Mixed up month

Well funny old month , got new house so im happy about that , but the work is never ending and to top it off the fkn heating system fks up and its £1200 to sort it out , fk sake.Another birthday , so im 1 year closer to joining teamdobbs in the vets event at the wsop .

Well poker been thin this month and only played 1 live game since my NPF championship win , which was at aspers and the least said about it the better,,shit staff ,, shit valets ,shit game , shit craic,, wont be going back there in a hurry.

As for online well i have had my first ever losing month , which i am dissapointed about but i suppose it got to happen sometime.Just cuddn,t get a run going , had a bad start going $500 after 3 days, then it was a case of yo-yo-ing for the next 3 weeks until i pulled it all back to level this week , only fo me to lose $300 in last 2 days ,lol.
Have experienced this type of thing twice before , first time was when 888 launched new software last summer and thousands of donkeys invaded the site with free money to burn, the second time was when 888 launched the World Poker Crown Event and every lunatic in the world invaded trying to qualify for the biggest online event in europe, anyway this time they have started a new skin as Littlewood poker has merged with 888 , seems to be lots of new players and there all loosy goosy,s and the suckouts and bad beats have been crazy,actually its been pretty sick,,Hopefuly they lose there rolls quickly and it will be business as usuall..there my excuses anyway , sound good to me,otherwise a re-evaluation might have to take place from next month.
Anyway not to bad over all as i had a reasonable profit live and online loses were lessened by the fact i got $200 credited to my rakeback account for games played this month .

Looking forward to next month ,however because of the house my poker still wont be as normal , but will try and play a little more , and it all starts on 1 nov with a visit to Birmingham for the £500 event ,£100,000 guaranteed, going with a few others so hopefully some good news will follow , nice cash would sort me boiler oot.


TEAMDOBB said...

heard gypos quiet and likes putting new boilers in mate

gyposdog said...

gis a buzz gaz about ya boiler im a reet soft shite to people i like just ask dc good luck down there you and dc deffo got the game for it more like your kinda game a proper game, well hopefully. losing month we need to talk ive found the secret to easy money and seemings you on the squad ill tell ya