Xenocode intro

Hi Im Gary Brewer ,new member along with Phil and Colin.

I have been playing poker now just over 2 years , having started in Stanleys Casino then moving to Grosvenor where I now play most of the time.
After my introduction to live poker I needed to play more as waiting until the next day or week to get another live game was insufficiant,therefore I started playing online in 2007, at Pacific(888.com) where I am now a regular grinder .

I play torny,s at Grosvenor and sng ( short handed ) games online and without a doubt
I have certainly been fortunate so far as I have been able to run a profit both live and online since starting to play, with most of my money made online.
This month I have bought a new house and work required seems 10 times what it was when I viewed it, so my live poker will be very limited however my online games should still go ahead although knowhere near as much , which judging by the start to the month I have had online might be a good thing as I am $370 down after the first week( never had a losing month yet so hopefully can turn this round over next few weeks)
I have had more suckouts than a professional bee sting remover.

Anyway will hopefully report some reasonable results later on in the month .