Little Mergs

Alreet Radgies;

Been a while since I blogged (an age by my posting standards) thought Id scribble something.

Pretty bored lately been trying a few other things outside poker; widening my horizons ie boring stuff. I now need an edge to the game to turn up and play live (A reason for playing; a spin on the normal boring town tourneys; eg the champs or team games) and I havent been playing much online as I get bored really fast which makes me play like gus hansen on speed.
On the upside I went through 5000 posts and NPF went through 1,000,000 views (I was quite sceptical of this stat as its hardly a pure one, but the more I think of it for the number of ppl involved to view that many times is amazing and shows that the forums a must read and that ppl are reading and rereading to keep upto date.) as for 5000 posts well most are me slating or argueing with ppl (the difference is the crazies who choose to reply) and Dobbs and scott were generous enough to let me pick my own name.
I chose mayor as me and dobbs are really sad and thought it was hilarious when sum1 (Tired eyes before he underwent the snip and went and got all nice (still not sure on my view on this; miss my old sparring partner but get bored of same arguement every few weeks)) called me the mayor; so decided this to be my new status.
The forum champs was great I finished 10th in the main game and third in the bounty (Im playing well (no comments imi) but as I dont play many tourneys online (cash is for men; tourneys are for girls) or live that often lately my game around the bubble and early ft is pretty shite.
Considered taking part in a few games at Teeside but dont really fancy it; the only tourney Id really be interested in is the main event as the last two, two day events Ive played Ive made the cash (all be it shite) but these events were small and Im not confident Im value for the buyin at the mo so wont bother. I prefer this slower; deeper structure as skill is much more previalant and ppl whose dangerous gambling style; ppl i call landmines who frequent local games; stand little or no chance as you can pick and choose when to take them on much easier and control them.

Good Luck to all the dobbas (loosely translated: Grovna card guards lol) taking part in Teeside and Gary and Dobbs in Birmingham.

Phil- NPF Mayor