Well what a week !

Started off canny enough with the NPF Championship however the sad loss of the father in law on the Sunday morning was sad as it was unexpected.
I wont go into too much detail as some things should stay private but i feel somthings need to be said.
A couple of years ago I walked into the Grosvonor Casino and watched the final table of a main event cant remember the game but it was there that I ran into a guy who was also watching his friend playing. since this chance meeting we have become firm friends who share the passion of poker and the same sick warped sense of humour only dj`s would understand.
Its said that you find out who your friends are at times of distress so I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Dave and the rest of Teamdobbs along with all the members of The Newcastle Poker Forum for there genorosity there kind words and there support,
What we have within Teamdobbs and the NPF is an unbelievable community on behalf of myself and my family and for your incredible donation to Marlene, Dawns mam thankyou very much.


TEAMDOBB said...

the game was the Newcastle Poker Festival mate now known as the GUKPT and Im so glad our paths crossed that night

The small gesture to Marlene was the only place that donation could go to.

Give her our warmest wishes and regards mate

Phlmc said...
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Phlmc said...

as above; glad we found something worthy and personal and of course north east related

gl in teeside

Phlmc said...
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