What a cracking day I had yesterday, got an invite to this beer tasting promotion/festival/wotever at the platinum rooms at St James Park was fkn great.

When we went in ended up getting this young bird for a rep to tell us the crack on prices and promotions and stuff felt a little overawed at first not knowing wtf they on about so make a move for a beer, grolsch blonde and its only for free then I realise its a total freebie food, beer,spirits omfg weeeeeee.
Get back to my group and start to listen in abit so i dont look like a wally later and the first thing I notice is they wont give you a price theyll give you free bottles of smirnoff if you buy x amount of beer but the best answer I could get on the value of x was "itll be rock bottom dont worry about that" well thats not the answer ya want is it, why they do this? only reason i can think of is every club, pub or bar is on there own deal.

Anyways we bin the rep and head off towards the lager section I think the lager was called Peroni bit pricey retails at anything from 3.60-5.00 pounds a bottle but wow if ya like lager this is the business fkn leathal its now my lager of choice when in toon enjoyed the first pint that much had another straight after as the bloke serving was fkn great crack from leeds supported liverpool and was trying to take the piss out of the toon lol you cant take the piss when you dont even support ya hometown team, anyways does that pint in and realise im full of mesell weeeeee Im up for this like I says to me dad to his reply of "oh fkn hell" lol.

We just kept going from stand to stand like kids in sweetshops was fkn mega peroni, grolsch blonde,peroni,coors lite,peroni,draft magners oooooo peroni Im going to write a song about Peroni its the dogs bollocks, next thing starting to really feel it so its off for the free scran,its not upto much really but soaked the beer up abit thank god cos it was just slushing round me gut and i was stating to struggle, get second wind and its hell for leather now on the shorts black sambucas, pink vodka(bit girly but very tasty), jagermiester (like cough medicine but blows ya head off) then onto the whiskys and i can hardly see by now but still holding it together bourboun i like that, then onto the cocktails they went doon nee probs came back up nee probs aswell but managed to get to the bog so that turned out fine then back for the final push and more peroni more black sambuca and more spewing lol 6hrs of free drinking and eating fkn great first time ive ever been to out like that but cant wait for the next one.

On the poker front aint played this week cant be arsed not in the right mood for it after having me eyes tore oot in the sunday games, out at the weekend for the forum championship looking forward to it good structure with a strong field just hope peoples efforts are rewarded with a good turn out. Welcome to all the newbies it was easy to pick you 3 and well done to Mr Foggo for his effort in the great north run, good luck at the tables all


TEAMDOBB said...

ya daft fkn radgie!!!

cya at weekend

spoona999 said...

just a reminder, pics need updating :)

Gavin said...

If you can play poker after that I wanna be at your fookin table.

You are a lucky get having a freebie like that

GL pal

TEAMDOBB said...

Cheers spoona will sort oot indv morra and Team one at Circus game 6th Dec

Gavin u asked for link b4 !! whats ya blog address??


you are my hero gypo best poster of them all phlmc look and learn son