poker millions

Well what a funny day , firstly the toon come back from 2-0 down to draw 2-2,
then we hear news , Mr Entertainment and Gary Wilson Jnr , finished the Great North run in some very good times , well done guys much respect goes to you , I know cos I couldnt do it.

Just finished playing the Poker Millions on Stars , I eventully cashed in 952nd place , I really dont know how I managed to stay in that long , j4,q4,94 etc lol .

Got to say a big thanks to all the railers , who helped me out , Xenecode , Teamdobbs , Looseman , and all the others who couldnt speak .

Roll on the NPF Championships next week , surely live is easier than on the net.


TEAMDOBB said...

Well played Colin, good grind with very little

Vegas Dave said...

Sounded like yer were a bit card dead mate, good effort anyway.