Teeside report

Looked forward to this but in hindsight played the wrong events without doubt.

Played the £100 n £200 events back to back and really should of just played the main event.

Wednesday and a full house of 120 runners and plenty of alternates. Good table even the company of a fellow NPF er in Irishimi. Not much action but a couple of pots and increase my stack a little bit then near end of level 2 I totally cock it up. Pick up AA in 2nd position and throw in 4 chips wanting to make it 400 in blinds of 50/100 but in error cos Im a fking blind fkr its only 150 and dealer points out needs to be 200 which I oblige with the other 2 25 chips. 4 callers and board comes 893 and I bet it for Irishimi to single raise the bet. Danger bells ringing in my ears and after tanking decide to re raise him and see where I stand. I do this with intention of folding to further action and he pushes all in. HAVNT GOT A CLUE WHY but after big tank and think I convince myself and I dont know why now that hes got an overpair and call. Hes got 88 for his set and Im gone with no help. Didnt even feel bad cos I played hand like a donk and shoudda been an easy fold especially with who the player was as well.
Me n Cardguard are 25% so looks like long wait for me and set up forum on lap top and fire updates back for people online. Cardguard eventually busts out and as weve got Irishimi and Gottilt in our car we decide to stay and keep updating. As it goes we have alot of NPF members going well and get 4 onto final table. It then gets down to 4 left and weve got 3 of them in Irishimi, De Hammer and Full Tilt.
Full Tilt busts 4th, Irishimi goes 3rd and De Hammer 2nd so good results for the forum but Im totally knackered after getting home around 5.30am.

£200 event following night and its another full house with plenty alternates again.
Cardguard busts early doors and Im slowly but steadily adding to my stack on a very normal table which then gets broken up. Next table is very abc and my stacks the same when this gets broken up and down to approx last 1/2 of field. The structure these are played its the antes that kick in fast n hard and you simply cannot miss 2 or 3 laps without picking chips up or you get in bad trouble. This happens at my next table and when I got 8xBB left I pick up A10 in button folded round to me I push for BB who seemed a very angry Southerner with bad attitude but same stack size as me announce " Fk it Im bored I call"

He flips J5 off but its obvious whats going to happen and 5 hits the flop and another at the turn. Great call, nice hand mate and Im up and gone. Lets wrap it up Cardguard whos on the lap top for forum and at least I get to bed at a normal time.
De Hammer was going great guns at last info and I hope he takes it down.
Overall the games a very fast game due to the ante structure but the actual Tour itself is obviously very well supported and obviously priced correctly.
Was nice to meet Steve Holden there and hope he has more luck in main event than he did in the £100 n £200

Probably have weeks break from playing and going down to Birmingham next weekend with Xenocode to play in the Circus 100K event which should be good crack.