dealt and hey ho i am now a prophet altho it never seems to work with the lottery!
I flopped a house with 9d10d and trebled up which seemed to give me a head of steam as i stole a few and gradually got my chips to well above average and then a strange thing happened when a new player came to our table but at the same time one of the cardroom supervisors also came over and asked for the big blind which was me so insanely i go to a new table scratching my head wondering wtf that was all about,obviously a massive blooper from the man in charge but everything happens for a reason :)
First hand at my new table i look down at KK and decide to limp from a medium position hoping for a raise and yep a player who i rate very highly pops it up and i immediately shove as i dont think i can win a race with a one legged slothe at the minute,well matey boy decides to call with his JJ and misses so i am absolutely flying and wondering just wondering if it is possible i could get back into the winners enclosure.I have to tell you about this hand which occured when i was moved back to my original table when a guy raised from under the gun and then the button who i have never seen before goes all in with q,10 off and is insta called by AA the flop comes down QQ and we are down to 12 talk about beginners luck :)
Now this same guy started a push fest and every time he got called he sucked out badly and i kind of know me and him are going to be meeting head on remember i am a prophet so anyways this guy pushes from UTG and its folded round to me in the BB and yep i look down and find 2 black Aces normally i am feeling really good but this guy must have 666 on the back of his head as he never showed any emotion during all the hands he played and when he flips over Ad4c am thinking please,please high cards no sick 2,3,5 first card Qd yes! then 9d lol gulp black now please,Kd arh nooooo feck,feck,feck and then BOOM! 3d and all the hard work and false hope is over for another night i went out next hand dont know what i had or what happened who gives a feck :(

Well i am 39 at the end of this month and my hair is receding and one of my so called friends said i will soon look like Benson so after some thought who gives a monkey about a sick beat as it happens i quit liked watching Soap and the theme tune was quite catchy but for anyone reading this i have enough poker nicknames thank you,See you all at Teeside.

Oh i almost forgot a big up to Gary Brewer for winning the inaugral Newcastle Poker Championships and also for the Don King style foresight from Teamdobb Dave Collins for signing him up before the big win.



He came He saw he Conquered

NPF Championship weekend and what a weekend we had.
Brilliant event and played in a fantastic atmosphere which ran like clockwork as well.

From the teams point of view, well what can I say. Each n every member that took part did the team proud.

Jimmy Chipmunk, Vegas Dave & Karen33000 didnt play but of the rest;

Gyposdog good respectable deep position
Mr Entertainment deep as well and chips in good only to get outdrawn
Mag1892 went out just short of final table when his AA gets busted

Of the remaining 4 then you could find us all on the final table!!!

Phlmc finished 10th
The CardGuard Kid 6th
Myself 4th
Xenocode 1st

Superb final table to be honest and played in a fantastic atmosphere. Always in contention and hand that could of changed it all for me was when guy pushed mid position into my BB with 5 left and I make the correct call with 55. He flips 33 and Im ahead all the way to river for a pot that puts me bang in top contention when the board pairs up on river to give a split pot.

With blinds so high its not many cardless laps to leave you starting to struggle and I eventually push form the button holding K8 to BB sitting with AK.
Flop gives me chance, turn gives me more but no river saviour for me and Im out in 4th.

Great result in end when fellow team member Gary "Xenocode" Brewer takes it down and is crowned 1st NPF Champion and couldnt of went to nicer lad and a really well respected and deserving Champion.



Saturday 11th October 2008 is the day that Newcastle Poker Forum`s Elite sit down to play for the title of CHAMPION.

Legends and (wankas) and there are a few, Will compete in a no limit Holdem Poker Tournament to decide who is the BEST,

This has been bought about by a vision that two people shared and has now become a reality,
these people deserve a huge amount of gratitude for there sterling efforts in not only getting the Forum up and running and monitoring it daily but also for organising the Championship, dealing with the setbacks of on line registration, and the (how can we say ) miserable whinging bastards,
Who I might add if they took the time out to actualy read the information provided they would have saved a lot of peoples time and effort.
However this post is not about negatives but a positive and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Scott and Dave for all there efforts in organising what will be a fantastic event and will put Newcastle Poker Forum on the map.

I hope its the first of many lads WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!

NPF Daft Cunt!!!

Hey Kids,

Decided to blog here as NPF is full of bitches.

Sitting listening to ppl opinions on the silent majority how fcking ironic; they feel they can speak for the silent. Even better these ppl telling others what the forum should be like; some of them arent even playing in the champs and another may aswell not be bothering. Forum is full of Hypocrites who have no craic so they try to drag the forum back to their lvl. Best things is the morons who listen to some smb who is only there to cause trouble. Hes a mod on laddies where theres no posts and wants to drag NPF down and a few who have personal gripes coz their feelings have been hurt previously.
Complains are coming from mods on other forums which are totally shite with no members online who just throw open their games then claim high numbers when in reality its ppl who just turned up on the day.
These ppl continually advise on what should be done or what shouldnt but theyre own forums are just piles of shite with a sole purpse of making money. They have thousands of members but 3 online what the hell does that tell you?

Looking forward to the champs least we dont have to put up with these sad twats whining coz oooh guess what theyre not playing; yeh they try to drag the forum down and have no interest in it they just like whinging coz Ive give them a bit of stick at some stage in the past


What a cracking day I had yesterday, got an invite to this beer tasting promotion/festival/wotever at the platinum rooms at St James Park was fkn great.

When we went in ended up getting this young bird for a rep to tell us the crack on prices and promotions and stuff felt a little overawed at first not knowing wtf they on about so make a move for a beer, grolsch blonde and its only for free then I realise its a total freebie food, beer,spirits omfg weeeeeee.
Get back to my group and start to listen in abit so i dont look like a wally later and the first thing I notice is they wont give you a price theyll give you free bottles of smirnoff if you buy x amount of beer but the best answer I could get on the value of x was "itll be rock bottom dont worry about that" well thats not the answer ya want is it, why they do this? only reason i can think of is every club, pub or bar is on there own deal.

Anyways we bin the rep and head off towards the lager section I think the lager was called Peroni bit pricey retails at anything from 3.60-5.00 pounds a bottle but wow if ya like lager this is the business fkn leathal its now my lager of choice when in toon enjoyed the first pint that much had another straight after as the bloke serving was fkn great crack from leeds supported liverpool and was trying to take the piss out of the toon lol you cant take the piss when you dont even support ya hometown team, anyways does that pint in and realise im full of mesell weeeeee Im up for this like I says to me dad to his reply of "oh fkn hell" lol.

We just kept going from stand to stand like kids in sweetshops was fkn mega peroni, grolsch blonde,peroni,coors lite,peroni,draft magners oooooo peroni Im going to write a song about Peroni its the dogs bollocks, next thing starting to really feel it so its off for the free scran,its not upto much really but soaked the beer up abit thank god cos it was just slushing round me gut and i was stating to struggle, get second wind and its hell for leather now on the shorts black sambucas, pink vodka(bit girly but very tasty), jagermiester (like cough medicine but blows ya head off) then onto the whiskys and i can hardly see by now but still holding it together bourboun i like that, then onto the cocktails they went doon nee probs came back up nee probs aswell but managed to get to the bog so that turned out fine then back for the final push and more peroni more black sambuca and more spewing lol 6hrs of free drinking and eating fkn great first time ive ever been to out like that but cant wait for the next one.

On the poker front aint played this week cant be arsed not in the right mood for it after having me eyes tore oot in the sunday games, out at the weekend for the forum championship looking forward to it good structure with a strong field just hope peoples efforts are rewarded with a good turn out. Welcome to all the newbies it was easy to pick you 3 and well done to Mr Foggo for his effort in the great north run, good luck at the tables all

Busy week n build up

Great North Run weekend over and company fed & watered although the high hopes of a top 5 finish for Jack in the Senior Youth Event ( won by Steve Crams son )didnt materialise as breathing problems hamppered him and he eventually came in 20th.

Paul & his mate Steve who had flew all the way over from Alicante in Spain where he lives to run, came home in a very respectible 1 hour 43 mins and his brother in law Garry Bateson an incredible 1 hour 30 mins and within the 1st 1000 to finish.

As previously posted our own Mr Entertainment eventually got home and brought alot of smiles and money for his valiant effort.

Poker week will be dominated by preparations for this weekends Forum Championship and look forward to Oranges coming up to stay to participate in it however sneaked in a few games with decent success.

Took down couple of decent online games getting past post in 1st position and even the Awop Forum League game for nice win.

Tuesday saw the £500 added £50 Freeze Out at Circus which has now established itself to be the most popular and best supported game in the North East and 113 runners started at shuffle up n deal.
Cracking turnout and some real tough cookies amongst them so long night in store if ya going to make some money.
Good starting table even though lighting hampered by some missing spots and decent start n steady build. Find AA in nice position to decent raise and my re raise is met by push with QQ and holds. Not long after that another decent raise and I have plenty chips to see the flop when holding 77 and the BB makes its up 3 way. Happy days when 7 hits flop but 2 hearts and initial raiser fires in and I re pop for 3rd caller to push and I make call. He flips A3 hearts for nut flush draw but my set makes the house and happy days.
Table break up slows my run of cards until the next table break up and pick up a few more decent pots although along the way witness some very unusual play by some.

Go into final table 3rd lowest stack and push 1st hand with Ace 10 for insta call by small stack on A7 and nice start. Couple more nice pick ups and down to 9 then 8.
Big change happens when 1/2 decent stack decides to push utg and Ive got 99 in button. Few things had been spoken about with this player prior and certain things he said when I was talking to him had me putting him on something below my 99 tbh and I announced out loud " fk it gotta win these to take it down " and made the call. Lad obviously seemed shocked to see me flip 99 as he thought I had decent Ace and didnt like to turn his 88. My pair held and now got nice stack. We eventually lose another and down to 6. Past 4.30 in morning now and closing in on chip count finish and to be fair not that much between all 6 left when a deal was mentioned and agreed with equal split. Blinds on 5/10k with 1k running ante and a £750 pay out for each player. Only 15k seperated all the players left and I was 2k short of top stack so also picked up a nice 18 points in the Casino Tuesday League which now puts me in a qualifying position.

Lets hope this weekend is just as successful although my main aim is that everything runs smoothly and everyone thoroughly enjoys themselves.

Xenocode intro

Hi Im Gary Brewer ,new member along with Phil and Colin.

I have been playing poker now just over 2 years , having started in Stanleys Casino then moving to Grosvenor where I now play most of the time.
After my introduction to live poker I needed to play more as waiting until the next day or week to get another live game was insufficiant,therefore I started playing online in 2007, at Pacific(888.com) where I am now a regular grinder .

I play torny,s at Grosvenor and sng ( short handed ) games online and without a doubt
I have certainly been fortunate so far as I have been able to run a profit both live and online since starting to play, with most of my money made online.
This month I have bought a new house and work required seems 10 times what it was when I viewed it, so my live poker will be very limited however my online games should still go ahead although knowhere near as much , which judging by the start to the month I have had online might be a good thing as I am $370 down after the first week( never had a losing month yet so hopefully can turn this round over next few weeks)
I have had more suckouts than a professional bee sting remover.

Anyway will hopefully report some reasonable results later on in the month .


Hi People Just A Quick Thankyou For Your Support,

Quick Rundown Then - Approx Two Miles In Right Knee Gives Way (fuck) However No Way Im Stopping So Slow The Pace Down A Bit And Gary Wilson Jnr Catches Me Then Fucks Off Ahead

About 8.5 Miles Down The Road Knee Sore But Bearable However Hip Joints Now Screaming In Pain

Stop At St Johns Ambulance 10 Miles In And The Tart Says They Have Nothing For Joint Pain However "if It Still Hurts By The Next St John Ambulance Station


" I Tell Her Not A Fuckin Chance Of Me Giving Up!!"

Last 2 Miles Ran With A Guy Called Don Who Has Bowel Cancer And Got Out Of Hospital 2 Weeks Ago (kind Of Put My Pain In Context) So Finished With A Jog Along The Sea Front.

Atmosphere Incredible - People Incredible - Bastard Paddington Bear Passed Me Again As He Did Two Years Ago.

Thank You To The Following

The Mrs Entertainment For Keeping Me Company And Swimming Every Night For The Last 5 Weeks And Me Diet

Mr & Mrs CardGuard For Gettin Oot Of Bed At Silly Times And Coming To Se Me Off

Gary Wilson jnr well done mate LEGEND

Teamdobb for the extra £5 he tempted me with getting into work on Monday morning - its what got me there in the end. Cudnt bear the thought of that tight twat getting away with that.

Kim Tracy for all there support and Bringing Me Home

Every Single Person Who Sponsored Me Without You It Does Not Happen


And Finaly All Those Who Said No Fucking Way Will He Finish

yes He Fucking Did

Can I please point out that this was NOT me as posted by Teamdobb at the forum

A big welcome to the 3 new members, Phil, Gary and Colin, would rather have yer playin with me than against me, next team game will be a walk in the park!!!

The ups and downs of poker. Last Sunday played the blue sq $10 rebuy. 1300 runners and managed to finished 13th for $300, the winner picking up $7500 a bit more luck and I could have final tabled but never mind it was an allin fest in the end. Wednesday at Aspers 10 10 10 and finished 4th for £130 after pushing in with A7 against 88 and missing, thought you always hit an ace on the flop!

Thursday had my snooker league game which we won but i've had absolutely no practice due to playing poker and although I won, it shows cos I was shite, defending my singles crown next week so I need to get put some time in on the tables.

Had some good crack on Friday when I played the Aspers £20 freezeout with Gary Wilson jnr and Gary(Russell Grant) Robinson. Fought my way to two tables left from 140 runners and ended up going out on the bubble after pushing with 22 only to get called by AK. Flop 10 10 9, shit! ended up hitting his Ace on turn and final table starts with me watching from the rail.

Good luck to all those playing the NPF Tournament, unfortunately I cant play this time, and a big well done to Foggo and Gary for achieving good times in the North Run.

poker millions

Well what a funny day , firstly the toon come back from 2-0 down to draw 2-2,
then we hear news , Mr Entertainment and Gary Wilson Jnr , finished the Great North run in some very good times , well done guys much respect goes to you , I know cos I couldnt do it.

Just finished playing the Poker Millions on Stars , I eventully cashed in 952nd place , I really dont know how I managed to stay in that long , j4,q4,94 etc lol .

Got to say a big thanks to all the railers , who helped me out , Xenecode , Teamdobbs , Looseman , and all the others who couldnt speak .

Roll on the NPF Championships next week , surely live is easier than on the net.


Todays the last day for entries in the game of the year at stanleys; the Newcastle Poker Forum Championships. Hope to see all bloggers and readers of teamdobbs there it should be an absolute classic; and looking at the names whove regged we've got so much quality both in major contributors to the forum and the quieter side of the forum.
Im really looking forward to this game as its got all the quality of a proper structure without the pressure of a large buyin. These events are a stepping stone to bigger games but also a chance to get to pitch it against the better players in the area as when you put a name on a competition you draw glory hunters (all tourney players really).

good luck to Mr Entertainment whose kicking off soon in his great north run; for a really worthy cause. Good luck to Gary Wilson Jnr too whose also running and anyone else crazy enough to run.

got to say this inivation has made me speechless , ive been playing poker live only about 3 yrs now , and ive met alot of players over those few yrs , and to say im in a team with some of the players i most respect , makes me very humble to say the least.

just to say a few things about me , i used to run a pub for 17yrs , left that about 4yrs ago now a delivery driver for that famous cusine , chinese ( yum yum ) , not much else to say apart from the fact i love poker and fast cars.

this sunday im playing in the npfs syndicate , the sunday millions , hopefully i can try and get us some money , we have had a few cashes , this week will be our 5th attempt i belive .

He likes this pic better he says!!!!

Just had an email from one of the new members saying he prefers anutha pic of him instead of the one I posted.

So just for him heres the pic of him during his exit at last team event after being ran over by the famous "BohemeJean"

Phlmc Signing in to say hello!!

Dear Dobbas,

Thank you for letting me join your clique; Im very happy to join anywhere where my voice can be heard.
Just had a look down the list and for gods sake if we dont win a teamgame we want shot. Might help me if Teamdobbas dont put a bounty on my head this time eh?
Every player in the team is going in the right direction and all are established names on the local scene and now you have a world class player to go with the genius of Gyposdog!
Ill try to post a few times a month but Im very busy and dont have much time for posting.

Next stop the NPF championship which Im sure all bloggers are playing and should be a real festival/party of a poker game and hopefully as many of the local characters will be there!

Welldone to Teamdobb for winning a CPC Package; watched quite a bit of his trials and tribulations, and he was always gonna get one.


Last but not least of the 3

Yes last but not least is Colin "Mag1892" Taylor who is another post whore and poker god at NPF.
Colin was nearly invited in last time round and is one of the nicest guys you could meet. Solid all round game and a pleasure to have onboard.

Enjoy it mate and Mags speciality is "Youtube" research and "find a joke" material.

Then there was two

New member 2 is the 1st God of Newcastle Poker Forum and a true posting whore there.
Plays a wide variety of games and a true charachter on and off the tables.

Welcome onboard Philip "Phlmc" McNally to the Teamdobbs crew.

Im sure his posts will amuse, upset, interest and tickle peoples fancies and is a welcome asset to our team. Youll either luv him or hate him but when ya take the time to get to know him hes a top guy with alot of knowledge for someone so young.


Would just like to say thanks to all members for inviting me to be part of TEAMDOBBS. I have played alongside most and against all and consider every member a great player. It is an hounour to be asked to be part of such a fantastic team.

I play both live and online and will be posting on a regular basis about my experiances , both good and bad.At present i am moving house so my poker has been limited however once i get sorted it will be full steam ahead.

I look forward to playing with all members as part of TEAMDOBBS and posting on a fantastic blog.

3,2,1 as Ted Rodgers used to say!!

Ganna do my weekly update today as its Great North Run weekend and as always I have one of my best mates over with his family running in it. Keep an eye out for Jack Modeley wholl be running in the Senior Youth run on Saturday as we are expecting a top 5 finish and in the Intermediates Harry Modely should put up a good show as usual to follow his 3rd place 2 years ago.
As previous post GODD LUCK MR ENTERTAINMENT and NO I havnt spelt it wrong it is God luck as the big fkr drags his big frame the 13 miles obviously knowing him for very good causes. Come home safely please!!!!

Live stuff was my usual Circus Tuesday and Aspers Thursday.
Tuesday and mid table guy who had raised my BB 3 times singled raised and Ive got AQ and Im putting him immediately on raggy Ace, A9 or below but certainly nothing above me so I push for anutha 14 BBs. 30 seconds of supposed counting of chips and he announces call. I say "your behind I think youve got weak Ace?" He flips Ace Six, yip wtf he thinks Im pushing with is beyond me and Jimmy Chipmunk looks on amazed at his call and says " I passed a Six"
Sure enough the 6 hits the turn and bye bye.

Aspers Thursday and after struggle to last 17, 18 and a couple of steal raises not getting through but damaging my stack my mid push with 88 was called by KJ and the board of 3 spades gave him flush draw and turn gave up & down and basically nearly 80% of the pack to hit and anutha spade sealed it on the river.

Online I satted into anutha CPC Final this Sunday so fingers crossed and in the same final is one of our new Team members which will be interesting.
We are bringing 3 new members in to make the "Team" up to 10 strong. Out go Beastie and Matto and the 1st of the 3 Im introducing is Gary "Xenocode" Brewer.
Welcome onboard Gary and look forward to your contributions mate. Dont try too hard on Sunday!!


Well people what can i say, 5 weeks of no beer no pop no crisps no chocolate no chips no takeaways no fried food just salads pasta fruit and yogarts what a miserable fucking existance....

And heres the best of it ....
The three people who suckered me into this FUN RUN ? have all bottled through supposed injuries.
the doctor told one of them to put some heat on his knee (so he duly did and flys out to barbados tomorrow).
leaving yours truly to line up on sunday on his own and give it a go alone.

But have to say im ready as il ever be and have managed to shed a little weight and hope to finish in under 3 hours,
all said and done its an amazing day with at least another fifty thousand sad bastards like me standing on the central motorway waiting for jimmy saville or some other c list celebrity to say on your marks get set bang which translated means ( fuck off to south shields and enjoy piercing your blisters when you get home this afternoon ).
seriously though need to say a big THANKYOU to Mrs Entertainment kept me on the straight and narrow and came to the baths every night for the last 5 weeks supporting me and putting up with the moods on a friday cause i cant have a fish supper,
this time sunday it`l be all over and if i survive ie ALIVE at the end i`l post a blog and some pics