Team Teeside Bound

Been quiet following the Forum championship with only one live game played and mainly been getting ready for this week GCPT at Teeside Gala.
Played the Tuesday Circus £30 and going well down to last 3 tables when moved and then lose 4 races all in front which does the damage eventually pushing on button with Ad&8d into KJ sb and AQ bb. KJ flops 2 pair and early bath for me.

Online been fairly busy with some great value comps on offer.
Monday night is becoming forum fun online game and the field is building steady on Poker Stars with 51 runners joining in this week. Cheap and fun comp with great crack. Also play the AWOP league game on Weds which is another cheap n fun game.
Nice tip off by Rosco on the forum of a freebie with decent prizes of 7 seats to the Poker Stars Millions up for grabs.
Decent field and early doors my JJ raise on button is re raised to put me all in by the BB who I know and I type in QQ but Im calling cos Im ganna outdraw ya!!!!
I make the donk call and yip hes got QQ but yip I hit my set on the turn and an unhappy Irishman is left to ponder and bemoan my chatbox.
Make it down to last 9 with 7 seats and Ive got the mad Irishman on my left and decent chip leader he is now. 2nd hand in on final table of 9 and he pushes 48k utg to be looked up by AK and he flips AJ off. I type abuse at him in good humnour of course but he has last laugh when his AJ makes the straight at the famous Poker Stars river.
Bubble position now and Im very comfy placed when mid position 2 1/2 bets my BB again ( had been doing it for while pre final table) Donk move of the night when having him covered by 12k decide to push him off the pot with my 10 10 by shoving and its insta call and big trouble for me. TOTAL DONK MOVE ME and Im in big trouble and even when flop hits 89J I still felt doomed and so annoyed with myself. Rag turn and hey ho ho the donk gets rewarded when a lovely 8 hits the river for my straight to the Q and the KK is bubbled and DONKAMENT me takes down a nice freebie $200 plus seat.

Been playing Gala online and hit the post in 3 finals for package to Teeside so its bankroll dosh for these.
Will be a big NPF presence there for sure which begins on Wednesday in the £100 side event followed by the £200 and then the £500 main Event spread over 2 days and the Final over the weekend. This tour has been very well supported and sold out in most venues so expecting Teeside to be no different.
4 of the team going down,me,Card Guard, Mr Entertainment and Jimmy Chipmunk on the road.


mag1892 said...

well done dave.

gl tomorrow guys.

Phlmc said...

Win Rocky win


four team members hopefully all will cash and one to take it doon come on TEAMDOBBS !!!!


four team members hopefully all will cash and one to take it doon come on TEAMDOBBS !!!!